Facebook 911 Post Saves Woman's Life

Facebook Like In Stuart, Florida, Cindy Lincoln had fallen, and she couldn't get up. She didn't have one of those handy alert buttons, and her painful broken thigh bone prevented her from being able to make it up the stairs to a phone. Fortunately, she was able to drag herself to a laptop computer and post a plea for help on Facebook.

She typed, "Call 911, I need help." It took 10 hours (perhaps she didn't have many friends?), but finally her daughter saw her post and replied, "I'm on my way."


She called for help en route, and at last, Lincoln got the care she needed. She's currently recovering.

Lincoln said while it was the most painful thing she's ever been through, she'll always be a fan of Facebook. She told OzarksFirst.com: "Where else would I have gone to get any help if I didn't have that Facebook page?"

I know it's all cool to ditch Facebook now, and decree all the ways it's destroying one's life -- what with 6.1 million users ditching it last month -- but I happen to love it and all the old friends I've reconnected with since joining. So I'm always happy to see a story about its virtues like this one.

Of course, if she had taken to Twitter, or used Skype, her rescue may not have taken quite so long, so hopefully she'll get on those soon.

Has Facebook ever come to your rescue in any way -- big or small?

Image via smemon87/Flickr

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