Bing Overtakes Yahoo, But Still Sucks Compared to Google


StatCounter is reporting that more people worldwide used the Bing search engine than Yahoo for the first time during the month of February 2011. That means a LOT of you are using Bing (*involuntarily makes that Bingggg noise*), but most of us (89.94%) still use Google.

It doesn't seem like thrilling news, really, but it's meaningful in the search engine wars. As StatCounter CEO Aodhan Cullen said, "It is significant that Bing overtook Yahoo globally for the first time." With Microsoft's marketing dollars behind it, Bing was intended to help take on Google.

Looks like it may be working, if slowly, since they've now ascended the ranks to become the second most popular search engine.

While the folks at Bing are probably celebrating their victory ("We're Number Two ... by a huge margin! We're Number Two!"), what's really emphasized in this new report is how much Google dominates search. I can't imagine using anything else, personally.

I mean, really. What would you rather say: I Binged that? I Yahoo'd that? Or I Googled that?

February also marked the first month since August of 2009 that Google's percentage slid below 90%, but I doubt this is a long-term dip or indicative of any kind of downward trend. Google's the one search engine that constantly rolls out innovative changes that continue to make the experience more useful—until other engines figure this out, I'm not switching.

What search engine do you use?

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Faith McCrady Pinto

Yeah, I'm not using anything other than Google in the forseeable future, especially when my email account is Google's gmail.  it just makes sense for Google to be my homepage, so that I have access to video search, image search, mapping, email, and web searching all from one page.

nonmember avatar lawang

I think google is still the best

ArmyGal ArmyGal

Bing is a virus!! I downloaded it for a survey and it was extremely hard to remove. It would hijack everything and reroute me to the bing site. Google > Yahoo > everything else> Bing.

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