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    They say it takes a village to raise a child. For mom Sonia Green, the global village of parents is helping her protect her children every time they get their kids vaccinated. That's because three of Green's four sons aren't vaccinated.

    They can't be. All sufferers of an immune deficiency called x-linked agammaglobulinemia, a rare condition that affects approximately one in 200,000 newborns, Harrison, Holden, and Davis Green's bodies can't produce antibodies to disease, rendering vaccines ineffective and sometimes downright dangerous.

    But when other kids are vaccinated, their mom says it helps create what's known as a "herd immunity," a sort of security blanket of health for kids like the Green brothers. It's why the law professor is a fierce advocate for the very immunizations that her kids can't get.

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    Back to school means back to rifling through your kids' backpacks for crumpled up permission slips. They're usually no-brainers. Just sign, zip them back up in the bag, and call it a day. Easy peasy. The hardest thing about them is making them look presentable again.

    But what if you received a permission slip asking you to sign off on the possibility of your child's untimely death or serious injury? A mom was faced with that dilemma when she got the craziest permission slip you have ever seen. Check it out:

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    June Cleaver. Carol Brady. Marge Simpson. The list of TV moms we all wish were our own is long and varied. And since Parenthood debuted on NBC, it's grown to include Kristina Braverman, mother of three, breast cancer survivor, and the type of candidate for city mayor who will stop everything during a town hall meeting to pass her phone number to a mom in crisis. Kristina Braverman is the mom we want and the mom we want to be, and without actress Monica Potter, there is no Kristina Braverman.

    Like her character, Monica is a mother of three. And like her character, the soft-spoken actress shines on the homefront -- she even has a growing line of home products -- in a way that lifts other moms up rather than making us feel inadequate.

    Parenthood fans who are bemoaning NBC's decision to give us just one more season, and a shortened one at that, have heart: Kristina Braverman is alive and well and living in California. 


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    In just a few short weeks, Bachelor in Paradise seems to have spawned more Bachelor couples than any other of the franchise's shows or spin-offs. And the latest duo to link up on the dating show? None other than the infamous Michelle Money and Andi Dofrman's ex, Cody Sattler.

    He may have just joined the cast this past week, but Cody has already made his impression on Michelle. And one of his fellow cast members, Jesse Kovacs (of alleged threesome fame), has given us the scoop on how the couple has fared post-filming.

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    The day mom-of-four Andrea James walked into prison, her breasts were still heavy with milk. "My son was just 5 months old," she recalls. "He wouldn’t wean so it was hard to force him to take a bottle. So right up until the time I was leaving, I was still breastfeeding him. My breasts were leaking. I wanted to just die. I couldn't believe I was leaving my kids."

    It was a terrifying reality the attorney, wife, and mother never imagined for herself. The educated daughter of a college professor and speech pathologist, to neighbors, James wasn't the type to end up in prison. It's a subject many people are talking about thanks to the buzz-worthy Netflix series Orange Is the New Black. Based on a book by Piper Kerman, an upper class woman who landed in prison after being a drug mule, it's Hollywood's latest take on the lives of women behind bars. It's funny and often poignant -- but is it real? James reveals what it's really like to have your freedom and family stripped away.

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    It's the kind of quick second decision that could change your life. You accidentally cut someone off and they become enraged. Though, instead of simply yelling or flipping you off, this person decides to go after you to exact his revenge. It may sound alarmist and unlikely, but road rage was the cause of 218 murders and 12,610 injuries in a seven year period. Those are not insignificant numbers. Another scary stat: 2% of drivers admit to trying to run an aggressor off the road. Still, people don't even think about the issue until it happens to them. It's a frightening reality Kimberly Gauthier never dreamed of until she faced it head on.

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    Ali Larter has a lot on her plate these days: Not only has she been pulling 14-hour days shooting the TNT show Legends, but she just announced on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon that she's pregnant. Oh, and did we mention she and husband Hayes MacArthur have a son named Theodore who is 3 years old?

    Yup, Ali is expecting a baby AND she's smack in the middle of the potty training years! So what's this celeb mama's secret to making it all work? We caught up with her at a Pampers #BabyGotMoves event (Ali's the spokesperson) to find out more.

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    There's no shortage of advice for moms-to-be about nutrition, morning sickness, best strollers, pregnancy milestones ... even the hottest sex positions are readily discussed. What’s not addressed much during such a joyous time is the impact pregnancy and motherhood can have on your job.  

    Phoebe Taubman is trying to change that. She's one of three authors behind the book Babygate: What You Really Need to Know About Pregnancy and Parenting in the American Workplace -- in which three legal experts share practical tips, real-life stories from parents, and legal information to highlight the protections families do and don’t have in the workplace. Taubman wrote the book to help moms. But she also did it to make people angry. Really angry.

    The Stir spoke with her about what moms need to know about parenting on the job ... and why she wants to "incite rage" in moms.

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    Before even becoming a mom, one of the most common warnings you'll hear from other parents is how expensive it can be to raise children. As it turns out, they're right.

    Families who had a baby in 2013 can expect to spend on average $245,340 until the child is 18, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's just-released annual report, Expenditures on Children by Families. That's between $12,800 and $14,970 a year for a middle-income family with two parents, depending on the kids' ages.

    Angela Hawkins, 33, a mom of three in the suburbs of Houston, is living proof that the numbers don't lie.

    She shared her household budget with The Stir and estimated that she and her husband Shane will spend about $270,000 per child by the time they turn 18.

    "The figures can be overwhelming," Angela admits.

    So where exactly does all that money go?

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    Weddings are not only expensive and labor-intensive, but they also have a way of bringing out the most raw and intense emotion in almost everyone involved. For that reason, most brides-to-be go into damage control mode from the minute they're engaged, trying to keep the peace with everyone leading up to the Big Day -- most of all, their fiance!

    But stressful situations are bound to arise and can occasionally bring out the ugly in both partners. No sane bride would ever fan the flames when that happens, right? Well, believe it or not, some couples are doing exactly that -- on purpose -- by having a shadow wedding.

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