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    Although she has yet to officially confirm her pregnancy, Mila Kunis showed off her growing baby bump at the MTV Movie Awards in a flowy black dress. Kunis accepted the award for Best Villain in Oz the Great and Powerful, and the mom-to-be was positively glowing when she claimed her golden popcorn statuette.

    Her fiance, Ashton Kutcher, was absent from the festivities, but Mila was accompanied by her future babe.

    How adorable is she? Check her out:

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    Oh how we would love to hear that Kate Middleton is pregnant again. Aren't they ready already? We really want baby George to become a big brother.

    And for a fleeting moment we thought we were there. We were sure we were there.

    You see the Duke and Duchess are in New Zealand where they met with Cynthia Read. She is the woman that handmade a gorgeous merino wool shawl which was New Zealand's official gift when George was born. Read said that Kate really liked the shawl and told her that "George wore it a lot." But that's not all Read said. According to several reports she also said that Prince William told her "You might have to make another one soon."

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    Mike Myers, A.K.A. Austin Powers, welcomed his second baby into the world Friday, April 11. Though, with the name chosen, it would have been so awesome if baby could have waited until Sunday to arrive. Meh, only the first of many times this little girl will assert herself!

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    The next time your teen is all, "Mom, you are soooo uncool," take heart. This doesn't mean you're a totally embarrassing doofus. It just means you have a teen. Need more proof? Johnny Depp's daughter thinks he's uncool. I repeat: Johnny Depp has a daughter who thinks he is uncool! Johnny told Ellen DeGeneres that his 15-year-old daughter, Lily-Rose, far from walking around bleating about her awesomely hip dad Johnny Depp, instead is "scary" to him.

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    OK, this is the way to kick off your weekend. On Friday afternoon, Teen Mom 2 star Javi Marroquin (Kailyn Lowry's hubby) posted the most adorable laughing baby video on Instagram. And the best part is that it's his own infant son Lincoln happily squealing away!

    Oh wait, no, that's not the best part. The best part is what is delighting him so thoroughly -- his big brother Isaac, who is telling him in funny voices, "I love you."

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    Sometimes it takes getting hit on by Aaron Carter to make a girl rethink her divorce. And that's what may have happened with Hilary Duff. It wasn't that long ago that former boyfriend Carter appealed to Hilary through Twitter to give them another chance -- but Hilary has responded by ... reportedly calling off her divorce to husband Mike Comrie! I mean, wouldn't you?

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    If you saw photos and footage of Prince George's playdate, you've most likely gotten your quota of uncontrollable baby cuteness in this week. But let's be honest: Can we ever get enough? Of course not!

    Hence why you'll love that has compiled some of the best moments of babies who can't contain their excitement upon welcoming their fathers home. Their unadulterated enthusiasm is palpable!

    Check it out ... and make sure to pay special attention to the little girl at 32 seconds in, whose happy freak-out is priceless ...

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    Prince William and Kate Middleton are in New Zealand right now with baby Prince George, and the adorable royal family is sharing just what's it like to be new parents. Baby Prince is making a little trouble for his mum and dad -- trouble of the baby variety because it's not like anyone is really mad at him ... just look at that adorable face.

    Apparently 8-month-old Prince George is being quite a baby. And there is some apologizing going on.

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    Second grader Lyrique Alteus had no idea when she would see her father, Air Force Sergeant Wil Alteus, again. He had been residing as a single father in New Jersey when he was called overseas on active duty last August. Upon learning of his deployment, he sent Lyrique to live with his sister Kinley in Florida. Since then, his time overseas had been extended, and in turn, Lyrique and Kinley were left waiting for word of his return. That is until last week ...

    Lyrique having a day like any other at Mount Dora Bible School when she was chosen to participate in a word game with her classmates. The group ended up spelling out the phrase "Lyrique's Dad Is Home," and you can only imagine the amazing look that spread across the youngster's face when she turned around and saw her airman father walking toward her in the auditorium!

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    First there was that finale. The After the Rose no I-love-yous. We questioned commitment. Didn't know if it would last. Was there love between Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell at all or just lust? Was there passion without promise? Did the whole season of The Bachelor leave us with another failed romance? No matter how we felt about Juan, we still wanted love and I love yous and headlines with all the mushy sweetness that comes when two people are so mad for each other it just oozes out of them and seen in every photo the couple is in together.

    We weren't getting that. We were getting campy, silly, smiling perfect looking people who were having fun. But love? I love you in a look? No. Not there. UNTIL NOW!

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