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    Super Bowl XLVIII did not disappoint ... did not disappoint the commercials lovers, that is (sorry Broncos fans). Considering advertisers ponied up some $4 million for a 30-second spot in the middle of the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos matchup, they owed it to themselves to get it right.

    From an 80s invasion of Radio Shack to Budweiser's weepy ode to a soldier's return home from war, this year's best Super Bowl commercials certainly kept us entertained as the Seahawks totally overwhelmed the Broncos.

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    Whatever you thought when Bruno Mars was named halftime entertainer for Super Bowl XLVIII, let's just put it aside, shall we? The singer not only shared the stage with Red Hot Chili Peppers but he opted to let a whole bunch of folks no one has ever heard of share the stage with him on one of the biggest nights of his career. I'm talking, of course, about the members of the U.S. military whose pre-taped montage introduced Mars' last song of the show.

    If he was looking for a way to win America's heart, Bruno nailed it.

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    When you say Super Bowl I say Snacks. Super Bowl! Snacks! SUPER BOWL! SNACKS! Yes, the snacking high holy day is upon us. This weekend, people will be planning their football nosh game strategy down to the last pretzel. Only the most ambitious will enter the hallowed halls of the Super Bowl munchies elite: The Snackadium.

    It's a stadium made of snacks, a beautiful thing to behold. Whether you construct those walls with crisp rice treats and fill the field with guacamole, or you go renegade with rampant vegetables, they key is to get as big and outrageous as possible. And as delicious as possible. Here are the boldest, craziest snackadiums we've seen so far. Will these be topped this Sunday? That's up to you, snackers!


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    Not everyone is a major sports fan. While this weekend's Super Bowl XLVIII at Jersey's MetLife Stadium may be a major event, not everyone's going to be glued to the TV with a Bud Light in hand, screaming for a first down.

    But you know what everyone is a fan of? Cute dogs. I mean, how could you NOT be? Find someone who isn't a fan of adorable tail-wagging puppies and I will call them out for being Satan.

    In honor of this weekend's major sporting event, take a look at these 8 almost too adorable dogs wearing jerseys. Because, well, why not?

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    You obviously know what this weekend is ... it's Super Bowl Sunday! The Denver Broncos are taking on the Seattle Seahawks in what should be an exciting matchup, but what we're all really concerned with is the commercials food. Chili, wings, nachos, dips, beer, it's a glutton's dream come true. What better way to kick off the biggest game of the year than by whipping up your very own chicken wings? The best part? You can do it in your slow cooker.

    That's right, get a jump start on these babies early in the morning, then have them warm and juicy and ready to go when the game starts at 6:30 p.m. These wings, from Betty Crocker, have a teriyaki twist for even more flavor. So easy and delicious, you'll love the convenience of being able to use your slow cooker anget to enjoy wings that have been slowly marinating all day for five hours! Is it Sunday yet?

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    Oh my gosh, this video pulls at my mommy heartstrings! A man named Mike Harris recently gave his mom, a life-long Seahawks fan, the sweetest surprise when he got her tickets to see her favorite team play in the Super Bowl this year.

    They'd wanted to go but quickly realized it wasn't going to be financially possible, so they gave up the dream. Then thanks to some deal sleuthing, Mike was able to make it happen.

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    It may be the holiday season, but it's also rainy, chilly, and occasionally gloomy, so it's no surprise if you've been craving comfort food. And easy dinners that are a departure from your average meat and potatoes fare ...

    Enter this mouthwatering recipe for Baked Buffalo Chicken Pasta! It's got a little kick and a whole lotta ooey-gooey deliciousness, and take it from someone who has made it now on more than one occasion: The crowd goes wiiiild for it! Which reminds me: It'll be a good recipe to keep in your back pocket in a couple of months for Super Bowl Sunday!

    Check it out ...

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    While the 49ers loss to the Ravens in Sunday's Super Bowl hit the team hard, that doesn't even begin to compare to the personal loss of the team's tight end, Delanie Walker. According to reports, after his aunt and uncle, Alice and Bryan Young, left the big game, they were killed in a fiery car crash.

    Young tweeted the news this afternoon along with a picture of him with them: "Alice and bryan young my aunt and uncle was killed on Monday at 5 am after the super bowl by a drunk driver … we lost some good people they will be missed i love y'all" Heartbreaking.

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    After playing a nerd named Walter in Go Daddy's Super Bowl commercial alongside Bar Refaeli, Jesse Heiman's life has forever been changed. People are praising his gross slobbery make-me-wanna-throw-up-ASAP kiss with the model as totally awesome. Heiman has men tweeting him saying they want to be him, and women asking him to go out on dates. We're dishing on how disturbing all of this is on today's Daily Stir.

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    All right, let's be real here: Super Bowl commercials are the REAL deal. Zillions of people watched the big game last night, and only a fraction of them actually cared about the on-field action between the Baltimore Ravens and the 49ers. Myself, I was more into Beyonce's kickass halftime show and, well, duh, the commercials.

    Sure, there were a whole lot of winners. Between Amy Poehler's Best Buy gig and the ADORABLE Budweiser Clydesdales, I was laughing then aww-ing then laughing all over again throughout the whole damn shebang. But there's one thing I couldn't help but notice during all the commercial action: the sexism.

    I'm not a hardcore feminist and I get it, sex sells. The harsh reality, though, is that a lot of last night's biggest laughs came at the expense of women. Here, let's take a closer look:

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