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    The other day my daughter and I were at our local Target. Since I was shopping with an 8-year-old, we spent the majority of our time browsing the toy aisles. We passed LEGO, Barbies, soft Minecraft swords, My Little Pony figurines, and then we saw something that stopped us in our tracks -- the Moxie Girlz Poopsy Pet with a unicorn that actually poops rainbows. Yes, rainbows.

    There are also versions where the Poopsy Pet poops glitter or jewels. I don't know about you, but that seems like one of the weirdest toy concepts EVER.

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    Katy Perry's latest look is a disaster. I've actually coined a phrase to cover its myriad sins: Breakup Chic. The slime green hair, the sexy-granny look she's trying to make happen, none of it is really her fault. Breakups can make even the sanest among us do crazy things. Katy here is living, breathing proof. That's why you're always reading about how you should never cut off all your hair or make any other drastic changes to your appearance right after you call it quits with someone. 

    So you see, if you want to blame anyone for this latest whack-a-doo choice in duds that Katy's wearing, you're better off blaming John Mayer. If the twosome hadn't split, I can't imagine Katy going slime green OR thinking that doing her best imitation of your grandmother wearing a crop-top was a really good idea. Katy's body is bangin' (don't you love alliteration?), but dude -- no matter how hot you are, this look is not. 

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    New York City is a great place to live. There's culture. There's the best food in the world. It's exciting 24/7. But there are also a few downsides -- like RATS. Official surveys have put the rat population at 58.9 kajillion, which is 32.6 billion rats for every one person. True fact! Okay, maybe it's not quite that high, but it sure feels like it. But for the most part, your interaction with rats is limited to avoiding big garbage piles at night and staring down at them from the safe confines of a subway platform as they scurry along the tracks. Occasionally, however, some of them decide to get more up close and personal. Like this long-tailed fella who needed to get to Brooklyn and hopped on the downtown A.

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    When you live in New York City, some things are just a way of life. For example, the subway is always the quickest way to any destination. You never see dogs on the grass. And perhaps the most surprising factoid for any transplant to the Big Apple is that this city is teeming with rats. Seriously. They are EVERYWHERE. Want proof? Recently, a couple of New Yorkers captured video of rats having a feast at a Manhattan Dunkin' Donuts store. WARNING: It's pretty disturbing, especially if you are a pastry shop regular.

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    Where can a woman turn to cope with her crippling mayonnaise phobia? Poor Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star Mama June. The woman cannot abide mayonnaise. She can barely stand even being in the same room with the stuff. And yet! Mama June is determined to overcome the fear that grips her digestive system. That or the producers thought this would be a fun idea to try out on the show: Mama June saw a hypnotherapist for her mayonnaise aversion.

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    We fish lovers consider ourselves pretty savvy when it comes to knowing what to buy at the store and what to stay away from. Most of us have heard by now that wild caught fish is preferable to the farm-raised variety so we think, great, no problem -- I'll just pay a little more in exchange for peace of mind.

    Uh, not so fast. That's probably exactly what Binh Nguyen was thinking when he picked up a $22.77 package of Kirkland "Fresh Wild Pacific True Cod" at a Costco in South Carolina. And then he discovered the most disgusting thing one could after bringing the fish home: it contained a live, wiggling worm inside of it.

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    I was told it was coming, and now it's finally here: The Licepocalypse. A new super-resistant lice is plaguing school children (and their parents) across the nation. These evil bugs take up residence on your scalp and in your hair, and they feast upon your blood. Medicated treatments don't work on them, either. Who will save us from this awful scourge?

    You will! Forget about the medicated stuff. It doesn't work on regular lice, anyway. Here's how you rid the lice. It's not pretty, and it's a big pain. But it works.

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    I just want you all to know, I made a point of writing this post after lunchtime. And if you happen to be eating right now, I would strongly encourage you to put your fork down, swallow what's in your mouth, and grip the edge of your desk. Because: A woman found a lizard in her kale salad. But she didn't just find a lizard, as in a live lizard zipping in and out of the kale leaves. No, it's much worse than that. Robin Sandusky found just the head and an arm of the lizard.

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    Anyone who ever thought Justin Bieber was a nice, respectful boy, who's totally not full of himself, say I. Okay, I see no one is raising their hands, because duh, Justin Bieber's obnoxious. But no matter how irritating you think the pop star is, you've never, ever seen him like this.

    TMZ has obtained the video of Bieber in a deposition regarding a lawsuit involving his bodyguard punching a paparazzo, and wow! This kid literally could not be more rude. I never thought he was humble, but I've never seen anyone like this! What a jerk!

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    Let's face it: Most of the Kardashians have a certain, err, reputation. For example, people assume a Kardashian has cameras following her every move, that she has to take a selfie every hour on the hour, and that she spends quite a bit of time and cash in plastic surgeons' offices. But not Khloe. Khloe has managed to squeak by, avoiding being slapped with many of those stereotypes by carving out a rare niche for herself in the family as the grounded, naturally beautiful one. Until now ...?!

    Provoked by a recent tweeted pic of the reality star, tongues are wagging that she may have had a procedure or two done on her already gorgeous visage. Nooooo!

    Here's the photo in question ...

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