Awesome Mother's Day Ecards for Every Procrastinator


Pauly DThere are few people who would choose to ignore their mothers on Mother's Day. Most of us love them dearly, want to show our appreciation more than they'll ever know, and have the utmost of good intentions when it comes to showering them with love on their special day. Only, life gets busy, and Mother's Day kind of sneaks up you -- it's especially sneaky because the date is always changing.

Excuses aside, if you find yourself stuck without having even put a card in the mail that will get there on time, ecards can save your a$$. With a few clicks, you can send all the love and sentimental thoughts you would have ... had you just remembered. Even if you did remember, another extra card can never hurt -- she is your mother.

There are some out there to meet every taste and every kind of mom. Here are a few to check out:

Cards from Stars Mom a fan of American Idol? Send her a personal Mother's Day ecard from her favorite contestant. Is she a Jersey Shore kinda mom? Pauly D can personally deliver your wishes (well personal via video). There are a host of singers and stars to choose from and spice up your mom's day with a little celeb love. There is a $2.99 charge, but she's worth it, right? 

Free Ecards From funny to sentimental site like Blue Mountain offer plenty of options to send a card to your mom, grandmother, friends, and anyone else you want to wish a Happy Mother's Day. Go wild, they're free! 

Rap for Mom Jib Jab allows you to upload a picture of yourself and star in your own rap video dedicated to your mom. Word to your mother.

From the Group If you want to send her one card from the whole bunch of you, Group Card allows others to sign your card. You can also include gift cards from if you're so inclined.

From the Heart Tell Mom you care about her and her health by sending a card from Smart Balance. For each free card you send, they'll donate $1 to WomenHeart, which offers support to women living with heart disease.

Will you send any ecards for Mother's Day?

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nonmember avatar Annie

The only one missing from this Mother's day list is Free photo ecards with no membership/registration and no hassle whatsoever! And REALLY funny mothers day ecards.

dolph... dolphinak

 I'm a mom and missing from the list is  On Mother's Day only, all the premium photo Ecards are free, and unlike all the sites listed above, there's no registration, nothing to download, no hassle.  Super funny ecards with photos, really really cool. And YES, it's my site - im a working mom from home this is what i do, and if anyone has feedback for me I'd LOVE to hear it!

nonmember avatar Simon Iddings

It seems now that ecards have become the inferior substitutes to the real presents that we are suppose to give to our mums. Although some are really good, it just feels as though it is a thoughtless and cheap way to try to please our mothers. Our mothers are worth more than that! At least print the ecards out with printers.

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