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    Meeting the Easter Bunny is a rite of passage! Just like meeting Santa. Each year, little kids get so excited to go and visit everybody's favorite egg- and candy-giving magical bunny. But let's admit it, when it comes to meeting the Bun for the first time, there's a little bit of a learning curve.

    Sure, he's cute and fluffy when he's in the pages of a book, but when you meet him in the flesh and he turns out to be five times your size and wearing a slightly, uh, frozen expression, it's natural to get slightly nervous ... or just have a total meltdown

    We've rounded up some of our favorite Baby-Meets-Bunny moments from the web. 'Tis the season to chuckle affably at these great kids and marvel at their worry, disdain, and bemusement upon meeting this magical rabbit. We hop, I mean HOPE it brings you as many chortles as it did us!


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    Dear moms on Facebook,

    I'm sorry. I'm sorry for wanting to hide you from my newsfeed. I'm sorry for reaching out to Mark Zuckerberg and asking for a dislike button. And I'm especially sorry for being annoyed by each and every single one of your baby posts.

    Turns out, you're not actually over-sharing on social media after you've delivered your little kiddo. Really, it's just my fault because once I've been annoyed by one of your little posts, they're all I can see.

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    Bringing home a newborn baby comes with plenty of challenges, but let's be honest -- one of the biggest things moms struggle with is trying to take off pregnancy pounds.

    To put it simply -- losing baby weight is a total bitch and a half. I mean, is there anything worse than finally having your body back after nine months, but not really having it back?

    The journey back to your pre-preggo size has got to be one of the biggest emotional roller coasters a woman can ever go through. And it goes a little somethin' like this.

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    Pregnancy is such a beautiful moment in time that we can't help but document it with photos. Lots and lots of photos. Many of us took the classic "holding/looking down at my baby bump" pics; some of us may have even gotten professional photos done. Aw. But no photos -- and I mean no photos -- can rival the incredibly weird pregnancy stock photos that are found on the Internet.

    Ladies, you would never in a million years take these pics of yourself whilst pregnant, nor would you ever find yourself in these situations that are just plain odd.

    Here are 10 of the strangest, most unrealistic pregnancy photos. Enjoy!

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    You know that awesome thing toddlers do when they unroll an entire roll of toilet paper and then scamper off, leaving the bathroom in a snowdrift of TP? Wicked little trolls. Well, here's one thing cats have over toddlers -- or at least one cat does. You have to see this video. Yes, it's a cat video. I am pushing a cat video today! It's that kind of Thursday. But this one is worth it, I swear. I don't push just any kind of cat video on my readers. Check out what this cat named Willie does with a roll of toilet paper.

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    Ah, family vacations. The joy and the misery, amiright? Trips can be sooo much fun, but they can also be the source of some serious strife. Things really get interesting when your kids turn into tweens and teens: It seems like you just start getting used to them being able to sit through a meal in a nice-ish restaurant without eating all the crayons or throwing a tantrum, when all of a sudden, they reach the age where eye-rolling and earbuds are on the menu. Permanently.

    To make sure your much-needed (and deserved!) vacay time is smooth sailing, have your tween/teen signs off on these 10 little rules before you hit the road ...

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    Finally picked a date for your wedding? You could send out a save-the-date email to all your friends and family ... if you're a boring, normal person, that is. Or, you could create the most epic wedding save-the-date video ever known to Bridekind. Witness Bambo Obaro and Janice Jentz's "Boss Wedding" save-the-date video. Basically they produced the trailer to their own wedding. And yes, those are their real names. Bambo and Janice are lawyers, which in no way explains the mad artistry you're about to watch.

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    Gulp. It happens at different ages for different kids, but sooner or later every single one of them becomes way too smart to think that babies are dropped off on our doorsteps by the stork.

    And even though it's not an easy conversation to have, we owe it to our children to tell them the truth and lay out the whole birds and the bees thing for what it actually is.

    You know ... (sex).

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    An idea occurred to me after noticing how well the crate we bought to train our new puppy would also fit our 3-year-old daughter.

    We initially raised Skylar free-range, and she flourished for a long time that way. A couple of months ago, however, we started noticing signs that she couldn't handle it. Immediately after turning 3, for example, she announced that she now has a boyfriend and there's nothing we can do to stop them from napping together.

    Raising Skylar like a veal will not only nip this in the bud but also provide the following benefits:

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    What do human and not-so-human babies have in common? They all hate bedtime! After all, there is so much to see and do and, if you are an adorable French bulldog puppy making the rounds today, sniff and yowl at, too. I dare you to watch this video and not coo at your screen at least once. This clip is proof that pet owners and parents have more in common than you might think! 

    Of course, we kind of already knew that, didn't we? After all, both puppies and babies require potty training. Both types of little ones are also always learning new kinds of tricks. They are both full of energy until they suddenly keel over, and every single tiny baby -- fluffy or not -- on the planet is cute enough that it's hard to resist the urge to squeeze them 24/7. 

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