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    The adorable Naya Rivera, who plays the cheerleading Santana Lopez on Glee, was her brother's biggest cheerleader when he scored his first career touchdown. Mychal Rivera is a tight end for the Oakland Raiders.

    When you watch the video you can tell how happy she is. Naya went completely wild and even dropped an f-bomb or two. Oops! 

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    Here's how it goes … at 3, my kids won trophies for soccer, which I assure you were not deserved. How do I know? Um, there were times my daughter would stop kicking the ball to chase a dragon fly. And, I could be wrong, but I don't think my son was bending it like Beckham when he would pick up the ball with his hands and throw it to a friend mid-game.  I know, it wasn't about them deserving their awards … they all get trophies -- because that's what we do to our millennial children, we make them think that they're the best at everything.  We praise them constantly and tell them everyone is a winner, leaving them little motivation, and little idea of what the real world is like.

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    Kelsey Williams is an NBA cheerleader for the Oklahoma Thunder. Earlier this week a blogger decided to take it upon herself to ask her readers if they thought the vivacious blonde (or "chick" as the blogger called her) is "too chunky" to be a cheerleader.

    The CBS Houston blogger, Claire Crawford (a pen name reportedly used by a woman named Anna-Megan Raley) wrote: "[Williams] has been criticized by some folks in [Oklahoma] for having 'pudginess' around her waistline. Is this chick 'too chunky' to be a cheerleader?"

    What's even worse is that she then asked people to vote.

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    Dear Lady Who Cut Me Off in the Carpool Lane,

    Seriously? What is the matter with you? I was waiting in that line for nearly half an hour and you thought you would just sidle your way in? There's this unwritten rule about lines that says: Wait at the end when you arrive. Also, there's a rule about cutting people off that says: Don't cut off people you will see at tomorrow's PTA meeting.

    Did it not dawn on you how easily I could find out who you are? It's not like you did this on the highway ... we were going to the same place. I saw your kids get into your minivan, as you were a mere five feet in front of me!

    Also, you have stickers of your entire family on your back windshield (which already makes me dislike you), so it wasn't like I needed to be David Caruso to put the pieces together.

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    The outpouring of support for Indianapolis Colts Coach Chuck Pagano has officially reached an all-time high. Fans and Colts athletes famously buzzed their heads in honor of their coach and on Sunday night two cheerleaders joined the shear madness.

    Megan M. and Crystal Ann, Colts cheerleaders, cut off their long locks last night following a dare from the teams mascot, Blue. On November 11, Blue tweeted that if a cheerleader could get her head shaved, he could raise $10,000 for leukemia research. Megan took the dare and her teammate Crystal joined her.

    In front of a packed stadium of more than 60,000 people and with cameras lined up on the sidelines, Megan and Crystal held hands as the crowd roared in delight. Together, the girls, Blue, and the CHUCKSTRONG cancer campaign, raised over $22,000 in for the cause. But it was Megan's reaction to her fresh cut that is really making headlines ...
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    Let's face it, cheerleaders are known for a few things -- namely their pom poms and being hot. So the thought of one them out there on the field shaking it bald, doesn't exactly fit the usual image, but that's just what we might see later this month when the Indianapolis Colts play the Buffalo Bills.

    The reason is absolutely beautiful too as it's part of a show of support for the Colts head coach, Chuck Pagano, who's battling leukemia. It started when 25 or so of the team's football players shaved their heads earlier this month to show their solidarity with him, which was sweet, but not all that shocking. When the school's mascot, Blue, challenged the cheerleaders, however, that's when things got interesting. 

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    A group of Texas cheerleaders who painted Bible verses on banners were merely trying to support the football team they know and love -- and of course, someone had to complain about their display of faith because apparently being a Christian is a very freaky and threatening thing these days.

    The squad at Kountze High School near Beaumont, Texas were perusing Pinterest one day when they saw that a high school cheerleading squad in Georgia had painted Bible verses on banners for their team, and they thought it would be a nice way to cheer on their "boys."

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    You know what makes me feel better when days are gray and dreary and stormy, like this one (at least that's how it is in New York right now)? Listening to Psy and "Gangnam Style." No wonder the song and video are such a hit -- it's so happy, upbeat, and silly. And it's also no wonder that people are making their own versions of "Gangnam Style" and posting them on YouTube.

    I've seen the Rosh Hashanah version and the military version and even the wedding version, but the best sports version came out a few weeks ago, and it's equally wonderful. The University of Oregon Duck rocked it, with the help of some cheerleaders, Bigfoot, a watermelon ... yeah, it's that random and fantastic.

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    You're never too old to go after your dreams in life, which is something that Sharon Simmons is definitely out to prove. As a 55-year-old grandmother, Sharon decided it was high time to fulfill a goal she'd had for herself since she was 22-years-old -- to try out for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. And last Saturday, she took the plunge and auditioned with hundreds of other (much younger) women.

    And after hearing the story of Sharon's incredible journey that led her to finally trying out, I found myself tearing up a bit because part of it sounded so familiar. Like countless other moms out there, she gave up her dream of being a professional cheerleader because she didn't have a lot of money, and her family was her top priority. She opted to raise her children and devote her life to them instead of going after her biggest dream.

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    Wow. What's the deal with all the sex scandals involving the world of football these days? After the whole Jerry Sandusky thing went down, I kind of figured we'd heard the last of sexual acts involving minors for a while. Or maybe "hoped" is a better term, considering just how awful that situation was.

    Unfortunately a new scandal has just popped up involving a member of the Cincinnati Bengals -- but shockingly it's not a player or coach who had allegedly had sex with someone who was under age. This time, there are accusations against a Ben-Gals cheerleader. A cheerleader? Really? And did I mention that she's the captain of the squad?

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