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    Just because you made a baby does NOT mean you are in a position to get married to the mother or father of your baby -- especially if you are 15 years old. That's the message some Florida lawmakers are putting out there by moving to ban marriage for teens 15 or younger.

    According to state records, there were a whopping 110 marriages involving kids 16 and younger in Florida last year -- which just seems bonkers, regardless of whether these couples had children or not. If the law passes, Florida would be one of 10 states -- including Alabama, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Montana, Nebraska, Oregon, North Dakota, Vermont, and Wisconsin -- that already oppose marriage for children 16 and younger. But that's not going far enough.

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    You know what I'm getting really sick and tired of? My kid coming home from school and telling me that his entire class was penalized in some way, shape, or form because one or a few of the students in his class acted out.

    I swear, at least once a week, he gets off the bus and tells me how his day was kind of a bummer because his class was forced to stay in for recess. Or be silent during lunch. Or any other sort of lame punishment -- all because of the actions of one, two, three, etc., students who couldn't seem to keep their behavior in check that day.

    Seriously -- what is up with teachers and other school staff punishing kids when they didn't do anything wrong? Are they just really bored or fed up or ... what?!?

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    Skinny jeans are a wardrobe staple for me. There was a time I was more of a bell bottom girl. I went through a boot cut phase. And once upon a time, I wore wide leg skater pants. There was even a time I hated jeans and only wore dresses and leggings because most jeans didn't fit my body type and this was before stretch denim. But now I love skinny jeans. That's probably an understatement. I think I love them most because ... well ... because of shoes. I love shoes. And the best way to wear the shoes I love is with a skinny jean. Ankle boots. Wedge sandals. Heels. Knee-high boots with jeans tucked in, easily. All these shoes work best with skinny jeans.

    And that's why I love them. I also find them irresistibly comfortable and they work with my tunic top kind of style. I thought every woman should wear them. Because of their tightness and stretch, they are essentially like much warmer leggings in denim form. But so many women hate them. And I mean HATE.

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    It is a big week for pregnant women in America. A BIG week. A court in one of the nation's biggest states (by population anyway) has ruled that moms can now ban dad from the delivery room!

    Got that? No matter what he says; if you don't want him in there watching you push his baby into the world, he doesn't get in.

    Greatest court ruling ever? Not so fast.

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    Even though cursive writing, or script, seems to have gone the way of the telegraph in recent years, some states -- including, most recently, Tennessee -- are working to try and preserve it. A bill is about to go before their state House that would make it mandatory for children to learn how to write in script at school, most likely in the third grade. One lawmaker, who is also a teacher, was reportedly inspired to write the bill after he discovered only about half of all children in the state could read a teacher's writing if he or she wrote in cursive. The move is a step in the right direction -- now if only every state would jump on the script bandwagon.

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    Maci Bookout is taking a little break from mommying her adorable son Bentley at the Spring Break Capital, aka Florida’s Daytona Beach. Hey, girlfriend has earned it. She’s one of the Teen Mom alums that has always seemed to have it a little (or a lot) more together than her costars.

    Anyway, the gorgeous redhead ditched both her boys (boyfriend Taylor McKinny wasn’t invited either) to spend some time with her girlfriends, just having fun in the sun and generally relaxing and probably enjoying a cocktail or two. And by that I probably mean shots of the bar, because hi, it’s Spring Break in Daytona.

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    If you haven't seen the video of a young mother falling asleep on a Philadelphia city bus yet, prepare to get angry. Shot by a fellow bus passenger, the video shows a mom who appears to be addicted to drugs doing what police refer to as heroin nod while her young daughter tries desperately to wake her up. YouTube viewers are demanding en masse for the mother to have her child taken away from her, and the video surely makes it seem like this woman is unfit to care for her kid.

    But is the alleged drug addict mother the biggest monster on the SEPTA bus? Let's talk, for just a second, about this video.

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    Women have complicated relationships with each other. Any girl who has gone through middle school knows this. One day, someone is your best friend. The next, you are persona non grata. Problem is, it's now happening to more and more grownups too. It hurts no matter how old we are, noted Sarah Jessica Parker in a new interview with British Harper's Bazaar. According to the Sex and the City star, women are more cruel to each other now than ever. And she's right. So when did this mean girl behavior become the rule rather than the exception?

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    So, one of the big beauty trends at this month's Fashion Week was the "no mascara" look. And now some fashion sites are wondering if this means mascara is dead...

    To that I say:


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    Anyone who is pregnant and has been subjected to a barrage of tests may have a difficult time understanding the paradox of the following two words: "entertainment ultrasound." Lord knows most procedures and moments associated with pregnancy and childbirth -- aside from that glorious second you finally meet your baby -- aren't a walk in the park. Yet that term could apply to any number of unnecessary ultrasounds that pregnant moms can choose to get, including 3-D fetal videos and sonograms performed at "non-medical clinics" that can tell you your baby's gender quicker than ever before. It's no wonder some doctors are railing against these procedures -- but women should be up in arms about them, as well. 

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