5 iPhone Apps Busy Moms Shouldn't Live Without

You know what I almost never use my phone for? Making phone calls, that's what. I'm absolutely addicted to my iPhone, but the reasons I love it have nothing to do with voice communication, and everything to do with email, web surfing, social media, photography, GPS navigation, and a thousand other useful functions.

Aside from the obvious software choices (Twitter clients, weather forecasts, mapping, Angry Birds, etc), there are at least 5 apps I would file under the category of EXTREMELY INVALUABLE WORTH EVERY PENNY DO NOT DELETE EVER. Custom-created for moms and other busy humans, here's my list of must-have apps you should install on your iPhone today:


Magic Hour.
I'm absolutely obsessed with Instagram for sharing family photos, but I get tired of their built-in filters. Magic Hour is a really nice app that has all sorts of built-in and user-created filters, and you can easily make your own or tweak photos on an individual basis. Love!

Tabata Pro. I am not going to try and fool you into thinking that this is an enjoyable app, because it's not. In fact, it's sort of the equivalent of downloading a digital boot whose specific purpose is to kick you in the ass, repeatedly. But when it comes to bang for your exercise buck, there's nothing quite like Tabata intervals. What's a Tabata, you ask?  The Tabata method, or protocol, or whatever you call it, is 20 seconds of super-intense exercise (jump rope, sprinting, fast squats—whatever gets your heart pounding), followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated continuously for 4 minutes (8 cycles total). Sounds easy, right? Who can't work out for four minutes? Ha ha ha ha CALL ME WHEN YOU'RE BARFING OUT YOUR EYESOCKETS DURING THE SIXTH REP.

There are lots of interval timers out there, but the Tabata Pro app is specifically set up for the 20-seconds-on, 10-seconds-off method. It's not the fanciest thing in the world, but it does the job. Perfect for fitting in a (heinous) little workout here and there throughout your busy day.

Due. I've used a ton of to-do apps over the years, and I keep coming back to Due. It's simple and provides exactly what I need: an ongoing list of things to remember, with reminder notifications when I want them. Never mind the diesel-powered personal productivity software that lets you create folders and cross-file things under different work modes and all that, I just want a place to throw things like "Call Lisa" and "Pediatrician appt Wednesday at 10 AM."

How to Cook Everything. Thousands of recipes, tons of how-to tips, and even handy shopping lists are contained in this app from Mark Bittman. This app is great not only for brainstorming dinner ideas, but searching out advice for preparing everything you could possibly be thinking of cooking. I use it all the time for things that should stay in my brain, but never do (how long to hard-boil eggs, for instance).

Newsie. I love my Google Reader, and I especially love being able to interact with it on my phone. (Perfect for when you're, say, gathering dust in a doctor's waiting room. Who wants to read Golf Digest from 1998, anyway?) Newsie presents all my feeds in a clean, intelligent manner, and has a bunch of extra whistles and bells for when I feel like sharing or saving an article for later.

What are the must-have apps on your phone?

Image via Newsie

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