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    Just a few months ago, the NBA's Jason Collins became the first active pro athlete to come out, paving the way for this weekend's announcement. University of Missouri football player Michael Sam came out as gay -- in advance of the NFL draft pick, a very risky move. "I am an openly proud gay man," the Mizzou defensive lineman says. But can the NFL handle the first openly gay player? Maybe they should take a cue from the Missouri Tigers. Sam came out to his team members back in August, and it was a total non-issue for them. No one leaked his story; instead, they made him MVP.

    Looks like Sam's generation is enlightened enough. But the older generation? The old men may need some convincing.

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    Oh my gosh, this video pulls at my mommy heartstrings! A man named Mike Harris recently gave his mom, a life-long Seahawks fan, the sweetest surprise when he got her tickets to see her favorite team play in the Super Bowl this year.

    They'd wanted to go but quickly realized it wasn't going to be financially possible, so they gave up the dream. Then thanks to some deal sleuthing, Mike was able to make it happen.

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    The Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers game took place back on Sunday, January 19. Despite the hype that was the Manning vs. Brady showdown, the NFC Championship game was definitely the one to watch that day. It ended in spectacular, even controversial, fashion, when the 49ers were about to take the lead in a last-ditch drive down the field. But the Seahawks' super-impressive defense stepped up and intercepted the ball in the end zone, culminating in what everyone couldn't stop talking about after the game: That infamous Richard Sherman interview.

    But here's something a little less controversial that's been making the rounds all week in the lead-up to the Super Bowl. A bunch of die-hard Seahawks fans were tasked with watching the NFC Championship game in complete and utter silence. That's right, not one word. If they succeeded, these members of the Seattle Youth Football League would walk away with $5,000. A huge and daunting task for even the most casual of football fans!

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    Dude. I know there’s a cliché about women getting overly emotional and highly reactive sometimes, but I’m pretty sure the same could be said for sports fans. Combine those with the adrenaline of a live game, and maybe a few beers, and you just might get a fan punching a woman in the face.

    The New York Jets scored a controversial win over the New England Patriots on Monday, as they scored a field goal in overtime after the ref called a penalty. A couple of female Pats fans were caught on tape pestering a male Jets fan (probably not the best idea, ladies), and then he full on punched one of them!

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    The scandal involving Patriots star Aaron Hernandez is getting more bizzare by the day. Just a week and a half ago, his best friend Odin Lloyd was found dead, which kicked off an investigation seemingly centered around the NLF star. It was unclear what part, if any, he had played in the murder, but this morning, he was arrested and taken into custody. Check out the most shocking details in the case so far.

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    What a difference a year makes. In 2012, Brian Banks was fighting for his freedom. In 2013, he’s getting a second shot at his dream of playing in the NFL. It’s the ultimate Cinderfella story, and football fan or not, you can’t help but be happy for the guy. When he was 16, he was a junior in high school with a verbal deal to play for Southern Cal, his college plans all but solidified, when one of his classmates claimed that he raped her. That sent him to prison for five years. Five long, unjustifiable years. Because Banks was innocent. His accuser recanted her claim and offered to help Banks clear his name. In May 2012, his conviction was overturned by a California court and his record was cleared. Justice righted that tremendous wrong, and that would’ve been reason enough to celebrate. (More on that levying-life-changing-false-accusations nonsense later.)

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    The NFL has always been known as a boys' club, for obvious reasons. It's a male-dominated world, from the players to the coaches to the media personalities who are commenting on said testosterone-y world. But now we've got Lauren Silberman, who's trying out at the NFL regional trials this coming Sunday in New Jersey. And she's the first woman to ever do so!

    Silberman, 28, doesn't have all that much experience (she's trying out to be a kicker), but she has played soccer at the University of Wisconsin. She's probably a natural athlete too. Her shot at getting into the NFL is pretty slim, but she was able to get an invite to the trial after a video appeared online showing her making field goals at an event. Pretty cool, huh?

    Let's hope she kicks (ha) ass. Wouldn't it be amazing to see a woman take the field to make a game-winning kick? Talk about Rudy-type inspiration. God I love that movie.

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    The charges against Oscar Pistorius are shocking, to say the least. It wasn't that long ago we watched his historic rise as an Olympic athlete. He had done something never before seen at the games: a double amputee competiting with prosthetics. Overcoming so much, he was an inspiration to us all. Which makes his fall from grace so much more devastating.

    As prosecutors pursue premeditated murder charges, Pistorius insists he is innocent. If he is, in fact, found guilty of this crime, it leaves one question on our lips -- why?  Why would someone with such a seemingly blessed life, throw it all away in a fit of rage? While there is no easy answer to that, one thing is clear. There may be an epidemic of violence among athletes.

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    It's Super Bowl time everybody! Are you ready for some FOOTBALL! We've gathered everything you need to know to enjoy the Super Bowl XLVII this weekend.

    This Sunday, February 3, the Baltimore Ravens will face the San Francisco 49ers in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. Kick-off time is at 5:30 E.T. The game will air on CBS, or you can watch the game online for free at Over 100 million people are expected to watch -- and several more will watch the halftime show. Here's EVEN MORE on the Super Bowl, including the part we're most looking forward to...

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    You seriously can't get through the media superstorm that is the week before the Super Bowl without a player saying something really, really stupid. Case in point: Chris Culliver. He's a cornerback for the San Francisco 49ers, and he recently caused a lot of controversy over his viewpoints on homosexuals.

    A radio host asked the 24-year-old first about his sex plans with white women during Super Bowl week (yeah ...). He followed that up by asking Culliver if he'd ever pursue a homosexual man.

    "I don't do the gay guys, man. I don't do that ... Ain't got no gay people on the team. They gotta get up outta here if they do. Can't be with that sweet stuff."

    He then went on to say a gay teammate wouldn't be accepted. "Nah. Can't be ... in the locker room, nah. You've gotta come out 10 years later after that."

    Disgusting, right? And, seriously, hate to say it, but we're all thinking it: Did this dude completely forget which city he plays for?

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