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    Pinterest provides a ton of creative ideas to dye Easter eggs as an alternative to the traditional dye kit we can find in stores. When I saw the option to dye Easter eggs with shaving cream pop up again and again, I decided to give it a try! 

    I loved this idea because all you need to complete the craft is shaving cream, eggs, and food coloring -- things I already had on hand. After spraying shaving cream into a shallow glass dish, we added drops of food coloring, swirled it around and rolled our eggs through.

    After letting the eggs dry a bit with the colorful shaving cream in place, we wiped them off and were eager to discover whether or not the color actually stuck!

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    You know that casual, messy, yet perfect bun you sometimes see on women? It looks like they just twisted their hair up into that 'do with one swift movement. But then you go home and try to do the same thing and it looks all kinds of wrong. Dah! Why is the "messy" bun so hard to pull off?

    Well, it's not. We just need the right tutorial -- and I found it! After looking at several different versions, I've found my very favorite how-to for the mussed-just-right top knot, that bun that makes you look like an effortlessly chic femme from Paris. And best of all, I tried it out myself, and if I can pull it off, anyone can.

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    Easter is just around the corner, and Pinterest is brimming with fun kid-friendly potluck recipes to try. I couldn't resist the colorful spin on the traditional deviled eggs of these Jello flavored deviled eggs, and I quickly got to work!

    This could be a great after-school treat, a fun dessert, or even a great addition to our Easter brunch spread.

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    My once-blond hair has been getting darker and darker, especially since I haven't had the time or the money to get it professionally highlighted. I have really thick, long hair, so not only does it take hours at the salon to get it done, but it costs hundreds of dollars too. (It doesn't help that I live in one of the most expensive cities in the whole country, either.)

    So in the interest of protecting my pocketbook and hectic schedule, I tried to lighten my hair myself.

    My first stop was the hair color section at my local Walgreens, but all the chemicals and the fear of screwing up scared me. And what happened to SunIn? I didn't see that anywhere!

    Instead I decided to try something I hadn't done since I was a teen: use lemon juice to give myself some natural highlights. How did I do it, you ask?

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    Okay, I am not the biggest fan of dyeing eggs. I've said it before -- I am pretty much OVER this Easter ritual for a number of reasons. And yet, even after declaring my over-ness of dyeing, I found myself dyeing eggs again after all. How did I overcome my fear and loathing? I'll tell you. Here are 9 tips for dyeing eggs if you happen to hate dyeing eggs.

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    So, you’ve been diagnosed with eczema. Bummer. But hey, there are a lot worse diagnoses out there. Eczema may be unsightly and uncomfortable; however, it is also treatable, non-life-threatening, and non-contagious, so you are golden. All you really need is a positive attitude and a solid skin care regimen.

    Here are a few skin care tips to keep you itch- and flare-up-free. Eczema may feel like a total nightmare at times, but hopefully a little regular love for your skin can go a long way.

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    The garden hose wreath has been making the rounds on Pinterest this season and I just couldn't ignore it! After a long winter I was actually looking forward to adding a cheerful splash of color to my front door and a decorative wreath sounded like the perfect solution.

    I grabbed a 15-foot garden hose, a handful of flowers, a pair of gardening gloves, and some burlap ribbon, and I got to work!

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    I pretty much wear at least a little bit of makeup every day, but you'll hardly ever catch me wearing bold or bright lipstick, except for the ocassional special event like New Year's Eve. And yet, I love the way it looks on other people! (Especially the ladies of Mad Men. Am I right?) About a month ago I had a little epiphany: I happened to have bright red lipstick on when I popped into the grocery store one afternoon, and it totally made the whole chore much more enjoyable. So, I thought it would be fun to run a little experiment: put lipstick on every single day for a week -- and I mean bold lipstick that Betty Draper would approve of -- and see how it affected my outlook (if at all).

    I just picked a random Monday to start my experiment, and you can see a photo a day, what I was up to, and the particular shade I was wearing, in the slideshow below. Did my lipstick improve my mood? Click through to find out! Groundbreaking scientific research, I say!

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    Anyone with eczema will tell you that flare-ups are the worst. When it happens, it can take over your entire world -- all you want is a little relief. But once that itchy, irritating feeling subsides, the problem isn't totally resolved. The reason? If you've vigorously scratched, you may have caused some unsightly scars. It's a common issue for eczema sufferers. Don't fret. Here are 7 simple solutions for making your eczema-prone skin beautiful again

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    I love the delicate look of the string Easter Eggs crafts I've been seeing on Pinterest and thought this week would be the perfect time to test them out! Whether you want to string together a garland for beautiful Easter decor or pop these string eggs in a bowl as a Springtime centerpiece, it could be the perfect touch in your home!

    I created a stiffener by mixing 3 tablespoons of corn starch, 1 1/2 cups of boiled water, and 1 tablespoon of flour.

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