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    Despite the odds stacked against them, Bachelorette couple Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray really do appear to be very much in love and also somewhat normal. (Which is weird.)

    They actually seem to have a lot in common, you know, since they both live in Atlanta and are active and in shape and all that jazz. And right from the get-go, the physical attraction between them was beyond obvious, though a recent photo Josh shared makes us question whether he was drawn to Andi for a particularly creepy reason.

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    Little boys keep their moms on their toes -- sometimes on their tippy toes as they try to wade through their rooms to find the source of that smell. And this truly is 24/7 ... because they don't seem to require sleep.

    Yes, there are definitely lots of crazy things you'll deal with that weren't described in any of the boy books you read. Have you ever hid the latest issue of National Geographic because of his obsession with boobies? Come on, own it.

    Here are 25 things only moms of boys have to worry about.

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    Whether you're pregnant with your first, second, or twentieth baby, well-meaning friends who have been there, done that will have advice for you -- and Kate Middleton and Prince William are no exception.

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    About eight years ago, right around the time our daughter was born, my husband and I instituted a "shoes off" policy in our home. It seemed pretty minor at the time. All we asked was that guests not track the mud, dirt, and mess from the outside world into the house where our baby spent so much time on the floor.

    With certain visitors, though, this was no simple feat (get it? hee). In fact, some -- I'm looking at you, Dad -- simply ignored the request and chose instead to traipse around the house, tracking all that mud, dirt, and everywhere. Thanks a lot!

    Apparently, we are not alone. Whether or not to ask guests to take off their shoes is, as it turns out, a controversial move. Many moms (here at CafeMom and elsewhere) think it's the height of rudeness to require your friends and family to go around in their socks or bare feet. It's not. What's rude is ignoring a house rule when you're the guest because YOU don't feel like untying your laces.

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    Why do we do it? Why do we cut our own bangs? Nearly every woman I know has made that beauty mistake at least once in her life, and we nearly always regret it. Sure, there's that one friend who insists she knows what she's doing and can cut her bangs perfectly. But most of us know DIY-ing it usually leads to woe and tears.

    Heck, sometimes even when someone else does the cutting, we still regret the bangs!

    So let's take a moment out of our busy days to look at photos of women with very bad bangs -- and while we're giggling at their hair horrors, let's also find out what you can actually do about these terrible hair mistakes.

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    I don't know about you, but sometimes marriage can feel like Groundhog Day. My husband and I seem to have the same fights nearly daily.

    Somehow we've avoided the cliched "put the seat down" and the ever-popular battle over the remote control, but, boy, we've got other things!

    Thankfully, none is an "I'm retaining a divorce attorney" dealbreaker, but they're annoying and worsened by the fact that they seem to be recurring with alarming frequency.

    These are our top 8 fighting hot spots. Any sound familiar? 

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    We don't always have a clear idea of what kind of husband or father a guy is going to make when we first start dating. We have to discover that over time, little by little. But one woman is leaving nothing to her potential suitors' imagination. Check out this gal's insane list of demands on OKCupid.

    And then imagine what kind of wife and mother this woman is going to be.

    That is, if she succeeds in going on a date with anyone ever. With a list like this, I'd be surprised if she attracts anyone at all.

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    It is so bleeping hard to install car seats. Figuring out how to squeeze that hulking contraption into your car, then weave the seat belt through the proper holes, then loosen and tighten the straps ... it's enough to send any parent into a road rage even before they even stick their key in the ignition. That's why moms and dads will have a chuckle watching this video -- a public service announcement by the Toyota-sponsored safety campaign Buckle Up for Life, which portrays parent after parent struggling to install car seats, with hilarious results.

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    This one will definitely end up among the dumbest crooks of all time. Florida cops caught a burglar sleeping in a house he was allegedly trying to rob. And you won't believe where they found this guy catching some Zs.

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    Mom of three Gwen Stefani is the self-proclaimed "queen of the house." And with so many guys around, the L.A.M.B. designer and No Doubt singer has to have a hilarious sense of humor. So when she found out she was pregnant with her third child, and third son, last year, she broke the news to her husband, Gavin Rossdale. But just like everything she's ever done, it was a tad bit unconventional. Stefani made the pregnancy announcement to her husband via cheeky email!

    Yes, you read that correctly. Rossdale was on tour with his band when his wife found out she was pregnant, but one quick (and mildly terrifying) email later, he heard the good news. The father of three recently revealed how it all went down:

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