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    Spring has sprung! After the brutal winter, just seeing temperatures in the double digits, the sun come out, and certainly flowers blooming may make you happy enough to throw an impromptu party. And if you happen to be expecting a baby this beautiful season, even more cause for celebration! And perhaps for a gorgeous, botanically inspired baby name?

    Here, 60 lovely flower- and plant-inspired baby names -- for girls and boys!

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    Dads are awesome, aren't they? They'll carry our little ones around on their shoulders for hours on end and swing our kids way higher than we moms ever could. And now they want to help out with breastfeeding. I love you, Dads.

    A new study has come out that shows that the partners of breastfeeding women sometimes feel left out and want to know how to support and help out. The research, from Swansea University, showed that new fathers feel positive about breastfeeding and want to be able to support their partner. Dr. Amy Brown, one of the authors of the study, said: "We know that women who feel that their partner is supportive and encouraging of breastfeeding are more likely to continue breastfeeding. Our findings show that men want to do this which is fantastic news but feel unprepared or unsure of how they can help."

    That is fantastic news! And even more fantastic? Here are 15 ways real dads helped out with breastfeeding. Feel free to use any of the tips, new dads and dads-to-be!

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    Baby showers are one of those things that you either love like rainbows and fluffy kittens or hate with an intensity that cannot be measured. Regardless of how you feel about them, you've probably been invited to at least one, and you also probably had a few minutes of brain meltdown as you pondered the gift you should bring. Unless it's a gag gift party or you just really want to piss off the new mom, there are a few things that you should never gift at a baby shower. Things like these:

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    It's April. It's time for the 2014 MTV Movie Awards. And we're all tired of formal fashion! Time to take things down a notch. Now that the big, fancy awards season is over, the celebs lighten up for this laid-back, casual show. But this is still no time to phone it in. I can't believe how many little black dresses I saw last night. Are we that sick of dressing up? Not everyone is! Here are four ensembles worth talking about and four ensembles that gave Grumpy Cat a reason to growl.

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    Far out, season 7 of Mad Men premieres this weekend. Lay it on me, man! Are you ready? If you're plannin' on jammin' with some friends while you watch, we've got your scene right here. Dig it: Nothing too complicated, just groovy munchies and tunes. Here are some recipes and suggestions to make your Mad Men viewing party outta sight! Do you want me to stop talking this way? No way, Jose! Okay, fine. Here's your party guide. 

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    Looking for a fun, out-of-the-ordinary travel experience with your kids? How about a destination that will scare them? We're not talking dangerous. Just a little bit creepy. Here are 5 fabulous vacation destinations that will give your kids the chills, in a thrilling way, of course. They'll be talking about these trips for years.

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    Everyone keeps talking about this "spring cleaning" I'm supposed to be doing. And you know what? Mama ain't got no time for that. But sometimes occasions arise in which we must make our homes look presentable to guests. Easter and Passover are coming, and while we don't have time to do a thorough top-to-bottom job, maybe we can carve out an hour to dig ourselves out of the worst of it. So how about this: 8 simple steps for a quick, good-enough spring cleaning.

    Those of you with high standards may want to look the other way. 

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    Here are some very dangerous battle things that kids should do before they turn 9. They should do them because this might help them later in their lives when a dragon tries to attack them.

    Also, it might help them in case a giant zombie robot attacks their family and tries to burn the world down to ashes. Plus these are really fun and they are only for boys.

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    I like names. Oh. Names. My name is Hunter. H-u-n-t-e-r Johan. But where did I get that name? Oooh. You gave it to me, Mommy. There is another Hunter, too. But it's my name. *Points to sister* Her name is Penelope but you call her Pippi sometimes. Or Bunny. Ryan calls her Peanut. She's my sister. P-e-n-e-l-o-p-e Jolene. You gave her that name, too, Mommy?

    Names. We all have them. I like them. These are the names I like. These are the names that the cool kids have. They make them cool. Yeah.

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    There's nothing wrong with having a little fun and playing a joke or two on the fam for April Fools' Day, but when it comes to our kids, there is definitely a fine line between making them laugh and making them cry.

    Sure ... it would be sort of on the funny side to tell them you're jetting off to Disney World when they wake up on April 1 -- but when you tell them it's not really happening, be prepared for the tantrum of all tantrums.

    But there are a few cute ways you can still have a little fun with them without scarring them for life or doing any sort of permanent damage.

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