'National Enquirer' Gives Steve Jobs Gruesome Prognosis, Has No Shame

A month ago, Apple CEO Steve Jobs took an open-ended medical leave of absence, and while many have hoped to see him return to health and to his beloved company, the National Enquirer is busy predicting how many weeks he has to live.

In their professional opinion: six.

The ever-classy tabloid apparently followed him from breakfast to the Stanford Cancer Center, and they've published some disturbing photos of Jobs looking exceedingly frail and ill.

The article includes some death-prediction analysis from a couple of medical experts (who should be ashamed of themselves) (who are also, by the way, not oncologists, nor have they treated Jobs), who claim he is in the terminal stage of his cancer.


As Gizmodo mentioned, the National Enquirer has been wrong about plenty of things in the past, including incorrectly predicting Kirstie Alley's and Oprah's death, and fast-tracking Patrick Swayze's death by a full year.

Note, also, that Jobs is well enough to meet today with Barack Obama in San Francisco. The president is visiting Intel Corp, where he will also talk to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Google CEO Eric Schmidt to draw attention to the role of education in preparing Americans for new high-tech jobs.

I'm not surprised that the Enquirer was low enough to take the photos, or even to publish the "diagnosis." But let's all hope Jobs comes back strong, and maybe builds an i
Paparazzi app that delivers remote anal probes to photographers who ambush people on their way to cancer centers.

Image via Flickr/acaben

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