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    I am in love with breastfeeding my 3-week-old newborn. I feel empowered by the fact that he has gained weight because I am fueling him (and myself!) with healthy foods. There are times -- specifically at 3 a.m. -- when I am beyond grateful I can stick a breast in his face and magically cure a fussy spell. Who knew breasts were a lot like baby catnip?!

    But let me be clear about something: I'm also as critical about breastfeeding as I am about anything else a large group of people claim is the bee's knees. Many women who have nursed understand that it doesn't always come naturally. As wonderful as it is, it can also hurt and be exhausting. Add in the fact that there are a few "facts" that are, quite frankly, super difficult to abide by, and -- if you're anything like me -- you may just consider throwing in the breastfeeding towel to preserve your sanity.

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    Alicia Silverstone could be considered a "controversial" Hollywood mom. From her vegan breast milk exchange program to her premastication practice (chewing up her food and spitting it into her baby's mouth), it's safe to say there are some things about her that not everyone's on the same page with. And now Alicia has sent tongues wagging again by saying, in so many words, that she thinks her son will be "sexy" when he's older.

    During an interview on Live! With Kelly & Michael recently, Silverstone was asked where she came up with the unusual name for her son, Bear Blue. "We thought that it would be really cute for a baby and very sexy for a man," the actress said.

    And of course then the Internet freaked out that Alicia would use the word "sexy" when talking about her toddler.

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    It was the Disability Day of Mourning to honor and remember disabled people killed by their parents or caregivers. Vigils were held around the country for people to gather for this purpose. I had been to last year’s vigil and decided to go again this year, but this year I was going to bring my kids. At first, the idea of taking my kids, at least one of whom is autistic, to an event where people would be talking about parents killing their autistic children seemed wildly inappropriate.

    But then I thought about Jack and how he is working to figure himself out and learning about self advocacy and the fact that he is excited to hear about autistic adults. I decided that it was, in fact, a really good idea to take him.

    I prepared all three of my kids for what would happen at the vigil and what they could expect.

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    Rebecca Judd is a gorgeous celebrity you've probably never heard of. She's an Australian "TV presenter" who just had a baby and currently weighs approximately five pounds. Okay, I'm being hyperbolic, but if you look at any photo of Judd, the only proof that she ever had a child is the newborn baby in her arms. She truly has one of the most unbelievable (unattainable) post-pregnancy bodies I've ever seen in my life.

    Wanna know what her (weird) secret is?

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    The lovely and extremely likable Drew Barrymore is currently expecting her second child in a few months. The actress gave birth to a daughter, the insanely adorable Olive Barrymore Kopelman, last September. Right now, Drew's excited, glowing, and can't wait to give her little cutie a sibling.

    Also, Drew just had her second baby shower. Is that a little weird?

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    It's a gloriously summer-feeling spring evening and the setting sun has filled the street with golden light. There are five -- no, six, seven? I can't keep count, they're moving too quickly -- little boys playing in the quiet suburban neighborhood. Basketballs fly back and forth, squirt guns are deployed, somebody has a double-bladed plastic lightsaber and is making that bszzzzew, bszzzzew sound. My 8-year-old runs by with a neighbor boy, my 6-year-old is giggling with his younger cousin. They're filled with so much electric joy, it's pouring off them in visible waves.

    I'm sitting with the adults, watching this scene unfold. It's a suburban dream: kids playing, grownups chatting, everyone just a few steps from their own home. I'm thinking about our own neighborhood, and how it's nothing like this.

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    Like many parenting issues, cosleeping is one of those parenting choices that's as divisive as religion or politics. Some feel it helps them bond with baby while others feel it creates a bad habit for both parents and children. We'll likely never all agree on this. But something most parents would agree on is putting kids first when it comes to divorce. A child's world is turned upside down when Mom and Dad split up. Shouldn't both parents do anything and everything to make the process as comfortable as possible for the kids? Even if that means cosleeping?

    A newly single mother asked a therapist in an advice column if she thought it was okay that she coslept with her baby after splitting up with her partner. To which she was told no.

    I know.

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    Interesting news for us working mamas today! Apparently, less and less mothers who work are feeling guilty these days. Awesome. As we shouldn't.

    But while I fully support mothers who work and am obviously one myself, I can't say I personally fall into this category.

    Not feeling pangs of guilt when my daughter is sweetly waving bye to me when I leave for the office? Or when the sitter texts photos to me at work (dagger to the heart!)? Ha! Laughable.

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    What's the difference between a parent and a babysitter? As a former sitter, who spent a large portion of her teenage weekends caring for the neighbors' kids, I can tell you the one clear distinction: you parent your own kids and babysit others.

    Yet time and time again, we've seen fathers "babysitting" their children. So let's get one thing straight. Whether you're a mother or a father, you're never "babysitting" your children. You're "parenting."

    One of our favorite mommas, Kendra Wilkinson, shared some wise (and slightly naughty!) words on Twitter earlier today:

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    Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis and his 26-year-old girlfriend, Abbey Wilson, are expecting their first children. I say children because, yes, Abbey is pregnant with twins. According to reports, Francis and Wilson opted to get pregnant via IVF because they wanted to be able to choose the sex of their baby: They're having girls. Francis said, "We chose to have girls. I believe people will finally understand my love, respect, and admiration for women. I love girls." Oh. Okay.

    Thus far, there had been no indication that Wilson wasn't able to have children naturally; the couple simply wanted healthy babies that were female. "We both wanted girls and we wanted them to be healthy and free of genetic diseases so we chose to do IVF," Wilson told Us Weekly.

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