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    It's not surprising that another photo of a mom breastfeeding is causing a firestorm on the Internet. But this photo is causing a stir because it has a little something extra. It's a photo by new mom Sky Boucher tandem nursing her twins and showing her stretch marks. Wow, there's a whole lot going on there! Needless to say, people have a lot to say about this fearless photo, almost all of it extreme. I think how you respond to this photo says a lot about how you feel about motherhood and your own body.

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    Huge news for Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire nerds! Just as fans of the television show are gearing up for what's going to be an amazing season 4, series author George R. R. Martin released a new chapter from Winds of Winter.

    Martin told readers that he would be releasing another sample from the sixth installment of A Song of Ice and Fire, and of course we had no choice but to geek out. Though he said it's an old chapter that no one's seen before, no one really cared, they just wanted to see the damn chapter. And it's got a pleasantly unexpected twist.

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    When it comes to love and marriage, millennials, which is what we call those young, spry folks between the ages of 18 and 33, are choosing not to drink that particular, delicious flavor of Kool-Aid. Instead, almost half -- 47 percent -- of millennial women who had babies in 2012 did it without a wedding ring on their finger. Just to give you an idea of how significant a change that is from the generation that preceded it, 35 percent of Generation X moms raised children unmarried when they were that age.

    So, why the loss of interest in getting married and raising a family? Many point to the fact that economic issues are getting in the way of tying the knot. Many millennials say they want to get married, but don't feel financially secure enough to do so. Maybe we can look at the fact that most are less religious than young adults were in the past. Whatever the reason: is it such a bad thing that young women are taking charge of their desires to have babies without the help of husbands?

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    I'm not sure what it is about St. Patrick's Day, but I find it really hard to resist dressing my kiddo up for the holiday. It's a mom's prerogative to make sure her kid is pinch-proof, right? And don't even get me started on all the things you can do with a little girl's hair on St. Patrick's Day. Green hair bows and shamrock headbands and rainbow hair do-dads ... oh my!

    The holiday is coming up on us fast, but if you don't already have a plan for your kiddo's hair, well, the luck o' the Irish is with you! We asked some of the craftiest bloggers on the web to share their cool St. Paddy's day hair creations!

    Best part? You can make these WITH your kids!

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    If it seems like more and more women are opting for home births lately ... well, that's because they are. It's not like droves of women are doing it, but since 2004, there's been a small but steady increase in "out-of-hospital" births. In 2011, it was 1.26 percent of births; in 2012, it was 1.36 percent. It's not exactly mainstream yet, but it's on its way. I suspect that with every positive experience a woman has with her home birth and birthing centers, there's at least one friend who becomes a little more curious about trying it at home herself.

    But here's the bigger picture. I think this trend could affect even women who wouldn't dream of giving birth any place but a hospital. In fact, it's already changing how women have babies, regardless of where.

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    I joke all the time that I learned how to wear heels for hours on end back in college when I went through sorority recruitment. A week long of shaking hands, learning new names, and too much makeup -- to this day I refer to rush week as high heel boot camp. It's safe to say that wearing heels, sorority alumni or not, isn't always a walk in the park. Sore ankles and achy arches are anything but ideal. The good news? There are tricks to wearing heels the right way. As in, wearing heels in a manner that doesn't make you look like an injured baby lamb hobbling toward dinner with your honey.

    Want to know the key to wearing high heels so you don't kill your feet? Check out our 5 tricks to comfortably wearing heels. Yes, even those skyscrapers your mom thinks are ridiculous.

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    Moms, let's face it; buying toys for your kids is not as much fun as it should be. You have to worry about lead and toxins and what is all that plastic doing to the environment?!

    Answer: it's slowly, but surely, destroying it. So we'd love to do anything to do our part and help save this pretty green planet. Starting with the toys we hand the kids.

    And good news, Mom. The toy industry is finally listening! 

    We checked out this year's American International Toy Fair, and they've gone green.

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    From the Master Cleanse to what some seem to think is a whole new era of feminism, Beyonce can basically start new trends in her sleep. Hence why obviously her wet 'n' wild Grammys performance hairdo is making waves. Some are calling it "surfbort hair," while others have given it a label that is basically destined to be "The Rachel" of our day: "The Wob," or wet bob.

    Yeah, it doesn't exactly sound sexy, but sound shmound! It's still the hottest thing around. Since Bey did it, we've seen other celebs (like Miley Cyrus in W Magazine and House of Cards star Kate Mara) come out of the woodwork in the look.

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    Wanna know the two topics that should most definitely be brought up at every dinner conversation no matter with whom you're eating? Why, religion and evolution, of course. No topic, perhaps besides abortion, is more divisive, and the great creationism vs. evolution conundrum is making headlines today thanks to a recent debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham. Bill, best known as "Bill Nye the Science Guy," is an American science educator, while Ken, an Australian native, is the founder of the Creation Museum. And last night at 7 p.m. ET, the two went at it.

    There's no doubt about it: Regardless of who "won" the debate, there's very little chance that your mind will be changed about the subject.

    But we might as well go over five quotes from each guy so you can see some highlights from the debate for yourself. Enjoy!

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    It’s easy to say ‘I love you’ this Valentine’s Day—with the gift of spa on sale!

    Just when you thought gift giving season was over -- Valentine's Day sneaks up on you! After the stress of finding perfect presents for your loved ones over the holiday season, Valentine’s Day can be extra difficult. Nevertheless, you have to show your nearest and dearest how much you care!

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    All month long spas will be offering especially indulgent, romantic services. Treat your sweetheart with one of these:

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