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    This week on The Real Deal, a prop was necessary. I had to go there as an homage to The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast members Kenya MoorePorsha Williams, and the fight that keeps on giving. But what did Andy Cohen have to do with it? And WHAT about Orange County's Vicki Gunvalson's hidden boyfriend? This week I examine True ToriDance MomsCelebrity Apprentice, and ALL the Housewives, past and present.

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    Josiah Duggar, the practical joker with a never-ending stash of candy, is now a high school graduate! He’s the eighth Duggar to earn his diploma, but you wouldn’t know it by the size of the celebration in his honor on 19 Kids & Counting. Yes, it was a DIY party ... and it was impressive.

    More than 400 people gathered to celebrate Josiah’s achievement. I still can’t get over how organized the Duggars are and how willing the kids are to help out (no eye-rolls, no attitudes, no push back). Basically, I feel like a failure as a parent watching them every week. My teenager expertly avoided unloading the dishwasher today. My toddler told me I was a “meanie” before he stormed off to bed tonight. Anyway ...

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    On tonight's second part of the Teen Mom 2 reunion, Chelsea Houska was praised for many things. She's a good parent to little Aubree, she completed school, she's more independent, and she's the only mom from her season who has not gone on to have a second child.

    She is, however, clearly not 100 percent over her ex because, as we found out, the duo has recently hooked up yet again.

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    So far on this season of The Real Housewives of New York, Ramona Singer has kept a fairly low-profile. Mainly, because she was in Africa for a few episodes, but still -- when we did see her, she seemed ... subdued. Not anymore! The old Turle Time-loving Ramona is back! And she and Aviva Drescher are neck-and-neck for nuttiest Housewife on the block.

    Okay, let's get real here: At this point, Aviva is the un-dethronable Queen of Crazy Town, USA.

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    Juan Pablo Galavis may love poking fun and outright bashing the media for getting his story wrong, so it's good he's been telling us how he feels in his own way. The former Bachelor took to Twitter late last week to express where his heart really is when it comes to Nikki Ferrell. Only the next day, she too made a public declaration ...

    Check out their telling tweets:

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    We've seen our fair share of deadbeat dads throughout the years on 16 and Pregnant and even on Teen Mom. But none were as shocking and astounding as Autumn's baby daddy, Dustin.

    Tonight's episode featured Autumn, a 16-year-old sophomore from Richmond, Virginia. She and her boyfriend Dustin (who spent the entire episode clad only in a camouflage sweatshirt and a bright orange frayed cap) have been dating for a year and spending every day and night together. Despite her mother's warnings and pleas, and even after she recently saw her 18-year-old sister give birth, Autumn got pregnant. 

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    There have been rumors going around for quite some time now about whether or not Teen Mom 2 will have a sixth season, something fans are obviously hoping for.

    A couple of weeks ago, an insider said that MTV was definitely going for another round with Kailyn Lowry, Jenelle Evans, Chelsea Houska, and Leah Calvert. Ratings are so darn high, they'd be crazy to cancel the show at the height of its popularity. And now we finally have the truth on whether or not season 6 is actually going to happen, thanks to one of the members of the cast. 

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    Without official teams, partners, or rivals, everyone on The Challenge: Free Agents is solo this season. Well, only if we're talking about the actual game. Because romantically, it seems like everyone has paired off at the start of episode two.

    Dustin had promised his ex, Heather (with whom he appeared on VH1's Couples Therapy), that he wouldn't hook up with anyone on this season. Then in walks Jessica, and he can't possibly remember his vow.

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    In what might just be the cruelest reality television prank (forget Punk'd and Joe Millionaire), Fox has officially released the trailer for their newest reality dating show: I Wanna Marry Harry.

    Harry, of course, is none other than Prince Harry. Well, at least that's what the unsuspecting ladies are led to believe. In reality, he's a paid British actor named Matthew Hicks, whose sole job is to pretend to be royal and schmooze a dozen ladies. Not a bad job, huh?

    The show is produced by the same man who did Joe Millionaire, so we're definitely sensing a bit of a theme here. But this time, they've really stepped their hoax game up. Check it out:

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    This is something all of us have wondered at one point or another, so don't even try and act like you haven't been at all curious. Even though they aren't living in mansions or anything remotely close, we have to assume the Teen Mom 2 stars are getting paid well by MTV -- or at least they should be based on how high ratings are for the show.

    And while nobody knows the exact number, a fan on Twitter speculated that Jenelle Evans pulls in $100,000 per season, which isn't a bad chunk of cash in exchange for letting camera crews follow you around to capture all your drama. As is only fitting, Jenelle responded to the fan -- and what she had to say may surprise you. (I was a little shocked.)

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