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    Shopping for a wedding dress can turn into a stressful event -- or several events if you end up going to many different stores to try on many different gowns. That stress can also spill into your bank account since these pretty garments are often so expensive. But fear not! Many dream dresses are on sale right now.

    I've rounded up 10 gorgeous wedding dresses at fantastic prices. They are so magical and pretty, you may end up having a hard time deciding which one is your favorite.


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    The Primetime Emmy Awards, hosted by Seth Meyers, will air on Monday, August 25, and that leaves everyone with just enough time to binge-watch as many possible nominated shows as humanly possible. There's nothing wrong with that, right?

    Fear not, because we'll definitely be joining you. But with all of the shows and TV programs nominated for awards this year, there are a lot of possible choices. So we've narrowed it down for you to the 9 best Emmy-nominated shows that you should watch:

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    Time to kiss your lives goodbye! At least for the next 12 days and nights! This is your chance to watch all 552 Simpsons episodes in the longest single-series marathon EVER in television history. Back to back, in order, all on FXX. It kicks off with the pilot from December 1989 (I know!!!) at 10 a.m. on August 21. It will go through the 25th season and end on September 1 at 11:30 p.m. The Simpsons movie will also be shown on August 29 at 6 p.m. 

    You can check here if you actually get FXX. Let's hope you do!

    Can anyone get through this ENTIRE marathon? No doubt the DVRs are up and running all through the weekend to record some of the classic episodes. And in order to properly celebrate this momentous occasion, here are 25 things The Simpsons have taught us during their epic, amazing, historic run.

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    When your baby was born, all you probably heard was that breast is best, so you stayed up all night, every night, nursing every hour with cracked nipples, wondering if there was ever an end in sight. Sure, breastfeeding probably got easier and maybe you even like the bonding now ... but wouldn't you just loooove to wear a sexy non-nursing bra and not have your kiddo pawing at your shirt every night? That could mean that it's time to wean, because like all good things, breastfeeding must eventually come to an end. Here are 5 ways to know it's the right time to stop breastfeeding (and not feel guilty).

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    We all have sex dealbreakers! For most women, it doesn't take much for us to decide sex is just NOT going to happen. Whether your husband's stinky feet have you kickin' him to the couch or a date's political beliefs have you kickin' him to the curb, guys -- for better or worse -- run the risk of turning us off for a night or forever! And it's really no surprise.

    After all, though men and women reportedly have at least 237 sexual motivations, women's reasons for having sex tend to be much more varied than men's -- from curing a migraine to getting their partners to take out the trash, according to David M. Buss and Cindy M. Meston, Ph.D.s and authors of Why Women Have Sex.

    So it stands to reason that we have just as many -- or more! -- excuses not to jump into bed with our men.

    Let's be honest: Everyone has them. We asked that 12 women reveal their own sex dealbreakers. Just wait 'til you see what they said!

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    Sooner or later even the sweetest kid turns to ice: "How was school?" Silence. "Can you help me clear the table?" More dead air. Many parents would take a knock-down, screaming fight any day compared to a kid who ignores what mom says. Yet while this misbehavior can be infuriating, parents often react in ways that just makes things worse. So try avoiding these common mistakes, and try these alternatives to help you break through the stony silence.

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    Potty training is the D day of toddlerhood: Moms venture forth, fearing the worst, while their little ones leave a trail of damage in their wake. Only it doesn't have to be a long, drawn-out horror story, says Heather Criswell, who's potty trained hundreds of kids and is the founder of On the contrary, "Potty training can actually be a breeze and take as little as three days to a week, tops," she says. The key is to avoid some common potty training mistakes that throw a wrench in the process. Make sure to steer clear of these misguided methods, and try these smart fix-its instead:

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    As "mom" to both a rat terrier and a 4 year old, I am often amazed by the similarities between the two. They both love balls, and possess zero table manners. Plus they're constantly doing things they shouldn't be doing, then giving me this innocent look like "Who, me?" Given all they had in common, I got to wondering whether dog trainers could teach parents how to raise well-behaved kids.

    Turns out they had plenty of tips that applied perfectly to little humans, too. Yes, that's right, dog trainers can help you raise your kids:

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    When Kids Lie: 7 Tips for Parents

    posted by Judy Dutton August 12 at 12:00 PM in Big Kid
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    Kid lies start so innocently -- at 3 they may be claiming they brushed their teeth when you know they didn't. At first, you're almost impressed that they can mastermind such a cover-up so young, but then it hits you: If she can fib this well at 2, who knows what tall tales she'll feed you when she's 10 ... or 16? Kids who lie keep parents up at night, so if you want to curb the shenanigans going on behind your back, try these tactics to put your kids on a more honest path. 

    Here's what the experts say to do when your child lies:

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    The stars were out last night for the 2014 Teen Choice Awards, and you know what that means! It was a parade of colorful couture. The fun-loving awards show is known for being laidback and summery, so it's not exactly a parade of Oscars-caliber Gucci and Wu. Still, the celebs in attendance always dress to impress. At least, they attempt to!

    Here, 5 who knocked it out of the park and 5 who suffered at the wrath of a fashion faux pas.

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