Apple Throws Temper Tantrum Over Samsung iPad Rival


samsung galaxy 10.1 tabletI own an iPod, iPad, MacBook, iPod Nano, and an iPod Shuffle. I know, I know -- that's a helluva lot of Apple products. But I'm a living, breathing example that Apple has made its mark on society and claimed its turf. And, according to the laws of the wilderness, what happens when someone tries to invade someone else's turf? The first someone gets a little feisty.

You see, Apple isn't exactly enthused with Samsung. The Korea-based firm launched the Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 throughout Europe last week, and Steve Jobs and his gang claim they've copied the iPad and infringed on Apple's patents. The company successfully sought a preliminary injunction from a European court -- meaning Samsung's tablets are being taken off the shelves.

Uh-oh. Is Mr. Macintosh a wittle bitty bit jealous of the competition?

At first glance, the two devices look different. The Samsung tablet is a tad bigger than the iPad, and the corners are much more rounded. The way things are laid out is different, and if you ask me, there's really no confusing this gadget for the other. Not to mention, the GalTab (as the hipsters are calling it) also runs on a completely different operating system, the Android 3.0 vs. the iPad's iOS.

It sounds to me like this is all a whole bunch of hoopla over nothing. The previous tablet by Samsung was smaller, and Apple didn't have a problem with that one. Apple's been on cruise control, floating above all the other companies with its dominating ... well, iEverything. Now, there's a new cougar in town that goes by the name of Samsung, which just happens to have a product that could actually compete with the iPad 2 for the exact same price ($499 and $699 for the 16 GB and 32 GB respectively). And suddenly Apple is less than pleased. At this rate, Mr. Jobs' empire may as well start attacking other big tech companies over the fact that their laptops and computers also use monitors and keyboards! UGH! The injustice!

Come ON, Stevie, I think you should leave Samsung alone and let them have their fun. World domination is so passé, don't you think? Being the best is cool and all, but don't you think proving you're the best over an actual competitor is even cooler?

Do you think that Apple has a real case here?


Image via Samsung

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nonmember avatar Bill


Mymys... Mymys_Mommy

It's called healthy competition.  If you have a good product, people will buy it.  Personally I'm an Android girl myself, being that my last 2 phones (ever since entering the smart phone world 2 years ago) have been Android.  So I will never buy anything Apple again.  I hope Samsung wins and teaches Apple a little lesson.

nonmember avatar Kristi

I wonder if you'd be making these same complaints if it was reversed and Samsung was suing Apple for patent infringement? Personally I think that's something worth suing over, the entire idea behind patents is protecting your work. I think people just like to hate on Apple, not really sure why since no one's forcing anyone to buy one of their products if they don't want to.

bether89 bether89

I don't know if they have a case or not, but a little competition will keep Apple on their toes.

Antoine Spann

I wouldn't care if it were reversed. It has nothing to do with me. They are both looking to get into my pockets. But it does show Apple is afraid of the competition. The only thing these tablets have in common is that they have a black bezel around the screen. THAT'S IT! The GTab 10.1 has a better screen ratio, better cameras, and it's a lot more customizable than the iPad. THAT is why Apple sees a threat. Apple knows that these patent claims are bogus, and they are just using the courts to resist the inevitable result of better tablets coming to market to that their iPad won't be able to compete with.

nonmember avatar iEverthing

GalTab and Xoom is definitely copying from iPad2!

They both have a screen, a power button, cameras and volume control button, which all found on an iPad2!!! ...

The patent system is Broke! It is protecting the richest rather than encouraging innovations...

chiquis chiquis

Oh goodness lol. Idk.

sstepph sstepph

Maybe. I love Apple

Nick Tchalakian

Oh it's so obvious Apple innovates and the rest copy. Cmon, it's pretty darn clear. So basically all Samsung has to do is wait for another genius product from Apple and then begin copying. So typical of Asian electronic companies, true!!!!

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