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    YouTube star Magic of Rahat has made a name for himself by hilariously pranking people and then posting videos of their reactions on the Internet. He’s the one that does those drive-thru videos we all love to laugh at.

    So I admit I was nervous when I heard that his latest video involves punking a homeless man into believing he had a winning lottery ticket. I thought I was going to have to start boycotting funny YouTube videos in protest, because that just sounds downright mean.

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    It's finally here! The Season 4 Game of Thrones trailer has arrived and holy hell, it is looks AWESOME! Even though we still have to wait a long, long, long three months, the trailer promises some big things coming on April 6 when the new season premieres. It's going to be huge, you guys.

    "There's good and evil on both sides in every war every fought," Jorah Mormont assures us and we are thrown back into the BEST SHOW ON TV. The ways I can't wait can't really be expressed enough here. Some highlights of the preview:

    Tyrion Lannister gets in trouble and may not be able to "talk his way out"? Really? What did he do?? Joffrey continues his insane sense of over-weaning confidence despite all evidence to the contrary. The very hot Jaime Lannister looks at his nephew with such contempt, it makes you wonder just how much things will change this season. See below:


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    Remember last summer when Robert Pattinson was reportedly annoyed with Kristen Stewart for duplicating his film choices? I wonder what he has to say about her steamy new topless perfume ads?

    On the heels of RPatz’s much anticipated (and celebrated!) uber hawt Dior ads, KStew is now the face of Balenciaga’s fragrance line Rosabotanica. And by face, I mean her naked torso, adorned with beautiful vines and flowers that appear almost like a three-dimensional tattoo.

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    Anyone who has had a baby knows you are like a walking wreck for at least 6 months after you give birth -- more like a year unless you have a child who likes you enough to sleep and nap on cue (and if you do, please don't share the details). There are few things more  annoying than sitting on the couch in your milk-stained robe, hair unwashed, and turning on the TV to waste the only 10 minutes you have to yourself that day -- and then getting trapped into watching some sappy, completely unrealistic commercial for toothpaste or an insurance company that features fashionable moms, happy, quiet babies bouncing off laps, and spotless living rooms. Liars!

    In real life, parenting is pretty much exactly like this sweet and funny Coca Cola commercial, which has its roots in Argentina, but has become a viral hit everywhere. 

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    Actor Paul Walker's tragic death continues to dominate headlines this week, from the coroner's report listing his cause of death (unsurprising yet sadly gruesome) to the mystifying ongoing questions of whether the Porsche he was riding in was going too fast (I'm not saying it's not worth investigating what happened on Saturday, but did you see what the godawful wreckage looked like? I'm going to go way out on a limb and say the speed issue is probably not up for debate at this point). The latest wave of news comes in the form of a viral video, thanks to the Fast & Furious YouTube page.

    Universal Studios has released a tribute to Paul Walker, and it's being described as "heartbreaking" and "beautiful." It's racked up over 1.6 million views as of this writing, and it's ... well, it's a really nice video. The soundtrack is fantastic (Skylar Grey's "I'm Coming Home"). There are lots of great shots of Walker.

    It's also, undeniably, a two-minute ad for the Fast & Furious franchise.

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    It seems like everyone at some point in their young lives had an uncle -- or dad, if you were really lucky -- who wouldn't think twice about picking you up, tossing you into the air, and throwing you down on the couch just for sport. And you laughed and laughed until your side split and begged him to do it again while your mom either screamed at him to stop or winced in disapproval but let it carry on. 

    Yeah, nowadays, not so much. A video from 2008 showing an uncle and possibly a dad tossing their toddler and young children back and forth like footballs has resurfaced and is -- yet again -- causing controversy because some say this type of behavior is flat-out reckless and borderline abusive. 

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    During this week's Moms Matter Google Hangout, we tackle a question countless women have asked: What is the best age to start a family?

    According to a recent Gallup Poll, most women have their first child at 25. That's a reality I can't imagine since I was occasionally eating cereal for dinner at that point in my life. It's hard to know exactly when you're ready to take that plunge into parenthood, but your age should definitely factor into the decision. Some of your favorite writers from The Stir debate whether it's better to be a young mom or an older one. Check out their take on the controversial issue:

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    A surprising controversey has popped up this Halloween. A woman in West Fargo has decided to deny overweight trick-o-treaters candy and instead give them a letter for their parents explaining why they should not be eating so many sweets. To her, this is a much needed public service, especially given the number of obese children out there today.  It's an outrageous move, to be sure, but is it a necessary one?

    We talked about the hot button issue in this week's Moms Matter Google Hangout -- Check out the video and then tell us if you think this woman is really as wicked as she sounds.

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    Dude. I know there’s a cliché about women getting overly emotional and highly reactive sometimes, but I’m pretty sure the same could be said for sports fans. Combine those with the adrenaline of a live game, and maybe a few beers, and you just might get a fan punching a woman in the face.

    The New York Jets scored a controversial win over the New England Patriots on Monday, as they scored a field goal in overtime after the ref called a penalty. A couple of female Pats fans were caught on tape pestering a male Jets fan (probably not the best idea, ladies), and then he full on punched one of them!

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    President Obama gave (another) speech about health care yesterday, and man was it long (again). That guy really likes the sound of his own voice, doesn’t he? Anyway, it was so long that a pregnant woman standing behind him almost fainted! Karmel Allison visibly became woozy and wobbly and had to be led away after almost collapsing.

    Now it could be because she’s pregnant, and standing still for one of the president’s speeches is a long time to stand even when you’re not growing a human, but Twitter had some different ideas about her fainting spell.

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