Dumped Girlfriend Gets Revenge Via Internet Meme


A while ago, a young man named Jack Weppler broke up with his girlfriend. Sad day for love, but what happened next made Internet news: his ex promptly spammed his Google image results with a ton of mocking Lolcat-style images.

She did this by taking a (amusingly cheesy) photo of Weppler and running it through Memegenerator.net in order to create a flurry of rude images, all of which she uploaded to the web. The pictures were mostly deleted, but because of the way Google's cache works, many are still accessible on image search. A Google image search for his name returns that professionally-taken headshot, adorned with phrases like, "To be or not to be? LOLJK I can't read." and "V-necks. Mom jeans."

Then Weppler's fate was sealed as either a hapless victim or a target worthy of being snickered at, depending on how you look at it—because his mom wrote to Google's help forum to beg for assistance on his behalf:

"My minor son's ex-girlfriend took a copyrighted picture of him (we own copyright) and uploaded it more than 60 times to a website. On each image she wrote slanderous, defamatory and pornographic captions. The webmaster of the site states he removed the images 6 weeks ago, but Google Search still shows all the images. My son is so stressed out and embarrassed and we've done everything we can to get images off of Google."


Some of the images have homophobic and otherwise offensive phrases, but it's impossible to know at this point which graphics were originally created by the ex and which were designed by subsequent meme-jumping trolls.

Without knowing anything more about the story, I'm inclined to send a golf clap in the mystery ex's direction. Yes, it was immature and obnoxious, and possibly entirely undeserved—but points for creativity, girl.

What's your take on this Google-spam revenge? Cruel cyber bullying, or all's fair in love and war?

Image via Memegenerator.net

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nonmember avatar Beth

I was once given the advice, by a man no less, that, if I were ever cheated on, to take my boyfriend/husband's clothes and dump them in a tub of bleach water. So, I guess it depends, for me, on what this guy did. I reserve judgment on the dumped girl.

BlogR... BlogResponder

Save your golf clap.  What you're doing here with this post is continuing the unverified assumptions and ugliness the original blogger began, as well as adding to your pageload totals by including his name. 

It's hypocritical that a blog for mothers is also jumping on the bandwagon of bashing this guy's mother for trying to help his reputation.  You don't even know if his mother wrote that forum post to Google, you're just assuming it because that's what the original blogger wrote.  Google has removed the forum post, but that is the forum one is told to go to by Google to seek the removal of their cached images, so there isn't anything shameful or ridiculous in posting to that forum, people use it daily. 

The original blogger has removed this young man's name from their article and set the search engines to deindex his article, you should do the same.  It's fine to discuss the events of the past few days in an academic sense if you want to help inform your readers, but continuing the ugliness is unbecoming and not something I can picture any mother standing for.

In case I have to spell it out for you, shame on you.

nonmember avatar Guest

Nice of you to join the discussion, Mrs. Weppler.

Faith McCrady Pinto

Yup, Guest, that's my guess too.  I think this could only be funnier if Weppler retaliated.... 

BlogR... BlogResponder

Nope, not his mother, just an interested party.  Looks like this site has done the right thing and removed the page from search engines, which is how I found this site, and that sort of action will hopefully help break the cycle.  

I honestly hope something like this doesn't happen to either of your kids, Guest and Faith.  Be well.

Lana11 Lana11

This article is horrible, IMO.  How many blogs have there been about kids commiting suicide for being made fun of in school?  This is along the same lines, praising someone for humiliating another, not just in school (I'm guessing, she said he was a minor?) but all over the internet.  If it was deleted from search engines on Google, then why make it another issue by writing about it giving the girl props?

Lana11 Lana11

Also, I'll have to agree about the whole "mother" issue.  If it were one of MY sons, you betcha I would be all over it trying to get his name off the internet also. Way to go for the mother for doing what she could to save her son from more humiliation. 

kisse... kisses5050

 Shame on you for adding another "hit" to the search. Have you no compassion? Praise for  the girls creativity? I doubt you would be so glib in your writing if pictures of a underage girl were scattered throughout cyberspace with ugly slurs and suggestive sayings.  

Kelly Rusinack

immature is an understatement! so a relationship doesn't work out! like she's the first person to ever get broken-up with - i don't comprehend spite like that. yeah, i've had bad break-ups. but i either work it out with the person i was dating, or i fume for a while and then go on with life. would i have ever tried to ruin someone's name or image just because we broke up? i don't think i've ever been that spiteful in my life! what a bunch of loonies.

nonmember avatar Grokit01

Good for her. Damn, mommy had to come to his rescue? If he were me I'm not sure how much of a pussy I was and who I would resent more. Laughing my rear off.

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