Dump Greedy Netflix & Switch to These Cheaper Options


NetflixI'm about to lose it over Netflix's announcement that they would be altering their service plans and charging customers at least $6 more per month. Welcome to Netflix's brilliant idea of creating separate costs to aggravate loyal customers for streaming ($7.99) and DVDs ($7.99 or $11.99). Ready, set, I'm going to REDBOX!

It's actually funny to me that a company whose stock has nearly tripled in the last year has the audacity to increase their rates $72/year. Like tons of Americans, we've been getting Netflix movies in our household for years now, and we even invested in a Roku box to stream Instant Queue movies to our TV. But considering this move shows an absolute lack of customer appreciation, you better believe we'll be looking elsewhere for our entertainment needs. Who's coming with me? Check out these four alternatives to Netflix instead:

Redbox: For only $1 a day for DVD rentals and $1.50 a night for Blu-ray discs, snagging your favorite movie from Redbox is as easy as breathing. Not to mention, these machines are virtually everywhere, and they have the latest DVD releases all the time. Why wait for Netflix over the mail, when you get a brand new movie, whenever you want, right then and there? I sure as hell won't.

Hulu Plus: For only $7.99/month with no commitment fee, Hulu Plus arguably has the best selection available for TV shows. I have loads of friends who pay for Hulu Plus in their apartments to catch their favorite shows without the hassle of cable TV providers.

Crackle: Crackle has an impressive selection of good movies and TV shows to watch for free. Honestly, sometimes I second-guess myself looking for fees. From movies like Pineapple Express and The Patriot to classic TV seasons of Seinfeld, I could potentially be entertained for days months.

Amazon Prime: While the selection on Amazon Prime may not be excellent (just yet), it's for sure a cheaper alternative. Prime costs $79 per year, which saves the average user $16 or so compared to Netflix. And, when you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you get two-day shipping with no minimum order size on all Amazon transactions. Saweeeeet.


Some important information to note: The price hike will go into effect starting on September 1, so if you don't happen to change your preferences by then -- you will be automatically billed for the new prices. To voice your opinion on the matter, you can casually join the 32,000+ commenters on the Netflix Facebook page, or check out their blog.

Are you frustrated by the Netflix price hike? Are you a Netflix subscriber?

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PonyC... PonyChaser

I guess I'm the only person on the planet who was happy to see the rate changes.

I live in the country, and I'm lucky to have the DSL that I have. That said, I cannot stream videos because it's too slow. So the separation of programs by Netflix actually benefits me. Right now, I'm paying $14.99/month for 2 DVD's at a time, and we get free streaming, which we never use. When the switch goes into effect, I will drop the streaming altogether, bringing my monthly fee for the 2 DVD plan down to $11.99/month. I'm saving $3 a month!

Further, the stuff that I Netflix includes a lot of obscure stuff (miniseries' out of Britain, for example) and old TV shows (my son is into Dukes of Hazzard right now), and none of that is even available through stream. Right now, out of a queue of close to 100 items, only ONE is available for streaming!

All of those other online options available to you are not available to me, for the same reason. My system can't handle it, and I"d be sitting there buffering half the day. And there's only one Redbox in my town, and precious few of those movies available appeal to me and my family.

So I'm hoping that Netflix continues to thrive.

MrsNe... MrsNewman

I just cancalled our account! 

-Bell... -BellaMorte-

We'll probably be cancelling our account as well.

Simpl... Simplicity3

We only have streaming so we're content.  If we want to watch a newly released movie, we head to Redbox.

Meli5... Meli55aG2001

We only have the streaming so the changes don't affect us right now. We'll be saving a whole $2.

dirti... dirtiekittie

ok so i have both streaming and unlimited dvd's, and honestly, this doesn't bother me. of course, i'll admit, i hadn't followed this (or received an email from Netflix either!) about these changes, so without this blog post i'd probably have been one of those poor saps who gets charged for both come september 1.

that said, i'll just be dropping to the streaming only. we were only using the dvd service for blu rays, but honestly we lag so much in watching them because the streaming is always instantly available! personally i think them splitting the deal makes sense, but that's because i'm ok with choosing one option over the other.

and maybe i'm a little jaded today... but i think far more uproar (32,000 comments?!?) is deserving of something actually newsworthy. but that's just me.

nonmember avatar A

We stream so much that $16 is probably a bargain. We only get the newer movies and I can get those from the library or redbox anyway so we'll probably go streaming only. And end up saving $2 in the end. So I'm not freaking out about this, no.

Lulu_B Lulu_B

I am happy about the changes!! I have no problem with it, since I only like streaming. We will be dropping the DVD option and going to streaming only.

mumma... mummajenni

We rarely stream, so we will probably dump it.

Tracy Winchester

I'm mad about the price changes too. but it irks me to read an article like this that complains about having to pay $16 for BOTH streaming and DVDS and says that Hulu Plus, etc are cheaper. Last time I looked Hulu Plus doesn' over DVD's. Only streaming. So if you compare Hulu at $7.99 and Netflix streaming plan at $7.99, then they are the same.

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