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    A high school senior with some mega guts got the memory of a lifetime, and he only was suspended three days for it. The Pennsylvania teen heard that Miss America was coming to Central York High School, so he made a plan.

    During the question and answer session, Patrick Farves asked Nina Davuluri if she would go to the prom with him. Then he got suspended for asking her to the prom, which was (in my humble opinion) way harsh, but totally worth it.

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    Easter egg hunts are an exciting part of this month -- many schools, churches, and communities host them, bringing families together for some fun. But one Easter egg hunt in Michigan turned out a little sinister. 

    At Huron Park Elementary, preschoolers took part in one of those plastic egg hunts and inside one of those eggs, a mom found Alprazolam, which is generic Xanex.

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    Newsflash! Some people just need to lighten up, seriously. 

    Francis Schmidt is a teacher of art and animation at Bergen Community College in New Jersey. He did something so not outrageous and so not threatening that the aftermath seems not just unjust, but silly. Mr. Schmidt posted a photo of his 7-year-old daughter wearing a Game of Thrones T-shirt and he was suspended from his job. What? Huh? And no, this is not some kind of joke. This really happened.

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    So, this happened. A class of fourth graders in El Paso, Texas, received a rather questionable homework assignment. In an exercise of reading comprehension, the students were asked to read about a certain scenario and then give their opinion on what went down.

    Now, there are so many different ways an educator could present a story to students -- like a tale of kids playing in a park or the Easter Bunny finding a child's home. But no, this particular teacher used the scenario of a mother finding a hairclip that was not hers in her marital bed, leading to the assumption that her husband had cheated on her. Yes, that! The story presented to the kids as homework read like this:

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    In her new book, The Kind Mama, Alicia Silverstone covers everything from her pregnancy to her beliefs on circumcision and vaccination. Though the book has only been out for two days, it's already got tongues wagging, as does a recent interview the famous vegan actress did with People about her parenting philosophies, in which she says she's "not against Western medicine. The problem is we’re using it as a first step for everything, even when it’s not needed."

    Alicia deserves applause for bravely putting that sentiment out there! She's right: We are far too quick to jump to conventional medicine "fixes" -- which can be disappointingly closer to temporary bandages than true cures -- for too many of our ailments.

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    I still clearly remember those moments when I was 7 years old, and Dad would let me drive his car. Granted, it was in the driveway and he'd be pushing the pedals. My "driving" was limited to holding onto the wheel and maybe lying on the horn for far too long. But one dad in Colorado has recently posted a video of himself and his 6-year-old kid taking a joyride on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

    It all seems somewhat fine and dandy (the child is sitting in front of the driver though, which is a big no-no) until the dad suddenly takes his hands off the handlebars and instructs his son to take over. Watch this:

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    Ask anyone from La Leche League and they'll tell you that boobs and children simply don't mix. Yes, you bet I'm being extremely sarcastic right now, but one Disneyland worker would definitely argue in favor of keeping our womanly assets well hidden if we want to enjoy the happiest place on Earth. He even went as far as scolding a mom for letting her cleavage peek out!

    Melissa Behnken was enjoying a day at the theme park with her Marine husband and three kids when an elderly male Disneyland worker reportedly approached her and told her she needed to "pull her top up." When she asked him if he was serious, he replied, "This is a family park. You are showing too much."

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    Even though they've been broken up for quite some time now, most of us assumed at some point they'd reconcile and everything would be all hunky-dory again. But according to a new report on Hollywood Life, Robert Pattinson is done with Kristen Stewart for good -- and he ain't ever looking back.

    No ... like he's REALLY ready to cut ties with her for real this time. (I know. Hard to believe.)

    A source insists, "Rob is beyond ready to cut the cord with Kristen. They were definitely in love, but the relationship has run its course and he is ready to move on."

    Uhh. What exactly does that mean?!?

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    Cleaning your engagement ring is probably the furthest thing from your mind when you first slip that gorgeous sucker onto your eagerly awaiting finger. You are too mesmerized by this symbol of love. How it sparkles, how it shines! No one can blame you for looking at it as though you're a magpie, or as if it's the One True Ring, and you are as deeply smitten with it as Gollum before you.

    Wearing that sparkly jewel every day takes it toll -- though not in a way that really hurts your stone! Diamonds are made to withstand almost anything. But even diamonds get dirty. Why do you think there are so many different types of cleaners on the market? Just go to Amazon and type in 'ring cleaner' and you'll see what I mean.

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    We all have our personal wishes on who should be the next Bachelor or Bachelorette. Naturally, so does Chris Harrison, who shocked some by saying he thought his ex-wife would make a great Bachelorette. I think he's on to something there -- I'd nominate my ex-husband to be on The Bachelor ... as long as they made absolutely sure he had women on the show with the best intentions. She could be a potential stepmother to my kids. Personal desires aside ... let's talk more about what Chris Harrison wants; since he's the host, perhaps his wishes could come true. And I'm not just talking about his wife being the next Bachelorette.

    Harrison said he wants the next Bachelor to be ... who I would guess is most of America's choice for the next Bachelor. Can you guess?

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