Justin Bieber Makes Google Famous (VIDEO)

justin bieber google chrome adThe new Google Chrome ads have to be some of the best in the techy biz. First, there was the Dan Savage "It Gets Better" one, then they brought it to a whole new level with the Lady Gaga "Edge of Glory" spot, and now, the latest ad revolves around Justin Bieber and features his hit, "Baby." But it's not just an ode to Bieber and his "Beliebers." It's better than that. 

The ad chronicles Justin from the time when he was just a 12-year-old kiddo starring in his first ever YouTube video to present day, in which he's a teen pop icon, responsible for an international outbreak of Bieber Fever. And it actually does illustrate the Google Chrome tagline, "The web is what you make of it." There's no question the web, YouTube and Google, were SUPER instrumental in launching Bieber's mega-stardom. (Of course, his mom, Pattie, who uploaded the vids to YouTube deserves some props, too.)


Here's the ad that will, I promise, inspire you and melt your heart. Even if you're not a Belieber.

I know, it just makes you want to download Google Chrome and start your own viral video campaign to become pop star royalty, right? Okay, not quite, but it's still pretty sweet.

What do you think about the Bieber Chrome ad?



Image via YouTube

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