World Back Up Day Honors the Files You're Gonna Lose

computer fireHappy World Back Up Day! No, that doesn't mean you can shake your big booty and back that ass up, it's kind of a little more serious. Just kidding! It's only serious if you like your photos, music, and tax documents. If you could take them or leave them, then no need to back up your computer. That's right, today's a day to honor your hard drive and computer files. Hear that little fan whirling and the click-clack of the CD drive trying to read that old Toad the Wet Sprocket album you found in the back of your nightstand? Well, at any moment, your whole computer could crash and wipe out years of memories and days of music downloads.

And when (read: not if) that happens, are you prepared, little grasshopper?


I sure isn't. But! There are things we can do to help save us from that sinking feeling when we go to boot up the old Dell and all we hear is crickets and the silent yet deafening sound of our memories being executed one by one. Bye trip to Disney! Bye wedding video! Bye Rolling Stone's catalog! has some really useful tools for, surprise! Backing up your files. You can use a USB stick or external hard drive, DVD or CD-ROM disc, or online backup tools to make sure your files are safe and sound. They recommend the online storage of your files, and recommend sites like DropBox and SpiderOak Back Up and Sync as easy to use file saving sites. They have free storage (up to 2GB), so really no excuse. Drag and drop whatever you want to save and viola! Saved.

It's recommended that we back up our data twice a year, but you know, it's also recommended that we floss daily and take vitamins, so do what you can. If you have steak for dinner: floss. If you just uploaded baby photos: back up. If you're feeling sick: take a vitamin. If you just legally or illegally downloaded the entire Will & Grace catalog (who would do that?!? That's so crazy!!! Hahaha! What a loser!): back it up. Back, back, back it up.

Enjoy World Back Up Day, everyone! Get to it.

Will you back up? Do you back up? Any good "wish I had backed up" motivational stories?

Photo via pyroclastichawk/Flickr

Get amped for your backing up job. Cash money, y'all!

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