10 Reasons Why Facebook Friends Are Better Than The Real Thing


facebookAs technology slowly takes over our lives, maybe it's time we just lay down and succumb to its power and prevalence. Instead of talking to people, we'll text them. Instead of flying in for business meetings, we'll Skype. Instead of grocery shopping, we'll log onto Fresh Direct.

Facebook, of course, is already a big part of our lives. We can find friends, chat, and even check-in to locations around town. So who needs the real thing anymore. Here are ten reasons why Facebook friends are better.

  1. They're better looking. Facebook friends only have photos of themselves looking their best.
  2. You control when you see them and when you don't.
  3. They're not offended when you laugh in their face about a stupid link they posted, or that hideous sweater they dressed their kid in.
  4. You can look at their photos from "Karaoke-palooza" and feel like you were there, then feel thankful you weren't.
  5. They share things about their jobs that make you feel superior. "Server at Ruby Tuesdays". Really, Sarah? Haha, loser.
  6. They don't ask you to help at yard sales, but sell their shit online instead. Saturday, saved!
  7. You can poke them and they don't get mad.
  8. They get really excited when you give them a thumbs up, even though you accidently pressed "like" when you were trying to press "delete."
  9. They accept the excuse of "my Internet was down" as a reason you didn't see the invitation to their gig/bridal shower/claymation art show.
  10. They don't think it's weird that you sit around topless surfing the web.

Do you like your Facebook relationships better than your real ones sometimes?

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nonmember avatar WaltzingMtilda

Hee hee! Have to admit I do have a lot more we friends than IRL friends. Last night, at DD's mom/daughter dance, I kept checking my phone for FB replies. Then I had the WTF moment and put the phone in my purse, went out and barged right into a conversation between a couple of the moms I knew. Wound up having a great time talking to real people.

On the other hand, one of my imaginary friends just sent me a beautiful bracelet inscribed with The Lord's Prayer because she knows I am going through a rough time. And I've been to baby showers for girls I've met on chat boards.

Cute column!

biker... bikerchickmommy

you've got some good points on some, but the "ruby tuesday" comment with the loser at the end was a little much. not only in these times some people should be thankful they even have a job. no matter if its pumping gas at a gas station or working at walmart. the fact of the matter is that comment made me feel bad for working at a ma and pop coffee shop for the past 7 years that i enjoy. just because i don't have a degree doesn't mean i'm dumb and a loser.

butte... butterflymkm

Sometimes FB is nice because life is busy and you can show someone you care about them with a click of a button. You may not have time for a full conversation, but you can let them know they are on your mind.

mumma... mummajenni

Ah yes, a FB friend would never be 2+ hours late (for no good reason) to meet you for dinner, and leave you waiting and killing time wandering around the mall when you are 9 months pregnant and already tired at the end of the day, not to mention hungry! Yup, still bitter about that one almost a year later... I'm an idiot for putting up with it, too. :(

Emily Chappell-Root

I'm with Bikerchickmommy here. I happen to be a DAMN good server. I enjoy my work, and it's hard to find a gig paying 12 dollars an hour around here, but I've got one. I've got a flexible schedule that works around my college and my husbands two jobs. Stuck up prisses like you who look down on those of us working "loser" jobs need to get their heads out of their asses. 

Oh, and not all of us are uneducated. Most are in school. My aunt has a fricking DOCTORATE in metallurgical engineering and worked at Starbucks for two years because she was "over qualified" for everything in her field. Starbucks fired her when she got a promotion and they ran an in depth background check and found out she was overqualified for that. I used to be a fan, but ya know, this article REALLY pissed me off. I get enough grief off of jerks looking down on me for my work IRL, I don't need it when I log onto CafeMom and the Stir.

JustL... JustLikeMyMom62

FB is great - it allows you to reconnect with people you cant see on a daily basis, stay apart of their lives without to much time.  But I also think thats sad. :(  We should devote time to people in our "real" lives to sit down and connect with without the aide of a screen or keyboard.  Its sad to see how many teenagers and young people have no idea how to act when in social settings that require actual human interaction. 

And I also find that alot of people lie and you may have a "cyber" relationship with someone who is nothing like they portray IRL.

Chick... ChickyLouie

I agree with the previous posters that the "loser" comment is uncalled for. Judging people for their jobs is just an ugly thing to do.

Emera... Emerald_storm01

I'm with Emily.  You turned an otherwise entertaining article into an attack, whether you meant to or not is beside the point. I'm not a server for a restaurant, but I am a pizza delivery driver.  Yep, 27 years old, 2 kids and I deliver pizza.  But you know what?  I get paid more per hour than most clerical jobs in this area, and with tips included I make almost as much money as my husband, who works for a trucking company and only about 1/3 of which is actually taxable.  Don't judge, Lindsay, it makes you look stupid.

nonmember avatar Sarah

Gotta say I agree with the previous comments in regards to the job comments. I have 2 degrees and work in a coffee shop because there aren't a whole lot of jobs out there. At least I have a job with benefits an am not depending on food stamps! The bottom line is even though that comment was made in an act of jest, it shows just how out of touch one can be with a little thing called reality, and in reality, a lot of people are taking jobs that they would rather not have just so they can pay their bills.

yobab... yobabywazup

One mans trash is another mans treasure! I to had a job no one else respected (Bra fitter) yet I put my heart into and loved! Some people love their job!

Back to the article ! I love FB! And my friends there are friends and family IRl!

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