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    Justin Bieber is in the news again. Of course, by "in the news," I mean "on Instagram doing something alarming." The Biebs has shaved off his infamous 'stache. If you didn't get a peek of Bieber with his light-colored, sparse facial hair, consider yourself lucky. It was less of a mustache and more of just the idea of one. If you put a cat on his face, it would probably have licked the mustache right off of his person. Now THAT'S a video I'd watch! 

    Sadly, no kittens were involved in the video Justin shared of himself shaving off his 'stache. The dude used some sort of vibrating razor (giggity) and showed himself (poorly) removing the facial hair from his person. He seemed kind of sad (albeit in a playful way #youknowbiebs) about banishing the 'stache. So it leads me to wonder -- what made him decide to get rid of it? Could a certain laaaaaady (*cough* Selena Gomez *cough*) have requested it? 

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    One of the biggest differences between my life as a parent and my life as a childless person is the lack of tiny O-shaped cereal that was in my life before I had my daughter. Joe’s O’s, Cheerios, Organic Spelt Chia Quinoa $20 O’s. They’re everywhere. No, everywhere. I dream in O-shaped cereal. My daughter loves them, and sometimes, even after I've whipped her up a nice, healthy meal, it's what she wants. "Snacks, Mama!" she'll demand.

    But, as any parent knows, with a toddler eating (or doing anything), there comes a mess. And in this case the mess has manifested itself in tiny O-shaped cereal being the predominant form of decor in my home. Here, 8 crazy places I've found Cheerios.

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    Do you like Breaking Bad? How about Julia Louis-Dreyfus? Or the History channel reality show Pawn Stars? You probably haven't spent much time imagining what all three of these things combined into a bizarre video parody would be like, but as you're about to see, the results are completely awesome.

    The Television Academy has released a Pawn Stars spoof titled titled Barely Legal Pawn, starring Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. The setup is that Louis-Dreyfus is looking to sell her Emmy, and Cranston and Paul play a couple of seedy pawn shop owners. They stay in (hilarious) character throughout, but there are in-jokes flying back and forth with regards to their real-life careers. The whole thing's pretty great, but if you're a Breaking Bad fan, I promise: you absolutely HAVE to see the ending.

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    Have you heard about the ice buck -- okay, of course you've heard about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Your Facebook feed is filled to the brim with videos of people doing the #icebucketchallenge. Hundred of celebrities have shared videos of themselves doing the ice bucket challenge. You've even seen the inevitable backlash to the ice bucket challenge.

    This Monday the ALS Association said the challenge has helped raise more than $15 million in donations, and given the ongoing viral phenomenon of these videos, millions of dollars are likely still to come in before we all get distracted by something shiny.

    That's amazing, and obviously anyone who loudly complains about these videos should dump an ice-cold bucket of STFU over their own head. Buuuuuuuuuut for those who are secretly a teeny tiny bit weary of this particular social media trend … please enjoy these 10 ice bucket challenge videos gone (stupendously, hilariously) bad.

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    One of the reasons we love Kim Kardashian so much is because of how blissfully unaware she is of her narcissism. She's one of the few people alive who doesn't see much wrong with taking over 1,200 selfies in the span of a few days. God bless the woman. But now she's gone and done us one better: She -- well, actually, her friend -- took a selfie in the most ridiculous, kinda dangerous place.

    Oh, Kim. What are we gonna do with you? Check out the pic:

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    Ugh! The season finale of The Real Housewives of Orange County was frustrating! The women came back from Bali with so much unresolved beef. I hoped that Vicki's post-Bali bash would be the perfect opportunity for everyone to hash stuff out and identify the REAL enemy (Tamra Judge). Sadly that didn't happen. Instead the women are more divided than ever. The real drama of the episode came when Terry Dubrow (of all people) called David Beador a penis. That happened. 

    Yes, it was the penis-calling heard 'round the world. For anyone wondering what keeps Terry and Heather Dubrow together, the answer is this: Neither party is capable of accepting an apology and moving on. We've seen it with Shannon Beador trying time and time to make things right with Heather, and now we're seeing with their spouses. Oh mama, PLEASE. Don't they realize how petty it makes them look when they don't accept apologies like grown-ups? Barf. 

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    As great as you may be, even parents need to be "kept in check" every once in a while. Sometimes, all it takes is a sassy letter from your kid to really put you in your place. Maybe they didn't like your opinions or didn't find your approach amusing, but your little son or daughter will definitely let you know. Case in point: 9-year-old Chloe Smith, who wrote her parents a politely cheeky note to let them know that they should change their "additude."

    Sure, Mom and Dad may have thought that they would be reading with Chloe tonight, but she had other plans and would not accept the date without some changes first. Check out the bold message:

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    If you're feeling a little overwhelmed in the parent department, there are now mommy stunt doubles available for hire. Outsourced parenting is all the rage in certain circles. Some moms rely on the pros to help their kids on the potty, detox from a hard-core thumb-sucking addiction, even mind their manners.

    If you're feeling like you could use a little help, you're in luck. Here are some of the coolest (and wackiest) ways today's parents delegate parenting ... for a fee.

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    The cast of Downton Abbey stepped out of their serious characters to respond to a hilarious mistake that appeared in one of the press photos recently released in anticipation of its upcoming fifth season.

    If you recall, in one image of Robert Crawley and Lady Edith posing in front of an ornate fireplace, a very modern water bottle was spotted by all, just sitting there next to some regal 1920s vases.


    Well, rather than brush off their glaring mistake or be embarrassed by it and hope it goes away, the awesome cast joined forces to take a super-funny photo response that they posted to the show's official Instagram.

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    Tonight was the too-soon season finale of Leah Remini: It's All Relative and I'm already showing signs of withdrawal! These include trying to mimic Vicki's peacock-like laugh and Leah's "you've got to be bleeping me" expression when she mugs for the camera. To celebrate, the gang went on a camping trip, keeping it as glamorous as possible, mind you. Leah Remini used the trip to induct her daughter Sofia into a family tradition: Scaring people senseless

    I don't know about you, but I'm soooo not one of those people who loves getting pranked, or scared, or any other way played around with. I have a good sense of humor about some things, but almost crapping my undies is not one of them. Luckily for Leah, her mom, and her sister, Sofia and her nanny Trish share the family passion for a good old-fashioned scare. 

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