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    The Bravo series Extreme Guide to Parenting has introduced us to some fascinating folks who parent in all different kinds of ways. Some people may think I'm one of those "extreme" types of parents, so when I heard about the family who practices attachment parenting like I do, I was very intrigued to see how they come across and in particular, how they are received.

    Meet the Axness family -- mama Christian, daddy Nate, and baby Ella. They practice "conscious attachment" which they feel strengthens the emotional and physical bond between parent and child, so they never let the kid out of their sight. Ever.

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    We all know that Kailyn Lowry is a fantastic mama to her two little boys, Isaac and Lincoln. She's definitely a bit on the crunchy side of things and has been an outspoken advocate of breastfeeding, including nursing Linc in public. But is she taking her Super Mom powers too far?

    The Teen Mom 2 star re-tweeted a pic a friend took of her nursing Lincoln on the road, but is breastfeeding a baby in a car seat safe?

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    When I found out I'd given birth to a little girl, my first thought was that my husband would be thrilled to get "his girl." My second was one of relief: someone whose "parts" I get! I can do this!

    Indeed, it made those first few diaper changes easier. It's bound to make conversations about tampons and bras easier too (all in good time). But there's one area where I've struggled. What is my daughter supposed to call the female body parts that we share?

    I know the technical terms. Vagina. Vulva. And despite early hesitance to do so, I've taught them to my now 9-year-old daughter over the years.

    But at 9, she doesn't refer to her vagina or her vulva. Sometimes she says "crotch." Sometimes "cha cha." 

    Go ahead. Laugh. But it's her body. Is it so wrong for her to use silly euphemisms to describe parts of it?

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    A quick haircut or a beard trim may not sound like a big deal to the average adult. All you're doing is polishing up your mug, really. Totally normal. But to your child, the way you look is intrinsic to who you are, so as soon as you change that hair color or completely rework your facial hair, the Mom or Dad they've known since they were born is gone. So when one dad decided to surprise his daughter by shaving his beard during a peekaboo game (catching the whole thing on video), we're not at all surprised she freaked.

    And we mean seriously freaked. What started out as an innocent towel peekaboo game suddenly turned into a delirious screaming fit. You have to see it for yourselves:

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    Kids and bathtime. Depending on the day, it can be a joy or a chore to protect your kid from being that kid (the one with the dirty fingernails, paint on his leg from the day before, a ripe smell only a mom can tolerate without a face mask). If you're having one of those days where your kid fights bathtime on a bedtime level, change it up. 

    Bathtime is often overlooked. We've all just thrown some toys in the tub, taken a seat on the toilet, and let the kid play while we check our smartphones. Ah, mommy time to decompress with a "like" fest. That's okay ... but you will miss out on some real bathtime bonding that will enrich your child's life. Facebook seems less important when it's spun that way, huh? 

    Here are 7 tips for bathtime to build skills that last a lifetime:

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    I had a perfect pregnancy. I gained less than 20 pounds. My baby passed all the pre-natal tests with flying colors. I exercised often, ate well, got plenty of sleep, drank lots of water, and loved the feeling of my baby boy rolling around in my belly. I had but a fleeting moment of morning sickness and had no indigestion and very little discomfort up until the very last days.

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    My sister, who happens to be my best friend, was the first person to find out I was pregnant -- after my husband, of course! She is an interior designer so we immediately started talking about what was most important -- the baby’s nursery. At the time, my husband and I were renting a one-bedroom apartment, but I was sure that in the course of nine months, we’d be living in the lap of luxury, and my baby would have her own room, if not her own wing in our new house.

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    There are rumors circulating that Michael Jackson's daughter Paris Jackson is pregnant. She's 16. The reason is because she was seen drinking water from a wine glass, so naturally that implies she skipped the wine because she's pregnant. This is a sign that people are quick to jump to the wrong conclusions and not just think that she's having water from a wine glass simply because she's 16. The last restaurant I ate at served their water in a wine glass by the way.

    To add to the rumor, some are saying that Paris is big around the middle, so it must be a belly bump. This infuriates me because everyone is staring at her belly and making assumptions. Spreading rumors about a 16-year-old.

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    If you have, or have ever been, a teenager, you know that peers are the most important people in their world. That’s who they turn to for advice, for help, for answers to life’s questions. After all, parents are way too out-of-touch to even begin to understand anything!

    One in four teens has misused or abused a prescription drug at least once in their lifetime, according to research from the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. The CDC is calling prescription drug use an epidemic, as more Americans now die from overdoses than in car crashes! And it’s a good bet that not many of the teenagers with drug problems are talking to their parents.

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    Studies show that kids -- even teenagers -- begin to emulate what they see on TV. Kids tend to watch TV shows and think that this is how real life is supposed to be. It sets their expectations of what is normal. I understand it may happen in some circles, but I really hope deviant sexuality, rampant drug use, and naked dating are not normal ... even in southern California. Do our TV shows reflect real life, or are the real lives of our children and teens beginning to reflect what they see on TV?

    I grew up in the 1980s and 1990s. The glory days of televised amazingness ... at least, the way I remember it.

    MacGyver. The A-Team. Family Ties. The Cosby Show. Growing Pains. 

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