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    There are rumors circulating that Michael Jackson's daughter Paris Jackson is pregnant. She's 16. The reason is because she was seen drinking water from a wine glass, so naturally that implies she skipped the wine because she's pregnant. This is a sign that people are quick to jump to the wrong conclusions and not just think that she's having water from a wine glass simply because she's 16. The last restaurant I ate at served their water in a wine glass by the way.

    To add to the rumor, some are saying that Paris is big around the middle, so it must be a belly bump. This infuriates me because everyone is staring at her belly and making assumptions. Spreading rumors about a 16-year-old.

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    If you have, or have ever been, a teenager, you know that peers are the most important people in their world. That’s who they turn to for advice, for help, for answers to life’s questions. After all, parents are way too out-of-touch to even begin to understand anything!

    One in four teens has misused or abused a prescription drug at least once in their lifetime, according to research from the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. The CDC is calling prescription drug use an epidemic, as more Americans now die from overdoses than in car crashes! And it’s a good bet that not many of the teenagers with drug problems are talking to their parents.

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    Studies show that kids -- even teenagers -- begin to emulate what they see on TV. Kids tend to watch TV shows and think that this is how real life is supposed to be. It sets their expectations of what is normal. I understand it may happen in some circles, but I really hope deviant sexuality, rampant drug use, and naked dating are not normal ... even in southern California. Do our TV shows reflect real life, or are the real lives of our children and teens beginning to reflect what they see on TV?

    I grew up in the 1980s and 1990s. The glory days of televised amazingness ... at least, the way I remember it.

    MacGyver. The A-Team. Family Ties. The Cosby Show. Growing Pains. 

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    Kids are money pits. There is no doubt about it. Kids start tearing through their parents' money the second they start growing in your body and you have to buy a whole new wardrobe that you'll only wear for half a year. And they don't stop until sometime after college.

    Hey mom and dad? If you're reading this, can I borrow 20 bucks? It's for your grandkids, I swear! Just kidding. I think.

    Anyway, having children is indeed a blessing, but dayum, they will eat a hole in your wallet, especially if you make the biggest, most common financial mistake there is when it comes to child rearing ...

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    On September 11, people all over the country will talk about where they were when those planes hit the towers. They talk about seeing the footage, being fearful, what a national tragedy it was. Then the day passes, and though they don't forget, it's probably not something they think about on a daily basis. But some of us face those reminders every day.

    Each morning, my son and I pass what used to be known as Ground Zero on the way to his school. He's just 6, so he doesn't yet understand what happened there, how many lives were lost, how many families were changed, that it was once a graveyard of twisted steel. No, he's too young for that. But he does ask questions. And while it will be years before he fully comprehends the magnitude of September 11, 2001, here is what I want him to know about that day.

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    When I had my first baby, I expected to be sleep deprived. I knew I would have to kiss my two-hour afternoon coffee/reading breaks at my local cafe buh-bye. I even came to terms with the fact that most of my high-heeled shoes would remain buried in my closet until my child was a wee bit older. But I worked to maintain my beauty regimen. I felt a bizarre obligation as a new mom to prove to the world that personal style needn't die a sudden death the second your baby is born.

    It worked. Anna Wintour would have been proud.

    And then I had my second child. And that's when I realized I'd have to part ways with these 10 beauty and fashion habits and luxuries that I once loved so dearly.

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    Since my children were babies, there's one habit I've had as a working mom that has never changed: I rarely call them during the workday to say hello. This may make me seem like a really crappy mom, but hear me out. 

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    Do you wake up in the morning, French-braid your daughter's hair, volunteer coach at your son's soccer match, feed them an organic, healthy lunch, and still manage to squeeze in a Pilates class, run your "dream business" on the side, and greet your husband with a kiss and yet another home-cooked meal once he's home from work? Yeah, right! The truth is many moms still strive to be perfect parents even when they know these sort of scenarios are but pie in the sky dreams. New research suggests that the huge gap between our ambitions and reality is making new mothers anxious and depressed.

    Carrie Wendel-Hummell, a University of Kansas sociologist, says the anxiety and depression typically blamed on hormones after baby arrives might be something else entirely.

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    Yes, I'm one of those horrible moms who takes her kid to bars. I can't say I'm proud of this, but I'm not exactly ashamed of myself either.

    Let me explain: It all started one evening when a friend called to see if I'd like to meet up for a drink. Only my husband was already out that evening, and I couldn't find a babysitter for my 2-year-old daughter on such short notice. And sitting in my apartment didn't appeal to my pal, who was single and childless.

    Given these limitations, if this drink were to happen -- and after a long day of entertaining my daughter, lord knows I was chomping at the bit for it -- my choice seemed clear: I'd meet my friend at a bar and take my toddler with me.

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    I suppose it's what most little girls dream about: one day finding themselves in the same boat as a princess. Only, for Kate Middleton's sake, I wish her current condition wasn't one she shared with a mere commoner. Word has it the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with baby number two, and she's been stuck in a hospital suffering from a severe morning sickness known in the medical community as hyperemesis gravidarum.

    Been there. Done that. Have the torn up esophagus and acid reflux medication prescription to show for it ... nine full years after my daughter's birth.

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