iCloud and Other Surprises We Want From Apple

iphoneApple has announced that it will be announcing iCloud on June 6 at their Worldwide Web Developer's Conference (that's WWDC if you're nasty). Aside from saying that iCloud is an "upcoming cloud services offering," Apple has stayed mum on what exactly it will be capable of -- though many are suspecting that the cloud will center around a streaming music service (kinda akin to Amazon and Google's services). There's also a few rumors swirling around that Big A wants to dive further into movies and television as well. Shocking.

This is all fine and well and dandy, but iCloud, Apple? This is what is going to be discussed -- along with OS X Lion and iOS 5 -- at the WWDC? What about the thing that everybody's been waiting with bated breath for? What about the iPhone 5?!


Come on, we need a reason to throw our old iPhones out, a reason to wait in a line wrapped around 15 blocks in the sweltering heat, a reason to laugh a people who still have the stupid iPhone 4. Suckers.

Maybe Steve Jobs is trying to surprise us, though. Maybe he doesn't want to just drop the iPhone 5 knowledge boring old announcement-style. Maybe he's, like, going to be lowered from the ceiling on a giant iPhone 5 at the WWDC. Ooh, or maybe he'll send all iPhone users a personal text from his iPhone 5, saying, "The phone you're reading this text on will be obsolete in one hour. Please get a new one. Thanks, Steve." Or maybe it's just not coming out 'til September, as some are speculating. Either way, I'm super excited, and hope it has some of the following features:

FaceTime 3G. I want to see every imperfection on the face of the person I'm talking to. I want it to be like I'm really talking to them in person without ever having to see them in person. Ever again.

A Working Antenna. I don't care how small and sleek and beautiful the iPhone 5 is, I don't want my calls dropped. I'm tired of crouching in the corner of my bedroom to catch up with a friend.

Better Battery Life. 'Cause when you forget your charger at home, life sucks.

Steve Jobs's personal phone number. Not to call him. (Okay, sometimes to call him.) Mainly to have FaceTime with him. In 3G of course.

Are you excited about iCloud? Or are you more excited for the iPhone 5?


Image via marc.flores/Flickr

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