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    Summer after summer, we can't seem to avoid the very same series of horror stories in the news about children being left to bake in hot cars. Well, one father of three -- his kids aged 4, 7, and 14 -- from Raleigh, North Carolina, was recently compelled to take action in light of these nonstop tragedies. Taking to YouTube, Terry Bartley posted a clip of himself sweating in his hot car with the windows rolled up. He said the temperature outside was up to 90 degrees, and there's no mistake what that kind of contained heat can do to the body.

    Bartley has far surpassed his initial aim to get people sharing and talking about his video and raise awareness: His now viral video has reached over 1.2 million views!

    Check it out ...

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    Selena Gomez is fighting back against a hater with some pretty strong words. After the young woman posted on one of Selena's Instagram photos that she should "burn in hell with cancer," Selena decided not to take the usual ignore-the-hater route.

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    There's hope in the world! Selena Gomez was recently snapped cozying up to a man, and that man was not the man-child known as Justin Bieber. Apparently the guy in question is male model Tanz Watson, and he posted the pic on Twitter with the caption, "Hold up hold up got my homie."

    According to a source, the "Come and Get It" singer is happy and having a fantastic time with friends in New York City. The insider said she "is trying to move on with her life and focus on her," and we couldn't be happier to hear it. We've been waiting for the day when Selena would wake up and realize she's way out of the Bieb's league.

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    Hey, remember that thing about how George Clooney's future mother-in-law doesn't approve of him and thinks her daughter, Amal Alamuddin, can do much better? Well, scratch that.

    Celebrities rarely respond to gossip items about themselves so furiously, but George has decided that the Daily Mail isn't getting away with that whopper! In an op-ed for USA Today, George called out the newspaper/tabloid hybrid for saying that his mom-in-law would have preferred that Amal marry a man of the "Druze" religion.

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    So, you've got a ring stuck on your finger. It happens to all of us -- especially with wedding rings during pregnancy, but also any time your finger suddenly swells for whatever reason (hello, hot weather!). So how the heck do you get your stuck ring off without having to cut it off?

    There are many home remedies for loosening a ring, like lubricating everything with butter or margarine. But if you'd like a less messy, quicker at-home method, try this string trick for removing a stuck ring.

    The video is seriously pretty amazing to watch -- no wonder it's gone viral and has blown up on Facebook! -- and it's so simple an idea we can't stop sharing it with everyone we know! You've got to see how it works ...

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    Pink and her daughter Willow, 3, have naked dance parties. In the latest issue of Who Magazine, Pink (who graces the cover strategically posed in the nude) revealed, "[Willow] said to me the other day, 'Mama, on Tuesday I think we should get naked and have a naked booby butt dance party.' I was like, 'I'm in!'"

    Does anyone know what a naked booby butt dance party is? I sure do. It's not the exact phrase my kids use to describe it, but we do have naked nudie dances in my house. My twins are 4. They know what a vagina is. They know what a penis is. And I'm not afraid or shameful to talk about these kinds of things with them. I'm also not afraid of nudity.

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    I love to garden. Unfortunately, I live in an apartment, so for the most part, I'm limited to working on my fire escape and the "extra" room I have in my kitchen. The fire escape is reserved for flowering plants -- less worry about pigeons or other undesirables going after those. But I use my kitchen for all my edibles. In fact, I've sort of redefined 'kitchen garden.' It isn't just the stuff you grow FOR your kitchen, your kitchen can become your garden.

    I'm always on the hunt for sustainable vegetables and fruits I can grow in my kitchen. At this point, it's a veritable bounty of goods! My favorite things about growing stuff in my kitchen? Not only does it give me access to the ingredients literally right when I need them, but it gives me no excuse to throw away my veggie scraps. So many of them make great starter plants!

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    As parents, we have to stand up for ourselves and our kids. As mothers discriminated against for breastfeeding our babies, we have to make noise; we have to protect our rights, the rights of our children. There are too many people in positions of "power" telling women what to do or they are doing it wrong or they are doing something obscene when we are not. Breastfeeding in public is one example of this.

    Another mom was told to cover up, that there were complaints about her breastfeeding her child on a flight. Casey Yu was on Delta flight 2655 with her baby Will en route home from Yu's aunt Karen's funeral. It was late -- 10 p.m. -- and there was no one in the seat next to her. The man in the row across the aisle was kind and "enamored" with her baby Will who was happily clapping when other passengers boarded. Everything was as pleasant as it could be until Yu began breastfeeding her baby.

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    Who loves moms? Restaurants do! Every Mother's Day several restaurant chains offer some super-sweet deals in honor of mamas everywhere -- and to entice families to spend a bit of the holiday with them. You can get two-for deals and gift certificates and even a free cake. We rounded up some of the most popular restaurants offering deals including ... am I reading this right? Holy mammaries, you'll never guess who's on this list!

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    Robert Pattinson has moved on from the Twilight franchise in more ways than one. Not only did his role as sparkly vamp Edward come to an end, but so did his relationship with Kristen Stewart (we think?!). And he's taking on new and more challenging roles. The latest is his role as a limo driver in Maps to the Stars, directed by David Cronenberg.

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