Call of Duty: Elite Will Make It Impossible to Unplug from Gaming

Social networking and gaming: two great tastes that taste great together. Activision knows the only thing more awesome than a wicked killstreak is when your friends get to see your 1337 gaming skills in action, so why not add a social element to their most wildly popular game franchise? Welcome to Call of Duty: Elite, where it's as if "social networks and organized sports had a baby and they gave that baby a flamethrower."

(Those are Activision's words, by the way. Awesome.)

The new online service is aimed at the massive Call of Duty community, which includes over 20 million players each month. Elite will allow players to form groups, compete in league play, share videos of their best action to Facebook and YouTube, share statistics like baseball fans, and more.

It's being described as a "social experience," which is to say, they're looking to capitalize off the timesucking effect of social games.


I mean, really, if people can end up glued to their computers for hours on end while playing freaking FarmVille, I'm pretty sure Call of Duty: Elite is going to result in some major addictions. Perhaps the service can come with a complimentary colostomy bag, just in case.

One of the more interesting aspects of Elite is the "Connect" function, which builds on the basic matchmaking services that allow players to get online and find other people to play against. Elite users will be able to build playlists of possible competitors, as well as searching for and joining Facebook-style groups of players with similar outside interests.

So if you're super into, say, knitting, you can totally find a bunch of other knitters to play with. Frag and destroy! Knit and purl!

CoD players should be able to start joining the service fairly soon—a public beta will begin in the summer, with a launch following in the fall. Some elements of Elite will be free to all Call of Duty gamers, but Activision hasn't announced the specific details yet.

What do you think about Call of Duty: Elite? Do you plan to sign up when it's available?

Image via Activision

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