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    When it comes to relationship mistakes, there's one biggie almost guaranteed to end it all. The mother of all dealbreakers. The worst thing possible: Cheating. As some of us know, it's extremely difficult to repair the damage of infidelity. What do you do if you've made that horrible, regrettable mistake because of your own personal foolishness, not because you wanted out of your marriage? What if you actually want to save your marriage, despite this painful betrayal?

    A new study on infidelity gives hope to couples grappling with the consequences of an affair. You actually might be able to save your marriage -- if you handle it the right way. The key? Don't keep the affair a secret.

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    Do you ever wake up and immediately share your dreams with your significant other? If not, you may want to start making that a regular part of your morning routine. It turns out that men and women have very different nightmares. A study of nearly 10,000 dreams reported by 500 subjects reveal that women have nightmares about interpersonal conflict (fights and disagreements). Men most often have nightmares about natural disasters. Even more interesting, women usually have someone dealing with that conflict with them in their dreams. Men, on the other hand, are usually dealing with those fires and volcanoes alone.

    Of course, these are generalizations. Your nightmares, or your husband's, may be totally different. Still, these two kinds of nightmares say a lot about how differently men and women deal with stress -- and we can use that. Talking about those dreams could get you talking as a couple about difficult issues you'd otherwise have a hard time discussing.

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    First come loves, then comes...marriage? Not usually. Today most couples live together before they decide to tie the knot. They do this for all sorts of reasons, and while love might be one of them, others are a little well, less romantic..

    A study conducted by found that of the 27% of couples who moved in with their partner after dating for less than six months, only 7% would tell others to do the same. To state the obvious, that's because living with another person is challenging. If you are about to hand over your spare set of keys in perpetuity, here are some things you need to talk about if you want your relationship to survive.

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    You've found your soul mate, you've been together for a while, and you feel like you're ready to take it to the next level. Maybe even marriage -- eek! Is he the prefect life-long partner for you? Wouldn't we all love a crystal ball to show us exactly what to expect from a man in the future. I've known women who fretted over doubts all the way up to the altar who went on to enjoy long, fulfilling marriages. And I've known women who were 100 percent sure of their man only to find out they'd ignored some pretty important red flags along the way.

    The thing is, sometimes a red flag looks a little, well, gray. And chances are there might be something about your man that makes you wonder a little. But you kind of want to just give him a pass because you don't want to be hypercritical -- and because you really love him, dammit! Sometimes those little things can turn into a big deal later on. Here are 3 red flags you're better off facing right now, before you let things go any further.

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    You're engaged -- congratulations! And you can't wait to share your exciting news with everyone. But how? With a hilariously brilliant video, or a beautifully engraved announcement, or writing it in the sky with an airplane? There are so many creative possibilities! Or you could just post a photo of your engagement ring on Facebook -- because that's what everyone's dying to see. 

    But before you make the big announcement, there's one thing you need to do. We talked with two wedding experts about the best way to announce your engagement, and they both gave the same advice for their number-one tip. This, ladies, is the most important thing you need to do when you announce your engagement.

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    When California's controversial Prop 8 went to the Supreme Court last year, attorney Charles Cooper defended the state's ban on same-sex marriage. Meanwhile in his personal life, he was learning that his own daughter identified as LGBT.

    Now he's helping her plan her wedding to her lesbian partner this June. The couple plans to tie the knot in Massechusetts, one of 17 states (plus D.C.) where same-sex marriage is legally recognized. I guess you could say that things change.

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    Do you ever think of all the random ways people come in and out of your life? Some of the people we're most strongly bonded to are there simply because of the right circumstances, and there's just something terribly fragile about that. This is especially true when it comes to falling in love. The same guy who catches your eye one day could fly right past you another day. I've been in a relationship with the sweetest, most thoughtful, hottest, most who-raised-you-to-be-so-fantastic man ever for the past 8 months or so and I'm ridiculously happy -- but it almost didn't happen for us.

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    When you think of pre-nups, you think of finances. You don't think of sex. But would it be such a bad idea to have a sexual pre-nup? Sex is one of the main issues that crop up during a relationship and can be the trigger that leads to divorce. Sex can be inside the marriage or outside -- generally referred to as cheating. And we all know cheating doesn't lead to a happy marriage. You'd think that most people would go into a marriage already understanding sexual boundaries, but that would be fallacy. One person can think it's no big deal to have lunch with their ex every week, while for the new partner, the "no big deal" can be a dealbreaker. Here are five of the sexual topics people should think about getting in their sexual pre-nup before marriage.

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    Thirty years ago, two young tots met through their moms. They had one important thing in common: Both have Down syndrome. But they found a lot more that drew them together, and over the years, they fell in love. Now Austin Wayne Underwood and Jessica Smith are getting married this summer. The Texas couple is planning a Western-themed wedding, complete with custom-made cowboy boots. Yee-haw!

    Jessica and Austin met when their mothers bonded over trying to mainstream their kids wherever they could. And it was thanks to their moms that Austin and Jessica are now getting to do what so many of us dream of and take for granted: get married!

    But they can't do it alone. Couples with mental and developmental disabilities need a strong support network to help them with some very specific challenges. Here are 8 things that can help a special needs marriage like Jessica and Austin's flourish.

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    You've been dating someone special for a while now, and it's definitely going somewhere. In fact, it's going so well you've lost interest in the other guys you were maybe dating. You're telling your girlfriends about him and you stop just short of calling him your boyfriend because ... is he your boyfriend yet? And if you've stopped dating other guys, has he stopped dating other women, too? Lady, it's time to Define The Relationship -- also known as the "what are we" talk. And it's not as hard as it seems.

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