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    Since the beginning of Juan Pablo Galavis' stint as el Bachelor, we've known one thing about Nikki Ferrell: girl can't dance. Luckily, she can laugh at her own two left feet and was always willing to try, because suave JP likes to get his bonafide baile on!

    In case you need reminders: back on their group date in South Korea, Nikki let Kat take the lead and bust the moves, while she danced in the back line. And on her ABC questionnaire, she was  asked what her preferred style of dancing was, to which she replied: "Is drunk dancing a type?" Yes. It most definitely is.

    But as insecure and  it turns out that she'll have to step her dancing game way up because Juan Pablo recently tweeted that the they will be participating in a charity dance party!

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    Wow, in Housewives land, Kenya Moore took center stage, whether she was crying over her dog, waving a magic wand in Porsha Stewart's face on the reunion preview, or teaming up with Kate Gosselin. We have the return of Orange County with new blood, the Beverly Hills ladies on New York, and the Dalai Lama. Well, not really.

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    This week, I witnessed a couple’s first kiss ever on their wedding day. I almost felt voyeuristic curled up on my couch watching Erin Bates and Chad Paine go at it on 19 Kids & Counting. The pressure! There were cameras and 1,000 guests at their wedding. They could have knocked noses. Did they discuss the whole tongue or no tongue issue beforehand? Oh, Erin, I would probably annoy you over coffee.

    The whole Duggar family plus Jessa’s G-rated love interest, Ben Seewald, and his mom traveled to Tennessee for the nuptials. Jessa is slacking now that she’s in a courtship. Her responsibilities are falling on Jinger who took it in stride packing for all of the younger kids. OMG. I thought packing for my son was tough!

    Jim Bob used the 12-hour bus ride to ask Ben 21 questions, including, “What kind of girl have you been praying for your whole life?” Ben mentioned love of the Lord before looks. This guy is cool under pressure. I think Jim Bob is impressed.

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    The latest season of Teen Mom 2 may be over, but Dr. Drew and his crew are resurrecting the drama and highlights from all of season 5. That's right, it's reunion time! Tonight's episode features Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer, as well as their respective husbands and baby daddies, discussing all the goings-on. And boy, was there heavy stuff.

    Kailyn has faced domestic violence in the past and has hit Javi on-camera before. So when Dr. Drew asked if they've had any difficulties, she revealed that she slapped Javi across the face just the night before the reunion! Apparently, the two were arguing over Jo bringing Isaac back to their house and Kailyn took her anger out on her husband. She was clearly embarrassed and sorry for the outburst and agreed that therapy would help.

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    If you asked any random Real Housewives of New York fan who they thought was crazier, Heather Thomson or Aviva Drescher, I'd put my money on them saying Aviva. Because, well, she is. But what Heather did on Tuesday's episode of RHONY was just in bad taste and only helped Aviva's "I'm the victim" case.

    Shortly after Aviva and Heather had their make-up pow-wow that, let's be honest, didn't involve much making up at all, Heather invited Aviva to her 10-year anniversary party as a peace offering -- to which Aviva said yes. But then the day before the party, Heather texted Aviva (texted her!) to uninvite her, because she felt that it was "too soon" and not a good place for them to move forward with their friendship. And adding insult to injury, she punctuated her text with "holla!"

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    From the moment he first appeared on 16 and Pregnant, we could all tell that Chelsea Houska's baby daddy, Adam Lind, was bad news. And after multiple DUI convictions, an inferno car crash, and plenty of disagreements over daughter Aubree, the dude is not proving us wrong. But last year, Adam's girlfriend Taylor Halbur gave birth to his second daughter, Paislee, and things were starting to look up ...

    Except, hold up! The duo split just last week after Paislee's momma couldn't put up with Adam's "lack of maturity." And now, it seems that the convicted drunk driver is trying to bash his second baby mama.

    A source close to Adam says that he broke up with Taylor because of her drinking. Ahem, pot, please meet kettle.

    And thankfully, Taylor is having none of it:

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    With the latest season of Teen Mom 2 ending last week, we didn't have to wait too long for our next 16 and Pregnant round to begin. The latest season started tonight with Maddy, a rising high school junior from Tinley Park, Illinois.

    Sixteen-year-old Maddy lives with her mom, brother, sister, and baby half-sister (Maddy's mom gave birth three months before Maddy did) and has been an active athlete in school. But things took a turn for the much, much worse when she broke up with her boyfriend and went looking for a rebound. After finding Cody online, and after only an hour of knowing each other, the two hooked up, and boom, Maddy was pregnant.

    That's right. They only knew each other for an hour before Maddy got pregnant. Is that a 16 and Pregnant record? Can anyone tell me?

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    They may have said they wanted to keep their post-Bachelor romance private, but Nikki Ferrell is sharing some pretty intimate details about their bedroom activity. She recently tweeted her biggest complaint about Juan Pablo Galavis between the sheets and it's a total shocker. Apparently, it doesn't matter that he's young and fit. The former pro soccer player has a problem that lot of men suffer with.

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    Tonight's Teen Mom 2 episode marked the finale of season 5, and we're left with plenty of drama as we await the official announcement about season 6.

    Jenelle and Nathan's relationship took yet another dark turn in today's installment. The two have been arguing more and more ever since Nathan quit his job selling timeshares. One night, they got into a major fight about money, during which the neighbors called the police, and Jenelle was arrested for breaching the peace. All in front of Jace, mind you. Her boo was quick to bail her out, but the arrest could possibly violate Jenelle's probation. Remember how the girl got 18 months unsupervised probation for her narcotics possession charges? Well, it turns out that since Janelle is only five months into the probation, the judge could consider her latest arrest a violation and throw her in jail for the remaining 13 months. Ruh-roh!

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    He loves her, he loves her not. Make up your mind, Juan Pablo. Bachelor fans around the world had a slight panic attack when rumors broke that JP finally admitted he's in love with his girlfriend, Nikki Ferrell. But not so fast -- apparently those adorable photos of them flirting and hanging out at wedding chapels were all for show.

    So apparently a reporter caught up with the reality couple when they were in Vegas recently and asked about the L-word. And Juan Pablo's response? "There's no need to rush into anything."

    Wait ... but, wait ... WHAT?

    Face palm.

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