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    Smile a lot. Touch his arm. Compliment him. Mirror his physical movements. Twirl your hair. We've all heard these flirting tips before, and they're all actually pretty effective (yeah, even that dumb hair-twirling trick). But what if you hate flirting -- that way? What if you think it's intimidating, or just "not you," but you still want to attract that cute guy?

    Do it anyway -- but your way. At its essence, it's just about connecting to someone you're attracted to in a way that shows them you're really, really interested. And what's wrong with that? Here's a few ways to flirt that won't make you feel like a faker.

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    Most moms' reaction to celeb baby names like Apple (Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's daughter), Bodhi (Megan Fox and Brian Austin-Green's little one), and North (West, of course) usually amounts to one gigantic eye roll. After all, isn't it crazy to name your kiddo something so "trendy"? Well, turns out, those quirky names aren't nearly as trendy as we think, according to intriguing statistics from scientist-blogger David Taylor.

    Taylor charted name popularity via chromatographs (graphs that indicate the speed at which something reaches its peak popularity, versus its volume/popularity overall) to pinpoint the truly trendiest names, which will most definitely surprise you! Here, the top 10 trendiest girls' and boys' names.

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    I blame the Kardashians, mostly. Because I don't remember butt selfies being a thing before Kim posted that infamous one last fall in the high-cut white bathing suit. Now they're everywhere! It's almost like you can't be famous if you don't have a famous butt too.

    There's even a term for it -- the belfie. Get it? Selfie + butt = belfie. We rounded up some of the hottest ones for you when they first started being a thing, and now we're back with eight more totally hot celeb butt selfies.

    Who do you think shows off the greatest derriere?


    Image via Kendall Jenner/Instagram

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    As an official product junkie, I could happily spend oodles and oodles of money on makeup and beauty products every month. The only problem? A distinct lack of oodles and oodles of money! While I do splurge now and then, I'm no millionaire, so I'm all about cutting corners when I can. And I have a few tricks up my sleeve I'm dying to share ...

    These 9 brilliant makeup hacks will save you big bucks and keep you sitting pretty! Do you have any of your own to add?

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    Planning on giving birth in a hospital? You're not alone. Although home births are on the rise, out of the four million births that take place every year, a whopping 97 percent still take place in a hospital setting. And with good reason. Statistically speaking, hospitals are the safest place for a woman to have her baby. And for some mamas-to-be with pre-existing conditions, giving birth in a hospital isn't just the smarter choice, it's the only choice.

    Here, 15 reasons to give birth in a hospital.

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    Aging in Hollywood must be brutal, especially for those actresses celebrated for their beauty as much as their talent. But in a place where crows feet and a wobbly post-baby belly can mean the beginning of the end, a handful of stars have managed to defy age and gravity. Check out the hottest stars over age 40.


    Image via Jcgo / Juan Garces / Splash News



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    When you're expecting twins, you've got your work cut out for you. In addition to carrying around two extra little people in your belly, you've got two of everything to prepare and purchase -- and two names to pick out. No pressure there!

    Expecting boy/girl twins? Check these 20 sets of super cute names that begin with the same letter. Also, good luck.

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    Millions of hearts were shattered into a million pieces this week when news broke that Eva Mendes could be carrying Ryan Gosling's baby. The key phrase, though? Could be. It's yet to be confirmed by either celeb that the gossip is, in fact, true, and the original source is OK! so there's certainly a small chance that Ryan Gosling could still ask you out on a date it's just hearsay.

    Sadly, though, ladies, the majority of the evidence points to it being true. We took on the hard task of analyzing Eva and Ryan throughout the last few months, and it looks like the actress very well could be pregnant with your boyfriend's baby.

    Here, 5 signs that Eva Mendes is preggers.

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    As Modest Mouse croons, "and it's true we named our children after towns that we've never been to," baby name inspiration can strike at any moment. It can happen when you're watching your favorite movie, admiring your favorite painting, or maybe taking your annual cross-country road trip. So while you're driving through the Rockies or laying on the beaches of Florida, you're never too far from a possible baby name.

    We asked moms who named their babies after famous places, cities, or states in the U.S. to share the inspiration behind their baby names picks. There are so many possibilities out there in our great big nation. Here are some very cool, all-American options and what moms had to say about choosing them:

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    When you're on a mission to find the perfect name for your baby, you've gotta start somewhere -- whether that's batting around traditional family names, beloved places, a departed relative's first initial, or even thinking about the season during which your little one will be born. Another option moms could consider adding to the mix: His astrological sign!

    Taking your son's astrology into consideration could lead you to a handsome, unique name that couldn't be more suited to his personality. 

    Here, baby boy names inspired by the 12 signs of the zodiac.

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