The Hilarious Facebook Roast -- Like! (VIDEO)

facebook roast

Many of us watched as Comedy Central roasted Donald Trump last month. And while we may have learned that Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is a horrible comedian, we were also reminded of how roasts make for excellent entertainment. In fact, now College Humor wants to get in on the action. Except this time, it's not the Trumptster. Facebook, you're up!

If you're a social media nerd (like me), then this video's right up your alley. With talent like Gilbert Gottfried and Lisa Lampanelli stepping in as the voices of Twitter and Foursquare, College Humor hit a home-run.

But were we surprised? I mean, they are the king of the Internet, after all. Here, let's watch together:


It's crazy to think that people spend an average of three hours a day on Facebook, but I believe it. I started laughing when Google references the amount of privacy data Facebook holds onto, saying:

Seriously, Facebook collects so much personal information -- he's going to be on an upcoming episode of Hoarders.

Another friendly reminder to protect your personal deets, my friends. But what really got me from the roast was when Google referenced my religion. It was so funny, I can't even be offended:

You're more desperate to make money than a J-Date user.

Ahhh, the Jews/money stereotype. A true classic.

Google, I commend you. However, aside from the search engine's laugh-out-loud pokes at Facebook (pun intended), I can't say any of the other social media outlets provided good material. In fact, they were more focused on MySpace than Facebook! Perhaps College Humor jabbed a little lighter in an attempt not to piss the Facebook gods off. When you think about it, they are pretty sensitive.

I think this one's all in good fun, though -- and somewhere, Mark Zuckerberg is having a big ol' belly laugh.

What do you think of College Humor's Facebook roast?

Image via College Humor

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