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    Hey everybody, yesterday was Eric Johnson's birthday -- and wife Jessica Simpson was the first to wish him a happy one. She posted a photo of the two of them last night on Instagram captioned "Happy Birthday Husband of Mine." He looks relaxed in a T-shirt and baseball cap. But Simpson is all turned out in a little black halter and big, leaf-shaped earrings. And wow -- check out that bold, red lipstick!

    It looks like all those hard pre-wedding workouts are still paying off for Jessica. She looks sensational, doesn't she? I bet she's keeping them up. And is it me, or does someone really love black? That seems to be Simpson's favorite color to wear these days -- and we can see why. It's incredibly flattering on her.

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    I love tattoos -- just not permanent ones. It's fun wearing temporary tattoos knowing I don't have to live with them forever (not to mention, they're painless). This summer, temporary tattoos got even better with the introduction of metallic jewelry tattoos.

    Have you seen these? You apply them the same way you do regular temp tattoos, but they have a gorgeous metallic shine in gold or silver. Here are 9 fun ways to wear gold and silver jewelry tattoos.

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    Usually when you have a huge childhood crush, you look back 10 or 20 years later and say to yourself, "What the hell was I thinking?" Crushes have a tendency to not age so well. I won't name names, but there are quite a few I could think of who look nothing like the hotties of yore. They totally peaked in their teens or early 20s. Kinda sad when you think about it, but such is life. And then there are the lucky ones. The ones who looked great back then, but even greater NOW. The ones who hadn't quite reached the full bloom of their beauty until they hit their 30s or 40s. Lucky fellas. Lucky us. We get to look at those crushes now and say to ourselves, "Hell ya! That's what I was thinking!" Here are nine '90s crushes who look even hunkier in middle or near-middle age!

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    "Please, don't do a burlesque dance for me!" said no man, ever. Ask just about any straight guy and he will tell you, watching the lady in his life do a sexy dance for him can be a major turn-on. 

    But what's not so obvious is what a turn-on it can be for you, too!

    One of our favorite sex and lifestyle experts, Dana B. Myers, says practicing some sexy dance moves in front of a mirror -- even if you do it alone -- can be a great way to flirt with yourself and to boost your mojo. And to get us started, she recruited the help of a friend to show us a quick, simple burlesque dance routine

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    When you look at yourself in a full-length mirror, what's the first thing you feel? For a lot of us moms, it's a combination of fear, disappointment, and longing. Maybe we're not seeing the body we want to see. We're not as slim and toned as we'd like to be, or maybe the baby has caused some of your curves to sag.

    It's hard not to pick yourself apart as you stare at your reflection -- and it's hard not to let those feelings affect your sex life.

    But you know what? Sex and relationships expert Dana B. Myers is here to help. The thing is, you don't HAVE to stand in front of the mirror and feel that way. Myers has a great trick for turning that moment around into something that makes you feel sexy and sensational: Take that body part you usually disparage, and tell yourself how sexy it is. As in, "I LOVE my big, sassy butt. It's so hot!"

    Myers demonstrated how to do this in a fun video she did with us. See for yourself!

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    Who's totally stoked about Apple's iPhone 6? Man, I don't know about you but I broke ALL the speed limits rushing home from school dropoff this morning so I could tune into the live broadcast of Apple's event. As a mom, there is absolutely nothing I need more than a brand new smartphone.

    I have to say, my expectations were pretty high for this announcement, but Apple exceeded my wildest dreams. I mean, for one thing, I can buy a phone with the word "plus" in it now. The iPhone 6 Plus. Doesn't it sound like something that will completely change your life? It's like: it's a phone … PLUS a bunch of other shit. Can I just empty my bank account in Apple's direction? Because I am ready to BUY RIGHT NOW.

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    After seeing Kim Kardashian's tight long-sleeved black dress, which she wore while strolling North West through the airport, of all places, it's plain to see that she pulled off the impossible.

    You guys? Even though she's totally covered up in this frock, her boobs and butt still managed to gain their fair share of attention, what with how clingy the dress is coupled with the front part of it being sheer.

    Yep. Her bra is clearly visible. Check it out.

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    Celebrities love clothes. Probably because they get most of them for free. Hell, I'd love them too if that were the case. They love dressing up, dressing down, and undressing. For some celebs, however, clothes aren't really their thing. At least not unless those clothes show more skin than cover it. There are people who overdress for every occasion, and those who underdress. These celebs are firmly in the "underdress" category. In fact, not a day goes by that they don't seem to forget some article of clothing. Here are 10 celebs who just can't seem to keep clothes on.

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    It's been two months since she gave birth to baby Kaiser, but Jenelle Evans has seriously wasted zero time getting back into bikini shape. The beach-loving lady has been pretty vocal about losing the baby weight, and it turns out she's been really good at slimming down to her pre-baby bod.

    Seriously, baby Kaiser was just born in June, and his mama immediately got to work on shedding the pounds. Granted, she only gained 18 pounds during her second pregnancy, so if you're not already jealous, this should do it.

    You have to see for yourselves:

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    It's about damn time. A few weeks ago, Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan joined Instagram and his very first photo was, you guessed it, a selfie. In the pic, Christian Grey is (duh) looking hot, but it was more of a jokey, tongue-in-cheek kind of shot as opposed to a sexy one. (As you can see, he's all scruffy-faced and holding up a sign that reads, "I am Jamie Dornan.") But now, almost a month later, the actor finally posted a new photo to the social networking site -- another selfie -- and daaaamn. This is what we're talking about!

    Check out Jamie Dornan looking, well, like Christian Grey:

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