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    If you've been considering a move that will allow you to get more for your money, keep reading! 

    Wall St. Cheat Sheet has compiled a list of the 10 least expensive states to live in America

    If you're looking for a big bang for your buck on everything from groceries to property taxes, take a look at which of our 50 nifty states tops the list. 

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    Have you ever thought someone was staring at your chest but wondered if you'd only imagined it? Well, thanks to Nestlé Fitness's bra cam, one woman had a chance to see just who was ogling her, and it turns out it's a pretty big group.

    In honor of October serving as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Swiss food and beverage company is reminding women to check themselves by outfitting a hot pink bra with a camera and sending a volunteer out to put it to the chest, er, test. 

    Now, some detractors have pointed out that, of course, men, infants, dogs, and even other women are going to stare at a pair when they're wrapped in a cotton candy-pink brassiere, but still. If the concept behind the project raises awareness and encourages woman to examine their breasts, why not? 

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    It looks like there's more battling than baking going on at Amy's Baking Company once again. 

    Proprietors and married couple Amy and Samy Bouzaglo, whose over-the-top antics drove Kitchen Nightmares host Gordon Ramsay to abandon the duo mid-makeover, are back in the news.

    Police were called to the Scottsdale, Arizona, business Saturday evening after being told that Samy chased a drunk customer off the premises with what appears to be, of all things, a butter knife!

    Amy asked the guy to leave, and even though he did, that wasn't enough to appease hot-headed Samy! 

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    George Clooney stepped out Sunday for the first time with his wife Amal Alamuddin, a day after they tied the knot in Venice, Italy. The newlyweds spent the night in the wedding suite at the Aman Hotel after a star-studded event where they exchanged vows in front of family and friends, including Walter Veltroni, the former mayor of Rome, who officiated the ceremony.

    The couple had no problem going out in public on Sunday, waving to fans and delighting the locals and photographers and therefore the world. Or at least the part of the world that still can't believe that George Clooney is actually married! They looked as happy as, well, newlyweds as they smile for their first public photos as husband and wife.

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    Back when I was a kid, antibiotics were all the rage "curing" everything from the sniffles to the more serious. But it wasn't really the cure-all we once thought it was, and it has done more harm than good in many cases, building up an antibiotic resistance and not allowing the medicine to work the way it's supposed to work when it's needed.

    I am one of the anti-antibiotic parents. My children's pediatrician was of the same school of thought. Antibiotics were only for emergencies like when my daughter had Lyme Disease and needed it. I made sure she had probiotics as well, to boost and not kill off all the helpful bacteria in her gut. A new study has revealed that it's suspected if a child is given antibiotics early in life or raised in a overly sterile environment, they may be more susceptible to food allergies. And there's more.

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    As if we needed one more thing to worry about when it comes to everyday things that might be raising our risk of breast cancer, a new study published in the journal BMJ Open is zeroing in on women's skirt sizes. Yes, really.

    More specifically, the research -- which looked at data from about 93,000 mostly overweight, postmenopausal women in the UK Collaborative Trial of Ovarian Cancer -- found that gaining weight puts women more at risk for breast cancer, because fat tissue triggers production of estrogen, which can feed the growth of breast tumors. And it's mainly fat around your waist that reflects your risk.

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    Does your heart sink when you hear your cellphone's ominous "ping" while you're cooking dinner or trying to get the kids to bed?

    For many, that innocent-sounding beep often signals yet another work email or text that requires immediate attention -- after office hours. If that sounds just a tad familiar and the very thought is giving you palpitations, take a deep breath. You're not alone. 

    A study of 57,000 people uncovered that more than half worked beyond their regular hours. Thanks to smartphones and computer tablets, "work" is no longer contained to an office and the business day often starts earlier than 9 and ends later than 5.

    While in some cases it's made life easier to have your desk virtually at your fingertips, it may also be making you sick. 

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    Well, that was fast! Mama June is already back on the market fresh on the heels of her reported split from Sugar Bear.

    The real estate market, that is. Seems Mama June took her brood house-hunting -- and from the looks of it, she's movin' on up. Or hoping to, anyway.

    Though Sugar Bear has been in his own kind of house -- the dog house -- since Mama June supposedly caught him cheating online, he's been back at the old homestead plenty filming Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. The reality show about the family isn't showing any signs of slowing down amid the couple's problems.

    But Honey Boo Boo's daddy (aka Mike Thompson) wasn't part of the group that checked out four homes in Hampton, Georgia, Tuesday, located an hour from where they live now in McIntyre.

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    Can friends, particularly the fuller-figured ones, be a bad influence when it comes to food?

    The answer is "yes," according to scientists at Southern Illinois and Cornell Universities who hired an actress in a fat suit to test their theory that overweight friends can cause you to make unhealthy choices. 

    When the actress appeared heavier and served herself a portion of pasta versus salad, her companions did the same. When she chose to serve herself a hearty helping of salad, her fellow diners followed suit but opted for smaller servings. 

    Researchers explained:

    These results demonstrated that people may eat larger portions of unhealthy food and smaller portions of healthy food when eating with an overweight person, probably because the health commitment goal is less activated. 

    Does what you eat have to do with the person you're dining with? Is it a subconscious form of peer pressure or good judgment amnesia?

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    This might be really good news or really bad news, depending on how you may look at it. Fifty Shades of Grey stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson were both spotted arriving at LAX airport over the weekend, as the two are reportedly reshooting a few scenes together for the film.

    Either that means the on-screen duo are probably just putting some finishing touches on a few scenes or their chemistry is so awkward that producers are asking them for a do-over. Yikes.

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