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    Children get into the wildest spots, don't they? They find ways to climb, descend, and scale places and things we could never dream of conquering. But just wait until you hear this story!

    A 24-year-old woman in Lincoln, Nebraska reported her 3-year-old son as missing after she notice that he must have slipped out of the home when she went to the bathroom.

    At the same time, customers at Madsen's Bowling and Billiards restaurant also called the police when they noticed a little boy was stuck the arcade toy claw machine. He was hanging out and playing with the toys. Just having a grand ol' time!

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    She's fooled us into thinking she's done something drastic to her hair in the past, but wait until you see this picture of Kim Kardashian with blunt bangs in an Audrey Hepburn-esque shoot in Paris -- because you're honestly going to wish her new hair was the real deal this time around.

    Um, I hate to admit it, but I can't stop staring at her in these photos. First of all, I'm SO digging the bangs. Sure, they're a little heavy and kind of a big change, but they totally suit her and make her look about five years younger. (Yes, I really think so.) Actually -- I almost had to do a double take when I first saw her, that's how different she looks.

    And how about her adorable retro outfit?!?

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    I am sure the women of the Real Housewives of Atlanta regret a lot of their behavior from the past season. Probably no one more so than Porsha Stewart. Recently, Porsha reportedly attacked castmate Kenya Moore during a reunion taping. That one, rash and violent decision has earned her an arrest warrant.

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    A new video going viral is the subject of much debate and shock. In the clip, a teen in headphones attempts to take a selfie from what he seems to think is a "safe distance" from the train tracks. As the locomotive whizzes by, he's seemingly struck in the head by the train conductor, who stuck his leg out and delivered a swift kick to the teen's head and neck. Whoa.

    Yep, you pretty much just have to see it to believe it ...

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    Move over Queen of Versailles, owner of the biggest house in America. Here's something even more exciting: The most expensive single-family home in the U.S. just sold for $120 million. Known as Copper Beech Farm, this estate sits on the waterfront of tony Greenwich, Connecticut. It includes an enormous, 13,000-square-foot landmark house that was built over 100 years ago, so you can't even call it a tacky McMansion. I mean, you could if you wanted to just because you're being eaten alive by your envy, but that would be inaccurate.

    Would you like to see what a $120 million house looks like? Well get ready to see that and more, because this property isn't just about the house. There's much, much more. Let's sneak in and have a look, shall we?

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    Whether you love them or hate them, one thing's for sure -- it's getting harder and harder to deny that Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis are definitely a couple in some sense of the word. I can't even believe I'm going to say this, but I'm kind of over the theory that they're faking their romance in an effort to extend their 15 minutes of fame.

    I mean, even though they've pulled a few paid appearances out of their Bachelor stardom, they still aren't talking to the media about their relationship, which has to count for something. But after seeing a tweet Nikki posted about enjoying her freedom, it's tough not to wonder if life in her (small) spotlight is going to catch up with her.

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    Tamra Judge's custody battle with her ex Simon Barney has hit a new low courtesy of the last person you'd ever expect. She might be the star of a T.V. show, but the drama is definitely more epic in Tamra's personal life these days. She's been fighting awful allegations made by her former hubby in his bid to gain sole custody of their three children. But it isn't just Simon. Now Tamra's 15-year-old daughter Sidney is speaking up on Twitter.

    Simon says (lol) that Tamra neglects the children, forgetting to feed and bathe them when they stay with her (not lol). Tamra has struck back on social media about these claims, which she calls lies. She also struck back at Radar Online who broke the story, posting a picture of her family on vacation to her Facebook page with a snide message in the caption directed at the site.

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    Prepare to get goosebumps all over. In a scenario plucked straight out of a horror film, one Texas family tucked their 2-year-old boy in his crib for the night and retreated to their own bedroom on the first floor, confident that he would be safe and secure until breakfast time. Imagine their horror when they woke up the next day, checked the video footage from a surveillance camera they had set up in their son's nursery, and discovered that an intruder had broken into their home and had spent a full five minutes creepily entering and exiting the toddler's room and hovering over his crib to stare at him. And mom and dad slept through the whole thing!

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    If you want to spot every celebrity currently walking the earth, all you have to do is fly to California, throw on the tiniest denim cut-offs you can find (extra points if they're fringed), and attend Coachella -- the hottest music festival in the history of music festivals. The 3-day event is heaven for famous people, who use it as an opportunity to mingle among the common people -- yeah, right -- and, more importantly, show off insane outfits and accessories that would get them laughed at by Joan Rivers if they tried to wear them anywhere outside of the Colorado Desert.

    Celebs may think time and good taste stand still while they're dancing their butts off at Coachella (cough, cough Leonardo DiCaprio), but we know better. And we're here to harshly judge the 10 outrageous looks these celebrities attempted to pull off at this year's festival.

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    Huh. Looks like somebody is missing living her life in the spotlight, or at least that's probably why Catherine Lowe wants to be on Dancing With the Stars -- and she's not being shy about letting everyone know.

    While watching the show last night, she took to Twitter to join the conversation surrounding the performances -- and she wasn't at all subtle about putting her wishes out there.

    Seriously, I can't decide if this is sweet, lame, or really, really desperate.

    Get a load of her tweet.

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