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    Here's some irony for you: Baby wipes might be better suited for cleaning the house than wiping your baby's butt. Ever wonder how those little miracle sheets cut through that black mystery gunk on your toddler's hands or make the spaghetti sauce on the rug disappear in a flash? A lot of wipes contain harsh chemicals like chlorine, as well as synthetic preservatives, that can can conquer poop and kill bacteria no problem, but can actually irritate skin when used too much, says Irina and Bill Webb, founders of

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    You might want to avoid overusing wipes on for your kid, or swtich to wipes made with plant-derived ingredients instead advise the Webbs. Then, keep your other stash on hand for some of these surprisingly effective uses for baby wipes around your home:

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    Whoa ... her baby bump is really getting big, people! Kourtney Kardashian attended pal Abbey Wilson's baby shower over the weekend, and she certainly came dressed for the occasion.

    Even though she's pretty far into her pregnancy, Kourt hasn't given up on wearing super sexy outfits, as is evident from the crazy short white dress she chose to celebrate her friend's upcoming new addition. (Seriously, it's a wonder she could sit down in this thing.)

    Paired with a chic leather jacket and heels, this very well might be Kourtney's hottest maternity look to date. (Yes, I know I've said that like a gazillion times, but she keeps outdoing herself.)

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    Well, well, well ... it sure looks like somebody had a good time celebrating her birthday over Labor Day weekend!

    And based on new photos of Chelsea Houska and a mystery man, it would appear as though she just might have a new guy in her life, which would be all sorts of amazeballs and then some.

    OMG. Wouldn't you love to see Chel finally fall in love with a dude who treats her with the respect she deserves? It's about damn time she caught a break in the romance department.

    And while the guy in these new pictures may be nothing more than a friend, he's pretty stinkin' cute and totally dateable for sure.

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    Weeks ago, Kylie Jenner took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and nominated her sister, Kendall, to do the same. Technically, you're only supposed to have 24 hours to complete the challenge, but here we are, almost a month later, and Kendall is finally getting around to her Ice Bucket Challenge. (It's all right, we'll chalk it up to the fact that she travels a lot for her modeling career.)

    I'm sure by this point, most of you are sick of all the Ice Bucket Challenges -- I mean, there are 20 new celebs doing it each day. But. Two noteworthy things about Kendall's IBC: One, she looks unbelievable in the tiny pink string bikini she wore in her video (duh); and two, whom Kendall decided to nominate is kind of interesting. Looks like she might be closer with some sisters than others ...

    Check out Kendall's Ice Bucket Challenge:

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    Are you among the many moms who feel that their back-to-school shopping bills rival the cost of a college semester? As if that weren't bothersome enough, what do you do with all those extra supplies that invariably end up where they shouldn't, like tucked behind the couch cushions or under your dining room table? 

    Well, the days of dumping your cast-offs in a basement closet are over! Just because they're meant for school doesn't mean we can't put on our thinking caps and make the most out of those superfluous supplies. 

    The following are some creative ways to repurpose your surplus!

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    Who doesn't love man's best friend or his fluffy counterpart -- the cute, cuddly kitten? But along with their delightful companionship and unflagging loyalty, pets can often add a little something extra to your home. Odor.

    Ever notice anyone trying to get out of your house as quickly as possible or breathing only through their mouth, all while your furry friend circles their feet and pants? Yes? Then maybe you have a guest who is too polite to tell you the truth: It stinks!

    The truth is, pet owners may not even realize there's a problem -- kind of like how you find your preschooler's lisp adorable until his kindergarten teacher recommends speech therapy. What's good at home isn't ALWAYS good in the world.

    Luckily, there is a way to keep Fido while also fighting the pungent air. Here are 5 ways to kill the pet funk once and for all.

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    Well? It's official. Former New Kids on the Block heartthrob Donnie Wahlberg married Jenny McCarthy yesterday in St. Charles, Illinois, which just happens to be her hometown.

    The ceremony took place at Hotel Baker, a historic property, and yes, three of Donnie's old boy band members were in attendance. Jordan Knight, Danny Wood, and Jonathan Knight all managed to make the trip to support their friend, which is definitely more than we can say for Donnie's brother, Mark Wahlberg.

    (Seriously, can you believe he skipped out on the wedding? What the hell?)

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    Even though the engagement was super long and we thought for a minute that the wedding was never going to happen, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got married in a sweet ceremony that their kids were very much a part of. Because of our curiosity when it comes to everything Brangelina, we need to know what these wedding rings look like -- and we got a good look at Brad's.

    It's ... so Brad. Brad's wedding band was made by designer Robert Procop, which is curious only because I would assume that Brad and Angie would have somehow figured out a way to make it themselves. But I have a theory on that. Check out the ring.

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    Phil Laboon was supposed to get married this weekend in Pittsburgh. But well, stuff happens and sometimes totally altruistic, big-hearted, and -- dare I be shallow and say it -- handsome men get their weddings called off. So the 32-year-old was faced with a conundrum: drown his sorrows in tequila all weekend -- okay, that's probably what I would do and not what Laboon suggested -- or think of those who have even bigger problems than lost love and turn his pre-paid reception into a huge charity fundraiser.

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    No wonder Taylor Swift doesn't have time for boyfriends right now -- the girl is far too busy boosting her resume in a major way. The singer, whose hit Shake It Off debuted at number 1 on Hot 100, is set to join the upcoming seventh season of The Voice as an advisor. Following in Jennifer Lawrence's new man Chris Martin's footsteps, she'll mentor contestants and do what she does best: cheerlead her little heart out and make a gazillion more friends who can appear in future selfies.

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