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    Darnit. Just when i thought I was over wanting bangs, Selena Gomez put the idea back in my head with one glam photo.

    The singer, who we think we can say with certainly is on-again with Justin Bieber, posted a photo on Instagram with a one-word message that says it all: "bangs." After sporting the same super-long, gorgeous locks for some time, the 22-year-old decided to try something different -- by resurrecting a style from the not-so-distant past.

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    Okay Kourtney Kardashian. We get it. You love flaunting your baby bump. I'll admit that I love it, too. In my opinion, a pregnant woman can be one of the most beautiful beings we will ever see. So when Kourtney steps out in style, I feel inspired. Not to get pregnant (I have twins and and very content with just two for the moment), but to dress in way that makes me feel beautiful ... however that may be.

    For Kourt, it means wearing a skintight and short dress and not letting being pregnant stop her. Check her out wearing one of the best maternity little black dresses I ever did see.

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    Remember when you were in college and all frat boys did was drink and play poker and film themselves lip syncing Taylor Swift songs with all the ease of seasoned pros?

    Yeah, me neither!

    Taylor Swift proved yet again that she is the Snow White of the pop world when she gave the boys from Translyvania University's Delta Sigma Phi Beta Mu a major shout-out for recreating her uber-popular song, Shake It Off -- with hilarious scenes shot in their frat house. And when I say major, I am not exaggerating: she tweeted their hilarious video to her over 43.7 million Twitter followers. AND, because Taylor is Taylor and this story isn't over yet, she then went on to do the sweetest thing for them.

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    Everything in your life changes when you become a mommy. It stands to reason then that, while it may have seemed like a huge deal to cut three inches off your hair before babies, that sort of "transformation" is a piece of cake after you've already given up most nights out, silk dresses that can't survive spit-up, and dozens of other routines you once cherished and held dear.

    But motherhood doesn't mean you automatically stop caring about your appearance, lose your looks, or quit experimenting with hair, makeup, and personal style. Quite the contrary, actually. These 10 celebrity moms who look better after baby are proof that having a child or two (or six, in Angelina Jolie's case) can bring out the best in all of us. And, yes, even make us look more gorgeous than we did before we were Mommy.

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    Sweet Ariana Grande is the princess of kissy faces and the high ponytail. I love when she belts out I want you-ou-ou in the song "Problem." (Did I just share that?!) I love how she's all tough-not-tough in "Bang Bang." There's also the fact she's dating rapper Big Sean, too, but let's not get into that here. She's all about that dang ponytail. Is she ever without it?

    I completely relate to this "problem." It's easy to get into a hair rut. There once was a time I rocked the Ariana ponytail every single day. Though it was with a scrunchie and I don't think Ariana was born yet. Since having kids, I usually clip my hair up in a wacky however it looks without a mirror bun and go. But Ari just changed her look. And it's inspiring. And adorable. And so do-able.

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    There's a push-up competition between a little girl and a Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) cadet. Who are you putting your money on?

    Do we even have to ask?

    Um, yes. Yes, we do ... after seeing Kaylyn Mintz, a gymnast and US Junior Olympic Team hopeful, crush a cadet in a push-up challenge in front of a cheering crowd. As a part of a "Stand at Attention" fundraiser at a mall in Wilmington, North Carolina, young cadets went up against shoppers in fitness challenges including planks and sit-ups ... but Kaylyn's push-ups stole the show. Hands down. 

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    As if there wasn't already so much pressure on guys to pop the question in a creative way that could go viral, consider what it's like for a guy who plans weddings for a living! When New Jersey-based wedding planner Jack Bermeo recently decided to propose to his girlfriend and mother of their son, he felt like it had to be a big deal. So he leaned on his professional skills to dream up a marriage proposal like no other.

    Jack actually choreographed a big, FAKE wedding -- complete with 80-person guest list, wedding cake, set of engagement photos, and faux ceremony -- in order to ask Sophia to marry him! Talk about ambitious. Not to mention so, so sweet.

    Check out the video to watch it all play out.

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    When my husband and I bought our first home, my boss at the time said, "Well, I hope you've got another $10,000 socked away because the minute you sign on the dotted line, everything breaks."

    What a killjoy, I thought. Until ... his prediction came true. Within days of closing, our basement flooded. Weeks after that, our furnace stopped working. A month later our pipes burst. I could go on and on! 

    Because we were first time home-buyers smitten with the charming front porch and fenced-in yard, we overlooked a lot of things we shouldn't have. 

    We're not alone. Often, what starts out as a quintessential part of the American dream turns into a costly nightmare. More than just a place to raise your children, your home is a long-term financial investment, probably one of the largest you'll ever make, so it's imperative that you really stop and think before you dive right in.

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    “Mommy,” my daughter Emma said. “Can I play with your hair?”

    “Of course you can, Honey,” I answered for the three-dozenth time in her life.

    She sat me down and started running her fingers through my long hair.

    “Never mind,” she said sadly. “Your hair’s too flat.”

    Now, I’ve been rejected by way harsher critics than my daughter, so I didn’t think any more about it until I stumbled upon a video on CafeMom’s Mad Life’s Beauty Breaks. The glam squad (who I simply adore!) was talking with a mom of two who wanted more voluminous hair. What caught my attention was the reference to J.Lo and her full and luscious hair. Because, really, who wouldn’t want hair like J.Lo’s? I watched the whole thing through and realized that my hair problems could be cured with a simple trip to Target!

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    Out of all of the crazy things that happened on Bachelor in Paradise, Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul's engagement definitely came on a whim, you know, being that they'd only known each other for like five seconds before he got down on one knee.

    Even though the news that he proposed in Mexico leaked long before the finale aired, it was still kind of surprising to see him pop the question right there on the beach.

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