If MTV Cared About Music, They'd Have Made This

Remember when MTV was actually focused on music, instead of pumping out one reality show after another? Now that the network is primarily known for shows like The Hills, Teen Mom, and I Used to Be Fat, a website named has stepped in to do what MTV originally promised to do: introduce us to new music and learn more about bands we love.

Noisey is a self-described "video-driven music discovery platform," curated by pop culture magazine VICE and featuring support from Dell and Intel. The site documents emerging musicians from around the world with mini documentaries and live music videos, along with photos, info about the bands, and a place for users to interact and comment.

The site is currently profiling bands and music scenes from over 10 countries. I decided to check out Los Angeles' Nobunny, and here's what I found:


Nobunny's profile includes several short videos that mix documentary footage with behind-the-scenes images and music of the band's performances. There are interviews with fans, discussions with band members, and snippets from live, sweaty performances. A Detail tab provides more information about Nobunny ("a punk rock Elvis impersonator doesn’t invite easy comparisons, but Nobunny’s chaotic live show evokes the costumed mania of Seattle’s the Spits, Black Lips, and the King Khan and BBQ Show ..."), an Info tab shows me their social network feeds, and there are additional places for photos and comments from other Noisey users ("wicked!" says one person).

What a cool idea. I can tell you this right now, as a boring suburban mom of two in Seattle, I would have never heard of this band in a million years had I not just clicked on their profile. Now I know that L.A.'s Nobunny sounds pretty damn good -- sort of garage-punk-meets-pop.

Noisey is currently in public beta and plans to release new content on a daily basis. It definitely sounds like a win for musicians and fans alike.

Not that there's anything wrong with I Used to Be Fat, but hey, "music television"? You totally missed the boat on this one.


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