Let's Laugh at My Husband Trying New Facebook Fad (PHOTOS)


You've heard of planking, right? How about owling? Would you believe there is yet another silly Facebook photo trend making the rounds? Thankfully, it doesn't require you to lie face-down on train tracks or hunker on the edge of a balcony while pretending to be a bird of prey. You will, however, need a body of water, a fast shutter speed, and no shame whatsoever.

Welcome to leisure diving, the split-second capture of a midair "leisure pose" while launching oneself into a pool.

According to the amusing folks at LeisureDive.com, the pose should evoke "an airborne Corona commercial." You should have a raised elbow, a "killer leisure face," and generally give off the air of being "extreme yet relaxed."

Naturally, I had to give this whole leisure dive thing a try. 

The problem is, I don't have a giant pool handy, and even if I did, I live in the one area of the United States that isn't currently engulfed in sweltering heat or flames (apparently this summer is Opposite Weather for Seattle, because we've barely made it into the 70s). Also, I'm really more comfortable behind the camera rather than, you know, jumping to my potential death and all. So, I improvised.

Why, yes, that is a kiddie pool.

That's also my husband, saying, "I'm supposed to do what now? Can I just, like, PRETEND to be midair?"

Me: No. That is not the leisure dive way.

Husband: HURRRNGH. Does this work?

Me: Ummmm, kinda blurry. Also, the truck in the background looks hoopty.

Husband: Mmmmf.

Husband: ARRGGGH! HOW ABOUT THIS??? Oh, God! I feel stupid.

Me: HA HA HA HAAAAA. I mean, you look cool. Leisurely! Perhaps a little grim, though.

Husband: That is because I don't have an actual pool to land in.

Husband: Okay, okay! Ow! THIS IS AS GOOD AS IT GETS.

Me: Oooh, not bad. Except ... well, the kids are photo-bombing you.

Husband: I hate you. And the Internet.


Me: Best of the bunch! Great job, honey! I do think you need to work on your leisure face just a tiny bit, though.

Husband: Please. Call. 911.

So in conclusion, I recommend attempting the leisure dive in a more leisurely environment -- possibly one that includes, you know, a real swimming pool. And a softer landing.

Would you try leisure diving and then post Facebook photos of it?

Images via LeisureDive.com 
(top) and Linda Sharps

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Kayla... KaylasMamaJ

This was so funny.  Your husband is a good sport!

Kaide... KaidensMama1107

Oh ur husband so has a "u owe me some sex for this" card to pull at his....leisure...Lmao great article! And tell the hubby great job!

madfoot madfoot

HAHAAH ! This is awesome! I taught my daughter the word "planking" when I saw her doing same on the top of her crib.

ashjo85 ashjo85

Ya need a high speed camera for that, lol. I know a woman, I wish I could remember her name, did this series of shots with a high speed camera. It's a variation on that, she made it look like she was levitating in these random places. Off a subway, floating along the sidewalk, standing still but 6 inches off the pavement. It was really cool actually.

Donna Plumley Brubach

I love JB soooo much, lol, and your comments made me cry I lol so hard!


justk... justkeeplaughin

Love, Love, Love it! laughed out loud while I was reading! Especially liked the pic with the kids in the background! Tell hubby thanks for being a great sport....needed that laugh!

nonmember avatar Samantha


nonmember avatar Valria

Linda that was hilarious. If you want a do over, I have a pool, head down to Des Moines and you guys can have at it. I'll try and keep the laughter to a minimum!

Cheryl_M Cheryl_M

LMAO! Send some of that cool weather out here! It's 100 in MA right now :-P

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