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    The first few months of a newborn's life are critical in establishing breastfeeding practices. And there's some good news out there according to a new "breastfeeding map of America." Some 77 percent of U.S. infants begin breastfeeding!

    Now for the bad news: the number of mothers who are still breastfeeding exclusively for the first six months -- the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics -- drops significantly. So where do moms have the best chance of making it to that six-month mark? Where do they have the lowest chance? Using data from the CDC, the map shows us where moms are faring well at nursing ... and where they're not.

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    Still don't know if you want to circumcise your son? Better decide fast! A new study published in JAMA Pediatrics says complications with circumcisions are very low in infant boys, but increase greatly after their first birthday! 

    Researchers found that less than .5 percent of boys had complications with their circumcisions when it was performed within their first year. Good news, right? But get this -- the risk was 20 times greater when the procedure was done after they turned 1.

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    Bullying happens to about half of all children at some point in their lives. And at least 10 percent of kids experience it on a regular basis. It happens on playgrounds, in the hallways, and on countless social media sites daily.

    Sure parents worry, but often we think our kids will get over it once that day, or week, or school year passes. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Bullying extends far beyond adolescence and can have lasting effects on your child's future relationships, health, and well-being. "Bullying is something that can change someone's life trajectory for years and years to come," says William Copeland, MD, an Associate Professor at the Duke University School of Medicine.

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    How many times have you thought: "I'll just plop the kid down on the couch, let him watch TV, and I'll finally have a moment to breathe"? It's easy, after all. They're entertained and you get to enjoy some peaceful moments. Sorry, Mom, but you might have to find a new way to get some me time.

    Even though we're constantly surrounded by TVs, computers, the Internet, video games, and our phones and tablets, their negative effects far outweigh the good.

    From developmental delays to health and mental illnesses, too much time spent in front of screens has been found to cause lifelong harm to children. Especially when they consume far more than the recommended two hours daily.

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    Every pregnant woman knows her diet is crucial in providing nutrients to an unborn baby's growth and development. What you eat now could affect a baby well beyond pregnancy -- in fact, a recent study done at the University of Manitoba's dental school in Winnipeg found that women's low levels of vitamin D during pregnancy led to a higher risk of cavities in toddlers.

    And get this -- researchers found that about a third of women have vitamin D levels that were far too low. That's a lot of moms!

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    Trips to the emergency room are nightmarish, to say the least. Between the stresses of a sick or injured child and the overwhelming environment of a constantly bustling ER, parents have enough to worry about when they arrive. But it turns out that parents have a whole slew of other things to keep in mind during these trips. A recent study, published in the medical journal Pediatrics, found that ER doctors continue to prescribe codeine to children, despite the potentially harmful effects.

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    Ever wonder how popular your baby's name has been over the years? Or where in the U.S. it's been most popular? A new interactive baby names map will show you how the popularity of your kids' names have spread across the U.S. over time. All you do is plug in the name, and you'll see through shifting shades of color where that name was most popular and when. The results may surprise you!

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    How do you feel about how much your kids' teachers get paid? The average annual salary for teachers in the U.S. is $56,383. But when you look at teachers' salaries state-by-state, you'll see some states pay a lot less -- and others pay a lot more.

    Here are the states with the top five highest-paid teachers and the states with the bottom lowest average teacher's salaries. (Including Washington, D.C.) What do you think -- are we getting our money's worth? Do you think your state's teachers are overpaid? Or are they underpaid? Do you think students learn better when their teachers are paid better, or do you think the two are unrelated?

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    Is a family that prays together really one that stays together? According to Tom Ellis, former chairman of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Council on the Family, famously claimed that "born-again Christian couples who marry ... in the church after having received premarital counseling ... and attend church regularly and pray daily together ... experience only 1 divorce out of nearly 39,000 marriages." Judging from new findings, that bold assertion couldn't be further from the truth.

    Instead, research by the Barna Research Group shows that American divorce rates are highest among Baptists and nondenominational “Bible-believingChristians and lower among more theologically liberal Christians like Methodists. Guess who has the lowest divorce rates? Atheists! Yes, those same heathens who don't even believe there IS a higher power approving of our unions or encouraging us to get hitched.

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    What type of person are you? Are you the kind who hikes to the top of the Andes, pauses for a moment, and takes it all in? Or are you the type who hikes to the top of the Andes and takes out your phone to immediately post a photo to Facebook or Instagram -- not to say "look how beautiful it is up here" but to say "look what I'm doing right now"? If you're the latter, you're weird. And that's not me saying that, it's a study. New research shows that people who are constantly posting photos to Facebook have issues maintaining relationships in real life.

    Wow, this is surprising. Said no one ever.

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