Free Ecards Saved My Marriage: 3 Sites To Check Out


Maybe for Mother's Day?
If only ecards existed in the mid-90's! When I graduated college my then-fiance (now-husband) handed me a card and said he knew how important they were to me, so he made sure to get me one. It was in Spanish. I don't speak Spanish. He'd apparently seen my parents signing their card (which they'd gotten weeks prior) earlier that morning and remembered the 12 conversations we'd had over the previous four years; I don't care about a gift ... but the card really matters to me! In this case, Spanish Card = Boyfriend FAIL. He assured me we would laugh about it in 10 years ... but I was still mad.

So I have welcomed free ecards with open arms. I believe they have been sent to rescue people like my husband ... good intentions always executed at the very last minute! Plus, who can justify spending $4 on a card anymore!

Ecards have killed the standard greeting card. And I don't think it is such a bad thing. So what if in 20 years my kids don't have any idea what my handwriting looks like. Gone are the days of written reminder notes or calendar notations in ink. Hell, we barely even get regular birthday invitations anymore! Though, the mass thank-you cards by email still bother me. My kids will hand-write their thank you notes until they each have their own email account.

As for the greeting card though I am officially an ecard convert and with Mother's Day next week I am fully prepared! I've already picked out one for my mom, my mother-in-law, my step mother-in-law, my aunts, and my three my sister-in-laws! No licking. No stamping. Done!

Possibly my favorite ecard site it someecards. They basically say what you are really thinking ... but would never ever say. Well, maybe you would say it if the person you are giving it to has a sense of humor! If you get offended easily — go somewhere else.

Blue Mountain Cards is a great all around ecard site. It is super user-friendly and has a free feature where you can plug in every anniversary, birthday, and holiday you need to remember, and they will not only remind you — but will suggest a card.

And lastly, if you want quick and easy, go to These are perfectly acceptable cards that are all sort-of cute and do the job. This way you don't need to sit around all day and search for the perfect one.

Do you still send cards via snail-mail or have you moved to ecards?


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kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

I'm a real card girl. I love having the cards to look at in years. I recently found one my husband gave me for an anniversary.. Couldn't tell u which one but it had a cartoon on the front of an old couple and one passed gas and the spouse said "brocolli?" And the offender said "burrito" that's all it said and it was so us! I love cards and I'm actually more disappoint if my husband doesn't take the time to pick one out. I pick out cards for parents etc.

Jennifer Schoenberger

Someecards is my favorite. I send them to my best friend often. We both get a good laugh about it! ;)

nonmember avatar Simon Iddings

The best thing about ecards is that they have a wider range than normal cards. Another benefit about ecards is that they can be animated, sounds and videos can even be added. Also, some ecards can be printed out with a printer, so it can be handed to a loved one personally. Ultimately, its the message it portrays and the thought that counts.

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