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    Hope you're enjoying the last of your garden's treasures, because now that fall is here, it's time to say goodbye to homegrown fruit and veggies. It was nice knowin' ya! The growing season is definitely over.

    OR IS IT??

    True, growing most fruit and vegetables requires two things typically in short supply indoors: sunlight and space. So you're not likely to cultivate any prize beefsteak tomatoes and giant pumpkins in your house this winter, if that's what you were thinking. 

    Though maybe you read our handy little primer on growing your own pumpkins, which is fantastic if you did, because now you won't have to spend a bundle on your Halloween jack-o'-lanterns! If not, save it for next year. Just know that you definitely CAN still grow fruit and vegetables right in your own home in the cooler weather. Here's how...

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    Like many of you, I started the new school year with some resolutions. Number one on my list is to FIX my morning routine. No more rushing out the door like a madwoman, forgetting half the stuff I need. No more tantrum-throwing (by me or my son) becase we can't find something. No more tearing our hair out, no more tears. This year we will GET IT TOGETHER!

    As a naturally disorganized and easily distracted mom who may or may not have ADD, I live and die by my systems. This fall I implemented a few that have been helping me kick some serious school morning butt. Here are 10 morning routine tricks and hacks that can make life just a little less crazy. Try them yourself and see!

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    Whether it's a cop shooting an unarmed teen in Ferguson, Missouri or a cop choke holding a dad of six in Staten Island, New York, the news is full of cops who do terrible things. So it's nice to see a video of a cop doing what a cop is not only supposed to do, but does a lot of the time without anyone noticing -- saving a life. It all started when New York highway patrolman Officer Gregory Zakoscielny saw a car weaving in and out of traffic on a busy highway in the Bronx. Was the driver drunk? The car was putting others in danger. Then the car suddenly stopped in the middle of the parkway. That's when Officer Zakoscielny went over to investigate and discovered something unexpected ...

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    Remember your body before the baby? Miss it? Even if you lose the pregnancy weight quickly after the delivery, pregnancy has a way of rearranging your parts. Know what I mean? You've been stretched. You're puckered. Your belly button is not where you left it nine months ago.

    And when people talk about getting back into shape? SIGH. You just feel tired.

    Well help is on the way: Celeb trainer and pregnancy fitness expert Andrea Orbeck created 7 postpartum workouts perfect for getting YOU back into shape -- starting with your belly! Check out these simple but effective exercises in this slideshow.

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    News flash: It’s not just celebs that get hacked! Since the iPhone 6 is making its long-awaited debut and Jennifer Lawrence is trending thanks to her recent naked photo leak, digital privacy is once again a concern.

    The reality is that most of us think that we're practicing "safe text" if we have managed to install a password on our phones, but with apparent "thunderstorms" in the "Cloud" and other digital info drips, can you really be sure that the saucy pic you just sent your significant other will be seen by his eyes only?  

    Well, the only surefire way to ensure you never get "violated" online is to not engage (i.e., the cyber equivalent of "just say no"). However, in this day and age, those who somehow inexplicably aren't glued to their favorite sites and social networks will just get left behind. A better bet? Learn to work it, but go in armed with some smarts about how to protect yourself.

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    Some of the best news to come out of the NFL this season isn't regarding a touchdown or slick tackle. It won't even be about the underdog crushing the undefeated team or if Joe Quarterback broke some record. It's about a team re-signing someone they just cut.

    The Cincinnati Bengals had cut Devon Still, a defensive tackle, after he was unable to attend many team activities and offseason camp. His reason, however, was because his 4-year-old daughter Leah is battling stage-four pediatric cancer and he needed to be by her side. No job means no health insurance for Leah who needs treatments, so the team found another job for Still so he can retain insurance.

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    There are people in certain professions that we only really hear about when they do something awful. Like teachers. When do we hear, "Today Mrs. Lawson kept her cool while 25 bratty kids acted up around her"? And then there are police officers. Whoo boy. Yes, we hear about them when one of them does something egregious, and unfortunately, there are many, many examples of that. And we should. But what about those cops who, well, do serve and protect? Above and beyond the call of duty? Thankfully, one deputy officer who did do something wonderful is now being recognized -- and it's all thanks to a former homeless man.

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    There are rumblings that Beyonce and Jay Z are having some issues with their marriage. I personally refuse to believe these divorce rumors are so. Even Jay Z's supposed mistress is saying nothing happened in her song Sorry Mrs. Carter. (Say what?!)

    But there is so much gossip about Jayonce and their love that even the most devout lovers of the Jay and Bey love are questioning everything. Beyonce has come to the rescue! She's helping us see the truth behind it all. She's taken to Instagram to make a "statement" -- one you must see to understand.

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    Saving for the future is always important -- and never more so than when you have children.

    But much like dieting or exercising, setting money aside may be good for you but isn't always easy or fun. Most people would rather talk about the next hot stock pick than about their will, notes Jeff Romond, president of St. George Financial Partners.

    But establishing a solid financial foundation should be a top priority when you're a parent. Even with the best intentions, it can be hard to figure out where to funnel those funds with so many choices available. But not to worry! We've broken it down for you. (You're welcome.)

    Here are 3 accounts every parent should have

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    There's insomnia. And then there's "momsomnia." I think you know what I'm talking about. It's that special kind of sleep disorder moms get that comes from routinely being awakened by a baby, then a toddler, then a preschooler, then for crying out loud even your 10-year-old -- does it never end?!? And when that's not happening, you're lying awake reviewing your giant to-do list and worrying about everything from grades to buying new shoes again.

    You're having trouble sleeping because your life is extremely challenging. But you need plenty of sleep to handle your extremely challenging life. What's a mom to do?

    We talked with Dr. Ronald Kotler, medical director of the Pennsylvania Hospital Sleep Disorders Center and author of 365 Ways to Get a Good Night's Sleep, for tips on dealing with insomnia.

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