Go Ahead, Get Off Facebook: Everyone’s Doing It

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Notice any difference in your Newsfeed last month? According to Facebook's data service, the social networking site lost 6.1 million users in the US for the month of May. It's the first decline in over a year and users are down from 155.2 million to 149.4 million. Total users are still up 1.7 percent due to expansion in countries like Brazil and Mexico, but the 'book saw a dip in users in the US, Canada, the UK, and Russia.

So Weiner is definitely one of the American Facebook abdicators ... but who are the other 6,099,999 users who have jumped ship?

Maybe our friends and family members are getting sick of the constant updates, the barrage of invitations to help someone build up a damn fictional farm, and the photos, good lord, the thousands upon thousands of photos. Do we need to see the first poop your puppy took outside? Don't think so.

Heck, even Bill Gates is sick of it.


He told Mashable.com that he had to quit Facebook because his friend requests got out of hand. Twitter he can handle, just not Facebook.

I have to agree with Gates on this one, and not only because I want the world's second-richest man on my side. Sometimes Facebook can be too much to handle. Nothing gets my goat more than receiving a mass invitation from a "friend" who sent everyone a request to attend their art show, regardless of the recipient's region or continent. Thanks for the invite, Jordan, but I'm not going to be able to book a flight this afternoon and fly to Denver to "check out" your water color exhibit at the county library.

I think users are deleting their accounts because they, like Gates, are burnt out. Between the feeds and the friends, it's too much. It's becoming more of an obligation than a fun way to pass a few minutes. Maybe those 6.1 million people who've signed off permanently will read a book on their downtime ... or tweet. But it's not likely we'll see a shift away from Facebook in a major way anytime soon.

At this point, I do believe that Facebook is still "too big to fail," but as people start losing interest, what will be next?

Why do you think people are deleting their Facebook accounts?

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