Blue Mountain & More: A List of Last Minute Valentine Ecard Options

Happy Valentine's Day! Or perhaps this feels more appropriate: Oh shit, it's Valentine's Day!

I don't know about you, but I'm still learning the ropes when it comes to which holidays require action on my part as a parent. For instance, did you know as the one with a vagina, I'm apparently the sole adult in charge of strategizing Valentine's Day cards for distant relatives? IT WAS A SURPRISE TO ME TOO.

If you're in a similar position of needing to send some last-minute love that doesn't look like ... you know, last-minute love, please share my list of electronic cover-your-ass Valentine's options:


Blue Mountain. Cute free cards, and you can send them via email or post them to someone's Facebook.

Jacquie Lawson. Jacquie Lawson is an English artist whose animated greetings are hand-painted before being animated. They often feature dogs and cats and there's just something really sweet and timeless about them. My aunt sends me at least one every year so I've been a Lawson fan for quite a while.

JibJab. You may recognize JibJab from the Bush/Kerry "This Land" animation that was linked around the web several years ago, and now you have a plethora of JibJab options that allow you to include your own photos in their "Starring You" videos and images. I happen to think these are creepy as hell, but hey: different strokes.

Ojolie. Another site that offers hand-painted, beautifully detailed artwork. Neat stuff here.

Someecards. "For when you care enough to hit send." Truly, these cards are not for everyone, but they are by far the funniest you'll find on the net.

Do you guys have any last-second Valentine-sending plans today? Or am I the only one who didn't realize she was in charge of V-Day kid duty? (And doodie too, as usual.)

Image via someecards

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