Use Your Computer to Spy on People: We Did! (PHOTOS)


laptopSmile, computer thieves! You're on camera! So, check it. A dude who got his MacBook stolen found out who the thief was, got him arrested -- and posted photos of him in a blog entitled, This Guy Has My MacBook all through an awesome new app for your computer called Hidden. What is Hidden? Let me tell you! It's a tracking device for your stolen computer -- you can virtually track your computer anywhere in the world and activate the camera to take snapshots of the dirty rotten scoundrel. Pretty fantastic, no?

I'm actually thinking the fact that Hidden exists could be a deterrent for laptop theft in and of itself. I mean, there's no way for the potential robber to know whether or not your computer has it. Why chance it? It's sort of like a virtual Brinks sign for your laptop -- even if you don't have the alarm.

As awesome as this is, though. Non-thieves like me and my co-workers are a little freaked out. I mean, we work really hard here at The Stir, but once in a while we can be caught doing things other than our job. What if our bosses installed Hidden on our computers -- not to see if we steal them, to see what we're doing? That would kind of suck.

I snuck a few shots of our Editorial Assistant, Emily, today to see what she would get caught doing. The results are a bit incriminating. Let's take a look.

emily stressed

Here's Emily at around 10:30 this morning. As you can see, she's not handling work stress very well here. A good employee should always keep their cool, Emily. Maybe try some chamomile tea from the break room. 

emily reading

Oh, look at that. Here's Emily at around noon taking a magazine break. Guess the only way to decompress after a computer freak out and a lesson in Jet Ski Safety is with Martha Stewart. Tsk tsk. You should at least be surfing the net.

emily sleeping

And here's the most incriminating photo of all: Emily sleeping. On the job. Guess all that texting on her BlackBerry really knocked her out. Poor baby.

See?! Hidden is great for some purposes, but for the love of God -- and Emily -- do not install this in our work computers!

What would your employers see you doing throughout the day?

Image via dan taylor/Flickr



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Dannielle Richins

Love when the bad guy pays the price for being a jerk.

nonmember avatar blueberries

it's pretty easy to scan for hidden, and then delete it. As long as they're smart enough to wipe the drive, and dare i suggest pop a sticker over the camera, they're in the clear~

Sijai Sijai

Not funny, my ex used a key logger on my computer and then he actually hooked the two together with a large cord going down the hall. I asked about the cord, me, being ignorant about computers in the mid 90's and him being a computer consultant, HA! He readabout my escape plan with my daughters. It was an abusive marriage that I had ridden out for 23 yrs. My self esteem was non existent... oh the fur flew that night, he left! YEAH! I remarried and have been with my wonderful, compassionate husband for 12 yrs! HOORAY!

It would be great to find the person that steals someone's computer though!  Sijai

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