Sick Teen Posted Puppy Torture Pics on Facebook Because He Was 'Bored'

puppy clotheslineWhile perusing through your Facebook Newsfeed, you're bound to see a few tidbits that catch your eye. You know, the news of an engagement of an old flame or photos from last weekend at your girlfriend's bridal shower. Now, do me a favor and envision yourself doing your normal browsing and seeing some photos of a young puppy. Cute, right? Well -- what if that puppy was hanging from a clothesline, using clothespins.

Yup. It happened. Jerzon Senador, a Filipino teenager, sparked outrage after posting pictures of his puppy hanging from a clothesline on his Facebook account. The teen said he staged the photo shoot because he was bored.

Bored? Really?! Something tells me that if Facebook wasn't around, this whole shenanigan wouldn't have happened in the first place.


Since the photos were initially posted, numerous Facebook groups have been formed, detesting Senador's actions. Ranging from "The World is a better place w/ out animal abusers like Jerzon Senador" to a simple "I hate Jerzon Senador," it seems that they all have one thing in common. Their main goal? To have the teen prosecuted for animal cruelty.

This boy was "bored," so he got creative with his pup. He wasn't thinking. After seeing so many pictures of him canoodling with his pup, I highly doubt that he was trying to inflict pain on the dog. Alas, social media has gotten the best of him. Now, photos mocking him half-naked are posted on the group walls, individuals are demoralizing his character, and others are denouncing his relationship with his girlfriend. Let me repeat: All because he was "bored."

When I was bored, back in my teenage days, that generally meant calling up a friend, picking up a book, or seeing what was on TV. These days -- it's all about the latest YouTube video, Twitter posting, or Facebook update. Everyone's addicted to technology and the notion of making our lives truly interactive.

Although I have never had a puppy to call my own -- seeing these photos absolutely breaks my heart. The pup looks so young, so helpless, and also sorta sleepy. Let this be a lesson to all to remember that the content you post on Facebook is never really private. Despite whatever privacy settings you have, once photos, videos, or text wind up in the wrong hands -- you could be regretting pressing the "Share" button to begin with. We all know Jerzon is.

What do you think of Jerzon Senador's story?

Images via tauntingpanda/Flickr, wsilver/Flickr

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