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    It was just last year that Miley Cyrus started a worldwide media frenzy with her twerking debut at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. And on this year's show, she once again made headlines, but for a completely different reason. When Jimmy Fallon announced that Miley's "Wrecking Ball" had won Video of the Year, she passed on making an acceptance speech. Instead, Miley sent Jesse, a former homeless teen, to deliver an emotional speech about the rising issue of youth homelessness.

    Studies have shown that there are over 1.6 million homeless youths in the country today. They're children who have left home, were removed from homes, or who have been kicked out by guardians. And Jesse's story is one of many. Take a look at his powerful statements:

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    By now most moms have heard the phrase "breast is best." The virtues of breastfeeding are renowned the world over. But even in a country where more than 79 percent of babies have moms who start out breastfeeding, it turns out there's plenty nursing mothers don't know about breastfeeding.

    Take the science on how breastfeeding affects boys ... as opposed to girls. Or what nursing a newborn will do to your sleep (no, really, this one will shock you!). For some fun nursing trivia (you know, if you're ever caught in that sort of game), get a load of these eight surprising facts about breastfeeding:

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    So, your mom and in-laws have taken over your wedding planning and are threatening to turn it into a three-ring circus? Instead of cursing them beneath your breath and fighting them every step of the (chocolate waterfall) way, a new study suggests you should probably be grateful to them for turning your intimate affair into one filled with 300-plus guests whom you wouldn't know if you passed them on the street.

    According to a report from the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia, couples who have a large, formal wedding are more likely to be happy together later on in life. The authors of the study tracked 418 couples for five years from the date they tied the knot. After half a decade, it was discovered those who threw big weddings perceived themselves to be "happy" and thought less about splitting up when times got tough. Are you ordering 100 more invitations and going for the lobster?

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    Yes, motherhood is a feat unto itself. But sometimes we just have to marvel at moms who accomplish stunts so far from the norm, it's astonishing their stories are true. If you've ever wondered how old a mom can be to give birth, how many babies one mom can have, how long labor can last, or hear some other unbelievable stories from the extreme horizons of parenthood, get a load of these world record-breaking moms below. They will alter everything you thought you knew about what's humanly possible, for moms or otherwise.

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    I live in New York City, and with a growing family, my husband and I fantasize regularly about moving to the country -- this amazing, mythic place where our daughter could go to bed listening to crickets rather than car horns, play in the grass rather than on hard asphalt… ahhh. And yet, here we sit, in our crumby, cramped apartment. It turns out we may subconsciously know what's good for us: A lot of science says there are many advantages to raising kids in the city. Here are seven reasons that make me glad I'm raising a city kid.

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    The first few months of a newborn's life are critical in establishing breastfeeding practices. And there's some good news out there according to a new "breastfeeding map of America." Some 77 percent of U.S. infants begin breastfeeding!

    Now for the bad news: the number of mothers who are still breastfeeding exclusively for the first six months -- the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics -- drops significantly. So where do moms have the best chance of making it to that six-month mark? Where do they have the lowest chance? Using data from the CDC, the map shows us where moms are faring well at nursing ... and where they're not.

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    Still don't know if you want to circumcise your son? Better decide fast! A new study published in JAMA Pediatrics says complications with circumcisions are very low in infant boys, but increase greatly after their first birthday! 

    Researchers found that less than .5 percent of boys had complications with their circumcisions when it was performed within their first year. Good news, right? But get this -- the risk was 20 times greater when the procedure was done after they turned 1.

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    Bullying happens to about half of all children at some point in their lives. And at least 10 percent of kids experience it on a regular basis. It happens on playgrounds, in the hallways, and on countless social media sites daily.

    Sure parents worry, but often we think our kids will get over it once that day, or week, or school year passes. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Bullying extends far beyond adolescence and can have lasting effects on your child's future relationships, health, and well-being. "Bullying is something that can change someone's life trajectory for years and years to come," says William Copeland, MD, an Associate Professor at the Duke University School of Medicine.

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    How many times have you thought: "I'll just plop the kid down on the couch, let him watch TV, and I'll finally have a moment to breathe"? It's easy, after all. They're entertained and you get to enjoy some peaceful moments. Sorry, Mom, but you might have to find a new way to get some me time.

    Even though we're constantly surrounded by TVs, computers, the Internet, video games, and our phones and tablets, their negative effects far outweigh the good.

    From developmental delays to health and mental illnesses, too much time spent in front of screens has been found to cause lifelong harm to children. Especially when they consume far more than the recommended two hours daily.

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    Every pregnant woman knows her diet is crucial in providing nutrients to an unborn baby's growth and development. What you eat now could affect a baby well beyond pregnancy -- in fact, a recent study done at the University of Manitoba's dental school in Winnipeg found that women's low levels of vitamin D during pregnancy led to a higher risk of cavities in toddlers.

    And get this -- researchers found that about a third of women have vitamin D levels that were far too low. That's a lot of moms!

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