Brancusi Kiss: Google Doodle Schools Us Again

Brancusi KissIf you've been to the Google homepage today, you already know where this is going. I love a good Google doodle and this one did not disappoint. Today would be Romanian-born sculptor Constantin Brancusi's 135th birthday, and the Google logo celebrates his most famous works. His contributions to the art world rank up there with Michelangelo, Duchamp, and Giacometti. And if you recognized more than one of the letters, then hats off, art major. I only recognized the Brancusi Kiss.

And that's only because my roommate in college had the photo of that sculpture on our wall. If you didn't take any art classes (me) or date any emo boys (me, kinda), you might not know that much about Brancusi -- let's decode the symbol together.


After living most of his life in Paris, Brancusi died in 1957. One of his sculptures, the "Danaide" sold for over $18 million, according to Forbes. The most expensive piece of art I own is a finger-painting from my second cousin.

So we don't get overwhelmed, let's focus on two of Brancusi's most famous works, and two that are featured in the doodle. There's the "Sleeping Muse", which is the second "O" in the Google doodle, and the "Kiss", which replaced the final "E". Those are likely the two you'd see on an AP art exam. Both are celebrated for their clean geometric lines that pioneered modernism.

I love when there's a Google doodle -- it's too bad we don't have more things like this to pique our curiosities and incentivize us to learn something new. Maybe there will be a day when Google will have digital billboards that will force us, in that we become intrigued enough, to learn more. We'll be walking in the mall, or passengers in a car and an interesting doodle will catch our eye, and we'll turn to our phones and ... Google it.

Is Google the teacher of the future? Is this company the only way we'll learn anything new -- the classroom of the future? Well, who knows, but we can thank them today for bringing a little bit of art and beauty into our February Saturday.

What do you think of this Google doodle?

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