Angry Birds Make the Best Easter Eggs (PHOTO)

angry bird eggs

The best part about Easter is the candy, and the second best thing is the egg hunt. Right? But question: when did it become acceptable to sell individual Cadbury Creme Eggs for $1.25? Highway robbery. I remember when they were $0.25 and we'd get them after church. Pretty sure Jesus is pissed about this absurd inflation.

However, I think I've discovered something that will cheer up old Jesus Cristo. I know he loves his iPad just like the rest of us, and it's a given he loves Easter (seeing as he was resurrected from the dead and all), so why not bring together two of the Lamb of God's favorite things: Easter Eggs and Angry Birds?

Never have I wanted to decoupage anything so badly in my life. Could it be divine inspiration? Learn how to make your own Angry Birds Easter Eggs with easy-to-follow steps with photos and directions.


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