PreVue Pregnancy Belt Shows the World Your Womb

prevueWhenever I'm pregnant, I'm so curious what's going on inside my belly. The gurgling, the kicking, the intense pains, and all that movement -- what is happening? And I've never even been pregnant with a human baby! Just cheese steak babies and burrito babies. I can't imagine what it's like with an actual infant in there with arms and legs. But wonder I shall no more, the PreVue pregnancy e-textile device is like a porthole into the uterine sea.

Attach the PreVue pregnancy screen to your abdomen like you would a weight-lifting belt, and watch your fetus develop. It's real and it's happening.


Here's how it works according to

Designed to look like a large belt, the PreVue cinches in the back and fits over the abdomen. With the press of a button, a special ultrasonic layer next to the skin images the baby and then places this image onto a stretchable electronic textile that can grow as the mother does.

Holy futurism, baby Batman! Everyone will be able to watch the fetus grow and move and develop -- heck, maybe the baby will even wink at us (can babies wink?). Maybe they'll press their tiny little hands against the mom's belly and give us voyeurs a high-five. That's how I'd determine if the baby was cool or not. And if it is cool, I'll give the mom a really awesome baby gift, if not, sorry, enjoy those onesies I bought on sale at Target.

This PreVue thing almost sounds too good to be true. First of all, nowhere could I find out how much this thing might cost. Granted it's not for sale yet, but the Australian designer who made this must be able to ball-park it. One thousand dollars? Ten? Twenty? I have no idea. The PreVue is still in its first trimester, so there's still a lot to learn about the device, namely its safety, cost, and availability.

Theoretically I'm really on board with this idea. I'd strap this sucker on my belly just to watch the digestion process of a Thanksgiving meal. (Because, it can see my stomach, right? Mom, where do babies come from?) But practically, I think we've got to see what the PreVue looks like when it's full-term. Ha.

What do you think of the PreVue, and would you get one if you could?

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