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    Tonight's premiere episode of True Tori, the new reality series documenting the storms of Tori Spelling's marriage in the wake of her husband Dean McDermott cheating on her, opens with Dean in rehab. That's where Dean was sent packing the night after he finally admitted -- after several sleazy attempts to lie about the situation -- that he had cheated on Tori in a two-day romp with a woman he picked up in Toronto. He is still there as the show opens and Tori struggles to deal alone with their four young children.

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    Glee has had its fair share of strange story lines over the years. Remember the trippy "unaired" Christmas special? Enough said. But throwing a Sue Sylvester love angle slam bang into the middle of Rachel Berry's opening night on Broadway took Gleeks to a whole new level of weird.

    And by weird, we're talking about Sue Sylvester having sex in Kurt and Rachel's apartment. With a man. Who she just met.

    Gross? A little, but if anything, tonight we met a new sadder side of Sue Sylvester.

    So who's the lucky guy to introduce us to the new Sue?

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    Now that the dust has settled after the premiere of "Breaker of Chains" -- everyone wants to talk about that scene. Game of Thrones has been known for, shall we say, upping the ante on scenes from the original source material that were already insanely bloody or mind-blowing or disturbing, and last week was no exception. It seems HBO at times approaches the books' most anticipated scenes with a "What the hell! Let's make it crazy!" attitude.

    Case in point: The Red Wedding, Theon's torture, and the scene last week between Jaime and Cersei. In order not to give too much away, I'll put in a SPOILERS WARNING right here. If you haven't watched the show (really?) and don't want to know anything about these aforementioned scenes, please move on to something else and let the nerds take over, thanks.

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    This week on The Real Housewives of Orange County, we got to spend a little bit more time with one of the new wives, Shannon Beador. For the most part, we liked what we saw. Sure, she's a bit hypocritical, what with her passion for going green while still driving an Escalade, but you know what? The woman freely admits this and knows she's being a ridiculous contradiction. That earns her big points in my book. You know, Becca's Big Book of Housewives? It's bound with individual strands of Slade Smiley's hair, which I've been amassing for years.

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    Wow. Who else had an insanely great time watching Dancing With the Stars tonight? The party anthem theme was so much fun -- and brought back so many great memories from the past. (Well, at least it did for us "older" folks.)

    Now that we're at the halfway point of the show, it really seemed like some of the dancers came out of their shells tonight -- because they know they have to stand out from now on or face elimination. And while there were plenty of great performances this evening, it's no secret that Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy took the ballroom by storm with their tango.

    I mean ... DAMN. Do those two have insane chemistry or what?

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    For a series that's awfully careful about how it reveals upcoming show details, The Walking Dead's producer/showrunner Scott Gimple was unusually forthcoming in an appearance on Larry King Now over the weekend. Naturally, he didn't give away anything super-critical, but he did answer some questions fans have been curious about -- including whether or not we can expect to see Morgan again, and an INCREDIBLY tantalizing tease about Daryl Dixon's future love life.

    If you'd prefer to remain entirely surprised by what's coming in season 5, read no farther!

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    Devoted fans of the show are certainly going to miss it, but I think the rest of us can agree that True Blood has run its course. With new, amazing shows like Game of Thrones and True Detective to focus on, HBO has made what was probably a very difficult decision by making season 7 the very last for True Blood. Fans who have tuned in since season 1 (raises hand) are hoping that the show will go out with a bang.

    Now that a new season 7 trailer has been released, it seems like all hell has broken loose and everyone's losing their damn minds. Quite a fitting end, and it's easy to suspect that we'll lose a few fan favorites on the way. No matter what happens or how it ends, Truebies will tune in until the very last episode. The premiere should air some time in June, meaning we've got all summer to get our very last fill of Sookie, Eric, and Bill!

    Some spoilers ahead if you have yet to see season 6!

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    When we last saw Sally Draper, it was the season 6 finale, and she was staring at her father's childhood home, which was also a whorehouse. She glimpsed up at Don with a look of understanding, and even though she was traumatized by catching him with his pants down, it seemed like maybe she had forgiven him just then. Or was at least on her way to forgiving him. But when we caught up with her again tonight, in the second episode of season 7 entitled, "A Day's Work," she's still pretty bitter about her pops. Even more so when, after losing her purse in the city after shopping in the Village with girlfriends following her roommate's mother's funeral on the Upper East Side, she wanders into SC&P to discover her father's office is being occupied by Lou Avery.

    Yep, just as Sally's learned that Don's out of work, we discovered that he has yet to tell, well, anyone about his leave.

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    After the insane climax of "The Lion and the Rose," in which a main character met an untimely yet awesome end, it has seemed impossible that Game of Thrones season 4 could possibly keep up the momentum with "Breaker of Chains." We're only three episodes in and it already seems like so damn much has happened.

    A poor young girl's already gotten eaten by dogs for Pete's sake.

    Of course, after such an incredible finale to the Purple Wedding, all of the characters who attended -- and there were a lot of them -- had to deal with the fallout. Will whoever actually did it pay for their crime? Who is left to fight for the Iron Throne in this always increasingly deadly game? Has anyone learned to stop playing "The Rains of Castamere" at weddings yet?

    SPOILERS AHEAD for "Breaker of Chains." Please watch first, have a Tyrion-sized glass of wine, grab your closest wench, then come back!

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    Is it really possible that we're only on episode 3 of season 4 of Game of Thrones? From the very beginning of season 4, the show has grabbed our attention in a way that it never has before. Who would have thought they'd kill off such an important main character in just the second episode?! That's right, the Purple Wedding took place on "The Lion and the Rose" last week, and it's hard to believe we still have eight episodes left to finish off what should be a truly incredible season.

    With "The Breaker of Chains," fans should expect to see the fallout of the MAJOR DEATH happened at the end of the Purple Wedding. And the episode should likely answer the all-important question of WHODUNNIT?

    I can't keep writing vaguely about this anymore. SPOILERS AHEAD, blah blah blah, spoilers ahead. Please stop reading if you want no spoilers. You should know this by now.

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