Google Facial Recognition App Fixes Your Beer Goggles

google facial recognition appGoogle is planning to introduce a mobile application that allows users to snap photos of people's faces in order to access their personal information. Yup, take a photo, get yo digits.

So essentially someone you hardly know at a bar can come by and take your photo and plug it into the facial recognition app. Within seconds, that person could have access to your name, phone number, and email address. All that without even a hello? How rude! The thought process behind this is that it would be used for good. Instead of swapping business cards, you can swap photos. But the obvious question: Where does the information come from? And erm, how can you opt out?


The info comes from your Google profile. A Google what's-it? Right. Google profiles are a place on the web where you can choose to display the information you care about, whether it be personal or professional, for the rest of the world. In actuality, I'd like to say that they're a preeetttyyyy cool way for you to have your own little slice of Internet real estate, for free!

That sounds cool, doesn't it? So what if you want a Google profile but don't want strangers to be able to identify you? Not a problem, ladies. See -- here's the important part: According to Google's engineering director Harmut Neven, users will have to opt IN to share their information. So in actuality, it's only the people who WANT to be recognized who will be. Phew! Thank goodness!

If the application is safe and used productively instead of creepily, then I've got to admit I think it's pretty cool. Not only will you have someone's digits, but a photo so you can really remember (and if they are worthy of a phone call) them the next day.

What do you think of Google's soon-to-be facial recognition app? Creepy or cool?


Image via athrasher/Flickr

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